Your Budget Holiday to Maldives

Wow! What a sunny day. The August sun was glittering as bright as ever. Well, this holiday wasn’t planned but somewhere some change was needed.
Don’t you feel the same? If travelling as destinations inspire you, embark on this journey to Maldives, that too, on a cheap budget. You can wonderfully enjoy Maldives for less. Want to know how?

Book a cheap flight to Male

Your first and foremost step would be to take a low-cost flight into Male (the capital of Maldives) and into the whole-sole airport of Maldives. You can get a cheap flight that would work out for you.

Hunt for the right resort/lodge

Maldives has widely given permission to locals to open up guesthouses on the isle. This has hatched an array of affordable guesthouses which are available for $40/night. These rooms are quite pretty and clean, fitted with air conditioning. You may or may not find Wi-Fi, Western-style bathrooms and warm water.
To name a guesthouse, the Amazing Noovilu can be considered with $100/night, including meals. Be friendly with the staff here and you can get everything planned here according to your need. Most guesthouses do serve meals, otherwise, the local coffee shops do.
Please remember, after you disembark your flight at Male, be clear on the destination of your choice. You can board a ferry from the airport itself and take a taxi to the ferry station that has access to rest of the islands.

Numerous Activities!!!

Most guesthouses offer endless activities from fishing and Scuba diving to snorkelling. These activities can keep you hooked on the island. Hope you don’t mind paying $30 for hunting Manta Ray underwater.

Things to Ponder in Maldives

Holidaying on such an island and comparing it with a resort does have difference. Maldives is a Muslim country, hence, bikinis are not allowed on the local island. It’s not a matter of concern as most activities and excursions take place mid ocean or on beaches where bikinis are allowed.
The next big thing to be careful about is alcohol. Don’t even imagine of toasting with wine on the local island, especially in Male.
Apart from few things crucial, one can enjoy to the fullest in Maldives. If you fear the cost, it’s totally affordable. Explore and experience the authentic and make this trip, a step of a lifetime.

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