Your Guide to 2014 Summer Holidays in Ireland

Pull up a paper and pen to chart out what all to take to Ireland; what clothes to take, the answer is all your clothes to live out in the Irish weather. Let it not happen that every time it pours you have to look up to the sky with anguish and a gesture of shock. But when it rains, everything in 40 metres is green for sure as Ireland does have amazing lush emerald landscapes on the planet that will surely melt your hearts and be alive in your imaginings.
On your tour to Ireland, the start-up point can be quite baffling and you may need a guide’s help. Why not allow this write-up to guide you on your Ireland tour making it not only exciting, but beneficial and extremely adventurous.

Where to Begin From?

Beginning from Belfast, where the renowned and majestic Titanic was built that inspired for the Titanic Belfast Museum to be built and draw people from all over to go over the historic wave from the time it set-out on the sea. From there, head towards the Mourne Mountains that rolls into the sea, and then straight to Dublin. Being in the city you can tend to get lost in the age-old Gendalough monastic site and among the serenity of Wicklow, away from the city bustle.

Pamper Your Hunger?

Are you feeling to getting hungry? Well, Ireland’s culinary capital is not that far, Head towards Kinsale and then towards the north, right into Dingle, to swim with the friendly dolphins, take a bicycle ride to the spectacular Ring of Kerry route or simply stand and marvel the sunshine reflecting on the Lakes of Killarney national park.

Nature at its Best

As you advance towards the Wild Atlantic Way, you will pass through the cold and rocky landscape of the Burren before reaching the oasis of Galway with its authentic music pubs with sociable people. You can be a part of an array of festivals displaying the beauty of arts, jazz, literature and horse race. If you are a beach lover, cross the wild moors of Connemara and step into the glorious and unpolluted surfing beaches of Donegal.
You enjoy a final treat with your visit to the Bushmills where an age-old whiskey distillery abides along with the Giant Causeway Rock formation that creates a natural wonder, which is also one the best road journey’s of Europe. Well, how was your tour of the ‘Stroke City’ also known as the medieval city of Londonderry/Derry? Haven’t been? It’s a must visit friends!

Best for Family Holidays

Doesn’t matter if you are walking, driving, cycling, recessing out in a cottage, teeing off at a golf club or enjoying a cruise along the inland river and lakes, you will be spellbound by the vista and the warmth of the people.

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