Flight Booking on the Go with Crystal Travel’s Smart Flight Booking Application


Over the last several years, customer expectations have changed significantly and so has the technology. As with travel industry, smartphones and tablet adoption has affected airline and made booking convenient and easier. They are the perfect travel companions to not only book movies or navigate to unknown places, but to book flight tickets as well. Cellphones have become a vital part of eCommerce. Travellers today, especially millennials, are always connected and look for smooth experience on their cellphones. Travel is an area where both cellphone and desktop bookings offer suitable and interactive options to the customer.

Straightforward calls-to-action on the app main screens

Customer experience starts right from the moment the user logs in and runs the app to search for cheap flight deals. The traveller has a specific purpose in mind and looks forward to completing the action with less effort. Unlike other recreational apps, travel-booking applications need to be quick, reliable and offer the shortest time to complete the goal. To offer undisturbed process, the travel app must have a smooth navigation, assisting the user at every step of the way.

To meet current customer expectation, Crystal Travel has re-launched a free flight booking app. This app is the perfect example of an effective navigation with an easy-to-use interface. The simplified approach immediately connects users with the main functions of the app. Once you download the app, you can sign in with your Google or Facebook account.


Features & Benefits:-

  • An intuitive interface designed to make the app handy for all age groups.
  • Choose from more than 100+ leading airlines worldwide to secure cheap flights. All you need is iOS mobile phone and Internet connectivity.
  • Search and find best travel dates & fares with our fast and simple interface.
  • Get fantastic flight deals and deals on airfares to your required destination worldwide.
  • Randomly select your flights and filter using our pin-basis option to do a narrow search.
  • Secure international flights offered by leading airlines, and grab great discounts on one-way or round-trip flight bookings.
  • Enjoy the comfort of choosing your budget flight by applying various filters based options on the airline, date, time, price, cabin classes, and more.
  • Our app is GDPR compliant, which means your personal data is protected under the EEA regulation.
  • Process safe & secure payments and a variety of options available. Book using a Debit/Credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX)
  • Fill in your travel details once, and save time in the future while making a flight booking.
  • Book direct flights and enjoy error-free booking process.
  • Receive offers through easy push notifications.
  • Primarily, travellers can only book air tickets, but very soon, you will find a wide range of 65,000+ hotels and flight+options available at the best price. Flights are searchable using filters and user can pin them at a separate location to make their search narrow and convenient.


Flexible, personalized, and effective search engine

So, looking for a flight-booking app? Your search ends here. UK’s trending travel company offers an updated and innovative flight-booking app to cater to your travel needs. Launched for iOS devices, the CT Travel App makes your flight booking in a snap and allows you to save on air tickets with low cost flights to your desired destination.

Get a variety of flight options right under your fingertips and choose from several, leading international flights. We are partnered with major, world-class international airlines. Now, you can compare flight fares, check availability, filter flights with pin basis option, and choose flights based on the price range, all from your comfort zone using your cellphone or tablet.

Still contemplating? Thousands of people book cheap flight tickets with Crystal Travel regularly. Wait no more, Download the iOS CT travel App today and book that dream trip at ease with treasured deals under your fingertips.

Flight details
Flight details


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