9 Best Places to see in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by Cody Livingston

Dhaka is an ideal capital city for almost everyone, no matter what your inclinations are, the city never disappoints a traveller. From local markets to interesting museums, everything is fitted in the city quite perfectly. There are a plethora of things to choose from if you wish to know the history of Dhaka and the local culture to the core.

Here are the top 9 places to see in Dhaka that we think you should not miss at any cost.

1 – Lalbagh Fort

One of the top places to see in Dhaka is the Lalbagh Fort that is famously known as the “Fort that was never completed”. The construction was started in the year 1678 by Mughals and that is why the architecture reflects the same vibes. While you are here, you can feel a lot of serenity by walking in the halls or see different things like the Mausoleum of Pari Bibi, Quilla Mosque and Audience Hall.

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2 – Ahsan Manzil Museum

Ahsan Manzil or Pink Palace was the high seat and home of the Nawab of Dhaka.  The construction of this majestic place started in 1859 and ended in 1872, making it one of the richest architectural wonders of Dhaka. Ahsan Manzil has a dome that is the centre of attraction due to its interesting lotus pattern. The whole place has great geometrical patterns that make it an interesting sight all in all.

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3 – Bangladesh National Museum

Bangladesh National Museum

The Bangladesh National Museum is an ideal place to be for all the history buffs and who need to delve deeper into what lies in the heart of the country through relics and antiques. You can find here old guns, knives, coins, rare items and a lot more. There are different departments like decorative art, classical art, natural history, etc, which helps you to segregate your wanderings likewise.

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4 – New Market

New Market is one of the oldest markets of Dhaka and offers all tourists a real sense of local Bangladeshi culture. The market is famous for being the best place where you can test your bargain skills when you are buying interesting things that range from utensils to decorative items. You can find interesting local eating joints selling cheap and local dishes that are ideal for your successful tour to Dhaka.

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5 – Central Shaheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar or Martyr Monument was erected in memory of all the students, leaders and reformers who lost their lives during the famous Bengali Language Movement. In an open fire, many locals were killed and that is why this place was created in the year 1963 to commemorate their loss. However, the place was demolished but later when the country got independence the place was rebuilt.

6 – Armenian Church

Dhaka is famous for housing different religious places, out of which one is the Armenian Church. Quite a few things of the premises were destroyed during the earthquake, but what remains is quite stunning and worthy of your time. There are a lot of interesting paintings inside the complex and many tombstones of Armenian locals surrounds this church. You can join a guided tour to get inside information about this place.

7 – Sadarghat Port

If you are in Dhaka, you will be advised to spend some time at the Sadarghat Port where hundreds of small and big ships keep moving throughout the day. Photographers find it really hard to leave this place because of innumerable opportunities they get to click snaps. When you are here, you can see the commotion happening at different times of the day where hundreds of passengers collect for their daily commute.

8 – Star Mosque

Star Mosque is one of the finest landmarks that you can find in Dhaka. The mosque is an alluring example of chinitikri mosaic which is a broken china decoration. You can see floral patterns as well when you are here, making it an assortment and beauty and art altogether. There is a white star in the front of the main area of the mosque that showcases the trueness and significance of what this place is all about.

9 – National Parliament House

This structure is one of the most famous places not just in Dhaka but all over the world. It is so because the National Parliament House is one of the largest parliament houses in the world, making it a place of awe and wonder. There are different areas at this landmark that are ideal for a quick evening walk or spending some time marvelling at the spectacular architecture.

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