10 best destinations around the world to visit during spring

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Ah Spring; a time when the sun starts to shine, warm coats are replaced by floaty dresses, birds start to chirp in the trees and flowers begin to bloom. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year to travel, which is why we’re sharing our favourite places to visit around the world this time of year – which destination do you fancy flying to first?

1 – Japan

There’s not a better destination in the world to visit during spring than Japan, and we all know why. Mount Fuji in Honshu Island is famousfor being blanketed with pale pink petals during the spring season, from cherry blossoms known as Sakura. The scenery is so beautiful this time of year you won’t know where to look first – discover one of the many cherry blossom festivals where you can enjoy tasty food, drinks and celebrate this aesthetically pleasing season!

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2 – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a stunning destination famous for rows upon rows of rainbow-coloured tulips that bloom during the spring season. The city is a gorgeous place to visit all year round, but visiting during spring will make your stay extra special. Head to Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe, crowned as the largest flower garden in the world and admire the scenic landscape which stretches over 80 acres and plays host to over 7 million flowers! The city also hosts plenty of festivals and celebrations during springtime, making a perfect day out for all ages.

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3 – New York

New York is an enchanting place to visit all year round, with beautiful central park covered in a light dusting of snow in the winter and colourful blooms during spring. There are dozens of botanical gardens in the city where the blooms are prominent; with daffodils being the official flowers of the city. You can also spot Cornelian Cherry, Magnolias, Cherry Trees, Glory-of-the-snow flowers, Tulips, Crabapple and a whole lot more dotted around the city. Don’t miss out on The Orchid Show and The Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival while you are here during spring, too.

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4 – ChinA

China is one of the most beautiful places to visit during spring, with rows and rows of stunning tulips coming out the bloom around the Beijing area. If you travel a little further to Guilin you can see stunning peach orchards bloom, plus there’s a dozen varieties of Azaleas that can be seen during peak springtime too, a flower that has medicinal properties! Lookout for stunning Peonies in The Peony Festival hosted annually, making it a perfect time to explore this flower-studded destination.

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5 – Istanbul

The inviting warm weather and beautiful blooms in Istanbul can’t wait until astrological spring starts on March 21st, so the city start’s its celebrations early around mid-April time. The city streets are drenched in beautiful sunshine this time of year with warm weather and an inviting breeze, not to mention the international Tulip festival – did you know, the tulip was first cultivated in Turkey, not the Netherlands like everybody thinks?! Also be sure to look out for the Judas Trees in bloom, with their pretty purple flowers.

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6 – Penang

Spring is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and head to Penang, Malaysia – a total paradise. Get ready to be transported to dense, heavy jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, or why not grab your trainers and get ready to hike the challenging trails amidst remarkable natural backdrops?Soak up extraordinary valley views during the spring season when the monsoon is still distant, making it an ideal stop for your next spring break.

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7 – Greece

Greece and its Aegean Islands make the perfect destination for spring holidays, its diverse landscape featuring a tapestry of wildflowers and blossoms to admire. Whether you visit Santorini, Athens, Mykonos or Crete, you can expect beautiful weather andsunshinethis time of year – plus, since it’s in the shoulder season there are less crowds, meaning more space for you on the sands!

8 – Funchal, Madeira – Botanical Garden

The Portuguese island of Funchal is an amalgamation of colours during spring, thanks to its famous botanical garden. Maderiaboasts the nickname “The Island of Flowers”due to the perfect climate the region has, allowing remarkable flora including Jasmine, Begonias, Freesias, Magnolia and more to blossom. Be sure to visit during the Maderia Flower Festival when you can join in on the festivities and parade!

9 – Nepal

Sitting in the lap of the Himalayas, this Asian country is a fantastic pick for your next spring break. If you like to party, you’ve come to the right place, since this season is packed withfestivities including Holi (March) and Nepalese New Year (April), so there will be plenty to celebrate. The weather is a little chilly at the beginning of spring and gets milder towards the middle, making it a great time to visit if you want to explore the rugged landscape on a mountainous trek, or two!

10 – Copenhagen

April is a good time to visit Copenhagen if you like pleasant weather without the crowds. There are plenty of things to do this time of year, from browsing the famous flea markets to attending the Copenhagen street festival, with music, art, food and more. If you’re visiting for the flowers, Bispebjerg Cemetery is one of the most popular places to see the cherry tree blooms, raking in thousands of visitors every single year! We’ve found the top spring destinations to visit, now all you have to do is to pack! Give our travel experts a call and we’ll tailor your next holiday to suit your requirements and budget – so you can do spring in style!

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