Would You Dare to Explore Eerie and Abandoned African Ghost Towns

Remember the 2005 Hollywood flick The House of Wax? The scene where a group of friends walk into a deserted town and take shelter in a church. It’s quite gripping to watch the green chroma- coloured movie. Well, places such as these do exist and they are atmospheric and interesting. Calling all the adventure freaks and ghost-hunters to explore the top abandoned towns in the African continent and learn about the intriguing tales behind it. You can explore all of this with flights to Africa. Make sure nothing is made out of wax!!!

Vila Do Ibo, Mozambique

Dry figs hold tightly on the crumbling doorways that were once strong and impressive. The tall ceilings and the monumental balconies are seen rusting in the sun. This is true for the stately mansions of Vila do Ibo situated towards the northern Mozambique archipelago, which also earned a name under the World Heritage Sites. As one stands and admires these once-elegant structures, they can be forgiven for thinking that it’s too late to save the facades. It’s in a developed state of disrepair. So, just enjoy walking through these mansions and you can almost imagine being transported back 300 or 400 years ago, where settlements bubbled with life.

Djado, Niger

Angkor Wat? No way! At Djado in Niger, something more spellbinding enigma lurks hidden towards the Tenere desert of Niger. Right amidst abandoned villages, extensive plains and mysterious caves, the sandy fortress of Djado elevates from the nearby pools, depicting as a hideout for goblins and elves. So, why was the Djado abandoned? The secrets blow with the air, but kept unknown till now. May with tickets to Africa you can get answers to your queries.

The Hanging Town of Habalah, Saudi Arabia

The isolated town of Habalah showcases a genuine strange settlement. The town seems to be suspended from a 300m cliff right over a valley. Deriving its name from the word habi meaning ‘rope’, it refers to the ladders that locals once used to climb up to their dwelling places. No doubt, the homes display a captivating Arabian life, lifting up the term ‘living right on the edge’.

Gholan Heights, Syria

Gholan Heights – a controversial and disputed spots on the earth that was once occupied, lies on the borders of the Syrian mountains. Quneitra, the hilly town was decamped in 1970s, and the Syrians were in no mood to rebuild it again. Thus, they left it to dry and rot spectacularly. Every structure was reduced to dust, giving a creepy feel to it.

Ghadames, Libya

The structures and houses in Ghadames are filled with a light-coloured dwellings, located in the Sahara Desert. With one look, you get the feel of honeycombs crammed up in one place. Speaking of the town, it’s possible for the women to move around the town and linger on the rooftops, but they should maintain distance from the men. The covered alleyways of every structure are like an underground maze. With flights from London to Africa, one can envisage that the dwellers milling about in dark corners, but now Ghadames belongs to ghosts: government handouts provoked its former Berber inhabitants to set up ultramodern houses outside the old town.

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