Top 10 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in the World to Say ‘I Do’

Destination weddings are trending these days more than cans tied to the back of the married couple’s car. Regardless of how lavish or simple you wish your wedding to be, the photographs stay with you leaving an astounding impression of your Big Day.

If you are thinking about getting married abroad, make sure you check out our top 10 wedding destinations in the world.

1. Italy


Visiting Italy is a dream for many and getting married here opens doors to make your wedding special in every way. Italy is a den of endless wedding destinations with something for everyone.

With spectacular scenic backgrounds of Puglia and Amalfi Coast’s wonderful beaches and famous wines, couples will surely be surrounded by old Italian culture and traditions. If you are searching for an exquisite wedding venue, you can consider the historic city of Rome or the ancient town of Sorrento.

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2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Make the glorious mountains, the azure seas and the multi-hued sky your witness as you exchange your vows in Bora Bora. Get married and straightaway head for your honeymoon among the most enchanting scenario ever imagined.

Bora Bora is one of the best beach wedding destinations in the world. Get escorted by the resort personnel right from Mote Mute Airport to your desired resort on a yacht and allow nature to do the rest.

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 3. Antigua


A private island destination wedding can be the most romantic event of your life. Antigua sizzles with heavenly spots and Jumby Bay Island is undoubtedly one of the top wedding destinations in the world.

Hold hands at the edge of the ocean and enjoy every moment while the hotel staff manages everything! All you need is a cruise ride to step upon Jumby Bay Island.

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4. Greece


A blue and white wedding in Greece complements the unmatched scenario, crystal blue seas, and the impeccable cuisine. Greece contributes a lot to the weddings. Whether you wish to take in the age-old Athens city, or experience the idealistic Santorini or drown in luxury at one of Greece’s immaculate beaches, Greece has more countless spots your fingers can count. Pamper your big day and allow guests to triple the wedding excitement in the beautiful country. Despite there are popular wedding destinations around the world, Greece is incomparable.

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5. Cyprus


Cyprus offers surreal surroundings, unparalleled Mediterranean culture, and scenery that make it a favourite spot for destination weddings. Couples preparing to make their big day memorable by partying after a romantic beach wedding will find everything they have ever imagined.

Apart from the bewitching panorama, Cyprus is also famous for its electrifying nightlife. You could do away with the usual wedding agenda and make it the most special day with all Cyprus has to offer.

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6. Ireland


If you wish to conduct a wedding closer to home and do not wish to take guests far, the scenic, traditional Irish atmosphere and environment is home to several gorgeous wedding spots, perfect for your opulent wedding celebrations. It is not only the atmosphere, the picturesque or the rolling countryside; Irish cities have a lot to offer than you can imagine.

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7. Spain


Flamboyant Spain is home to some captivating wedding venues unlike any. The modern city spots, famous coastlines, cathedrals, impressive hilltops and outdoor spaces will make your D-day unforgettable under the fabulous weather.

To make your wedding more special, there are famous party venues that illuminate the Ibiza surrounding. With locations such as Majorca, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, you need not look further.

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8. Bali


Have you ever dreamt of a clifftop wedding or letting your wedding be a private affair? If you are looking at such options, Bali ranks among the top 10 best places for a destination beach wedding.

This quaint, exotic hideaway in South East Asia offers gorgeous venues like the Banyan Tree Ungasan, the White Dove and more. So, whether you want to look into your partner’s eye, face the ocean or prepare for a romantic honeymoon right after your wedding, head towards Bali.

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9. Goa


Be prepared to be spoilt for choices in the Indian coastal city of Goa. With numerous wedding venues and spots, Goa is one of the top wedding destinations in the world with much to evade, experience and explore.

You may consider Park Hyatt as one of the most renowned places to host a cosy wedding. Nothing can be more thrilling than getting married in the party capital of India. There is everything – peace, fun, and adventure!

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10. Belize


Small and romantic, picture-perfect Belize is one of the amazing places for a wedding in the world. The flourishing foliage, sapphire Caribbean waters, powdery sands and the isolation among natural wonders add magic to your special day. Among the popular wedding destinations, this one will be light on your pocket too!

If you and your partner have decided to say ‘I do’ in a different way, nothing can be more exciting than choosing a beautiful beach destination to get married. It opens up various options to choose your dream spot and host your D-day.

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