Yuppie! I’m in Bangkok…

Sights & sounds of the amazing Thai capital

Scouting a big city, many a times, can be daunting and suffocating. The packed crowd, the honking cars and the concrete can get on our nerves. Right from London, getting down in the Thai capital was totally a cultural shock as well as an enlightening experience. Though I was not expecting much in Bangkok, the city totally dumbfounded me. I was not planning to linger on long, but I could not help staying on for a few days more.

Right from the airport to my hotel in Lumpini Park, the buzz of the city began to bloom in the city skyline, among the towering edifices and among the bustling crowd. The curiosity grew every minute. Even after being dog tired, I was out exploring the city all by myself. The dive was right into the nightlife of the city and soon learnt, why so many tourists fall head over heals for Bangkok.

In no time, I found myself in Sukhumvit, Bangkok’s most outstanding nightlife district. It’s full of beer, go go bars and three key red light areas. It was truly a playground for girls and boys. That night, I slept like a log. The next morning, it was time for some excursion. Loved these places and I think it should be on every traveller’s list:

Reclining Budhha at Wat Pho

It’s awe-inspiring and a masterpiece. A visit to Wat Pho is highly inspiring for any traveller visiting the Thai capital city. It houses the 15 metres tall and 46 metres long statue of the Reclining Buddha. The entire statue is covered in gold and as you stand close, the enlightenment is experienced. At the temple, you can also enjoy a typical Thai Massage.

Explore the Grand Palace

Among the palaces of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the most illustrious. Skipping this attraction will surely make one regret. What was once the king’s home, houses the government’s seat at present. Just be careful of the scams outside the palace.

Experience the Sky Train

If you live for speed and wish to tour the city. The sky train is the coolest way to soak up the city. With AC on the full, getting around cannot get any better and the best part – you’re high above the traffic. With every part of the city linked to this amazing network of the Sky Train, travel could not get any exciting.

Chatuchak Market – the heart of Bangkok

A shopper’s paradise! A shopper’s den or a traditional haven, whatever you can call it, will entice you entirely. Housing over 8,000 stalls, this is the largest market on the planet, attracting 200,000 visitors a day. If ever, you hated shopping, you need to explore this. You will find the most cost-effective merchandise you can every imagine. Make sure you carry a map.

Paddle down the Chao Phraya River

Renowned also as the ‘Venice of the East’, the Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Bangkok. For the locals, the ferries act as a routine transport through waterway. Taking a boat trip down the river is an experience to be cherished. Capture the fancy hotels, the towering condominiums, children playing in the parks and other activities of the day. You can halt and feel free to get off and get on again.

Relish Thai food at Chinatown

Chinatown is every city’s icon, catering to foodies, and Bangkok is no exception to this food venture. Crammed with restaurants and food stalls, the selection of places to eat is limitless, with an excellent choice of delicacies.

Who knew, that there are endless things to do in Bangkok and millions more to keep you entertained. I admit, I had no idea regarding the city and never troubled myself to do a little study. I was sure it’s just like any other big city. For solo travellers, it’s an overwhelming, rather a fantastic introduction to explore Thailand further.

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