Where to Go For Beach Holiday in September Across Europe

As the summer season starts to disappear, the lively month of September is ready to embrace you. Also, the best time to go on a beach vacation and enjoy the balmy weather. But, with overwhelming choices, where to escape. To take you out from the dilemma we bring you the 15 top beach destinations to visit in Europe in September. From the world-famous beaches of European countries prepare yourself for adrenaline-charged beach holidays.

Here is the list of 15 Most stunning beach destinations to visit in Europe in September

1. Costa del Sol – Spain

Costa del Sol

The picturesque coastal town of Costa del Sol is illustrious for the beautiful coves surrounded by cliffs. Being, a seaside town and no dearth of beaches, the destination is a haven for vacationers. But, the most famous is the stunning Playa El Canuelo, the seashore carries a charm that is hard to replicate. Encircled by the mountains, the beach is a part of the marine reserve has resulted in rich marine life. A diving paradise, the beach offers marine adventures in the form of diving, scuba diving and swimming; spotting a host of rich sea life.

Nearest Airport: Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Enjoy amazing beaches, town and various water adventure activities.

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2. Alicante – Spain


Alicante a picture-perfect postcard beach destination is beautifully tucked on Spain’s southern eastern Costa Blanca region. A year-round tourist destination, but come September and the entire city blossoms in its absolute charm. And beaches are a major reason that tourists throng the destination in droves. Postiguet Beach in the heart of the city is best known for the golden sand and crystal clear seawater. Bustling with tourists strolling on the sand, swimming and enjoying the sun. If your beach craving is still not satisfied, then head towards the San Juan Beach for laid-back moments.

Nearest Airport: Alicante–Elche Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Must Visit Castle of Santa Barbara, Postiguet Beach, Basilica of Santa María and more.

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3. Tenerife – Spain


On landing Tenerife, beaches are the first thing that comes to mind of any tourists. And luckily there is no dearth of spectacular beaches in Tenerife. Being, the biggest of Spain’s Canary Island, along with year around salubrious climate and beautiful sunny days, allures travellers to rejuvenate an idyllic vacation. The picturesque island boasts three mesmerising beaches of Antequera beach, Las Teresitas and El Médano Beach, each boasting their distinct character and natural charm. The Antequera beach located on the Anaga Rural Park in Tenerife, owing to the difficulty in accessibility has provided unspoilt shelter for the growth of nature. The park is easily accessible by boat, board it from the Santa Cruz De Tenerife to explore the awe-inspiring beach. Other two beaches are Las Teresitas and El Médano Beach, offer a wonderful getaway, perfect for a relaxed sojourn.

Nearest Airport: Tenerife South Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Trek Mount Teide National Park. Enjoy Surfing and water adventure at the Playa Bollullo, Playa del Pozo, Playa El Puertito beaches.

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4. Algarve – Portugal

Algarve – Portugal

Once you spend a holiday in the Algarve, it is hard to find adjectives to define this premium holiday destination. The coastal stretch of Algarve boasts some of the spectacular beaches you will find in Europe. With more than 150 beaches in Algarve to choose from, the region is arguably the most popular beach destination in Europe. A series of beaches coupled with the Mediterranean climate, alongside adventurous watersports, gets even better with calm and family-friendly zones. Without further ado, we bring you the beaches a traveller must visit while on vacation to the Algarve. These beaches are Praia da Marinha, Lagoa, Praia da Falésia, Albufeira, Praia de Odeceixe, Odeceixe, Ilha de Tavira, Tavira, Meia Praia, Lagos, Praia da Arrifana, Aljezur and the list goes on.

Nearest Airport: Faro Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Must Visit Praia da Marinha best beach in Algarve and Benagil Cave

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5. Mallorca – Spain

Mallorca – Spain

Tagged as the picture-perfect Mediterranean beach escape, Mallorca entices the soul of every beach wanderer. The charming island in Europe with its gorgeous beaches and quaint hill towns give more reasons to sneak a sojourn in the month of September. Being, a beautiful beach destination in Europe with coves adorning the island – each one exuding their own charm. These beaches are a testimony, why they top the list of tourists visiting Mallorca. Take your own call and choose from the adventure you want to indulge in while exploring the beautiful cove and enchanting beaches.

Nearest Airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Visit Palma Cathedral, Bellver Castle or explore the stunning beaches.

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6. Ibiza – Spain

Ibiza – Spain

Beyond the ravishing nights, this white island, blessed with extraordinary beaches and spectacular drove of coves. Every beach dances to the tunes of the spectacular landscape adorning the island. A perfect blend of cliff protected beaches and hidden coves – accessible by the boat. From the vibrant and bustling beaches to the wild hidden ones, you can indulge in various activities from trekking to waterborne adventure excursions. Laid-back vacationers or adventure seekers to marine life lovers – these sensational white sand landscapes have the power to delight anyone. Tourists looking for a beach destination to visit in September in Europe, then Ibiza should be your stopover.

Nearest Airport: Ibiza Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Explore historical heritages and stroll on the beaches while enjoying various water activities like surfing, boating and diving.

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7. Muğla –Turkey

Muğla –Turkey

If you don’t like crowded beaches and still craving for a memorable beach vacation, then Mugla should make to your holiday list. Mugla has 100 outstanding Blue Flag awarded beaches, making them travellers foremost choice looking for an unforgettable beach vacation. With azure sea water and white powdery sand, these seashores make for an awesome top beach holiday destination in Europe.

Nearest Airport: Milas–Bodrum Airport
Currency: Turkish lira
Things to do: Explore historical heritages and stroll on the beaches while enjoying various water activities like surfing, boating and diving.

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8. Limassol – Cyprus

Limassol – Cyprus

The beaches in Limassol has it all, which makes them a top beach destination in Europe to visit in September.  Swelling with crowds, still, there are few beaches that boast idyllic ambience, perfect for a quiet stopover. Stunning rocky milieu and pebbled coves will make you return to this beach paradise again. Cobalt shallow seawater, smooth pebbles, white sand and scintillating atmosphere will add charm to your beautiful beach memories.

Nearest Airport: Larnaca International Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Explore historical heritages and stroll on the beaches while enjoying various water activities like surfing, boating and diving.

9. Lanzarote – Spain

Lanzarote – Spain

The beaches of Lanzarote never shy away from showcasing their contrasting landscape. From white golden sandy beaches to volcanic black sand, or cliff protruding seashores – each beach has something new and unique to unfold. Tourists from all over the world flock to these beach and coves paradises for rejuvenation and stealing some tranquil moments. Many of the beaches and coves are away in the wild, teeming with marine life. Besides, its volcanic landscape, tourists have wonderful opportunities to dive, swim and enjoy the laid-back vacation. These spectacular beach getaways to visit in September in Europe are perfect for a refreshing and relaxed trip.

Nearest Airport: Lanzarote Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Explore Timanfaya National Park, Discover the Cueva de Los Verdes and Charco de los Clicos (Green Lagoon) for an amazing vacation.

10. Malta – Europe

Malta – Europe

Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean – home to some of the spectacular beaches in the whole of Europe. Besides, being a treasure trove for the history lovers, what really attracts the fun lover wanderers are captivating white powdered beaches. If beaches are what you love the most on your holidays then must visit are Golden Bay Beach most popular with lots of inlets and coves, Mellieha Bay – where the slops slowly fade into the water resulting in crystal clear shallow water, perfect to swim. Other famous beaches are Daħlet Qorrot, Dwejra Bay, Ġnejna Bay, Mistra Bay and more. So, pick your swimming suit and gear up for an awesome beach holiday.

Nearest Airport: Malta International Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Exploring the old city, fun at the beaches, relishing cuisines and exploring ancient ruins.

11. Paphos – Cyprus


For beach enthusiast Paphos (Pafos) is a haven, with 50km of coastline boasting 27 beaches to choose from. So, it becomes quite a task to choose, where to enjoy and relax. To experience the best beach holiday in September head towards the Coral Bay beach. Regarded as the most beautiful in the whole of Paphos, is best known for its crystal clear water ideal for diving, swimming and indulging in various water sports activities. Petra Tou Romiou, best known for its colossal rocks acting as a perfect take-off for divers. Pachyammos Beach and Municipal Beach are the other two perfect for an idyllic beach vacation.

Nearest Airport: Paphos International Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Must visit are Kato Paphos Archaeology Park, Paphos Zoo, Troodos Mountains and more.

12. Heraklion – Greece

Heraklion – Greece

Heraklion the capital of Greece Crete Island, a paradise for beach lovers. The beaches here are not only spectacular but, also showcases beautiful contradictions in their landscapes. From the cliff encircled, to the white or golden sandy beaches– the one thing that makes all these beaches common are friendly weather and crystal clear sea water. Most beaches there are bustling with tourists, laden with bars, resorts and adventure activities; then there are other beaches away from the hustle bustle, in the solitude perfect for a serene and tranquil escape.

Nearest Airport: Heraklion International Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Must visit Heraklion Fortress, Saint Minas Cathedral, Saint Titos church and more.

13. Gran Canaria – Spain

Gran Canaria

The past volcanic eruption has led to the formation of some of the stunning beaches and coves, perfect for an incredible beach destination to visit in September. The quality of the beaches here are teeming with white and golden coloured sand, shallow blue water and palm trees dotting the coastline. The coastline here perfectly blends with nature, a treat for the mind and soul.

At Maspalomas beach, witness the incredible magic of nature, with desert and sand dunes laden landscape. Playa de las Teresitas and Playa de Mogán beaches give the destination the image of a picture-perfect beach getaway.

Nearest Airport: Gran Canaria Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: Scuba in Gran Canaria, Surfing at Pozo Izquierdo and trekking at Roque Nublo.

14. Fuerteventura – Spain


A dream beach destination people say never comes alive. But, on holiday to Fuerteventura, your dream destination will sure come alive, with mesmerising beaches and party atmosphere. Fuerteventura boasts nearly 150 beaches, and the best thing is that you are going to love each one of them. Most of the beaches here are long, spacious and less crowded, because of the hundreds of option tourists have. But out of the hundred beaches, it is hard to choose where to go first and which to exclude. But still, these are some a tourist must visit. These include Corralejo, Sotavento, Cofete, Esmeralda, Gran Tarajal, La Concha and El Caserón.

Nearest Airport: Fuerteventura Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: For an incredible holiday visit Corralejo Natural Reserve, The Salt Museum and escape to Isla de Lobos for an amazing vacation.

15. Corfu Island – Greece

Corfu Island – Greece

Breathtaking beaches, blue sky reflecting on the crystal clear water and amazing atmosphere, it can’t get better when it comes to choosing Corfu Island as the next beach holiday destination. The islands 217km coastline, laden with numerous beaches and 30 conferred with the prestigious Blue Flag. Though it is hard to choose, still some beaches are so incredible that it is best to shift them up on the list. Paleokastritsa, a combination of six spectacular beaches, with each overpowering other in terms of beauty. Sidari will stun you with its charming and sandstone formations. So, pack your bags and travel to one of the top beach destinations to visit around Europe in September.

Nearest Airport: Corfu International Airport
Currency: Euro
Things to do: For an incredible holiday visit Kérkyra old town, plan outdoor excursions and get thrilled by the Sidári Rock formations.

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