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Where Solo Travellers should visit in 2022

​It can be difficult for some of us who have wanderlust to find someone to travel with. Friends and family members have full-time jobs or they are trying to save money, and sometimes they don’t always want to visit the same destinations. 

The solution, of course, is travelling solo, there’s nothing quite like travelling alone and discovering new regions with no expectations or the added stress of organising a trip that suits multiple personalities. 

Explore the wild, stunning landscape, beaches, and buzzing destinations around the world. Here we have listed some of the best solo travel destinations around the world that you should definitely visit if you are planning for a solo trip in 2022.

1 – New Zealand

New Zealand is probably one of the best solo travel destinations in the world. With enough natural beauty to mesmerise you and plenty of outdoor adventure to get your blood racing, New Zealand offers a wide array of activities for you to do.

Located in the South Pacific, New Zealand boasts some of the most stunning attractions across its two islands. From the glaciers at Aoraki Mount Cook National Park to the volcanic crater of Lake Taupo to the beaches of Maitai Bay, this country has it all. And if you are a fan of adventure sports, you can go surfing, bungee jumping, skydiving, heli-skiing, and more, there is no shortage of exhilarating activities to do around New Zealand.

Another reason why New Zealand is one of the places to travel alone is its people. Kiwis are friendly, heartwarming, and warm to visitors. They will happily help you or accompany you in your Solo quest. New Zealand is an attractive destination for solo travellers due to being one of the safe solo travel places in the world. New Zealand is easier to get around. Given the small size of this nation, it is easy to navigate through. 

Must Visit Places in New Zealand: Auckland, Queenstown, Nelson, Rotorua, Taupo, Bay of Islands, Franz Josef Glacier, Tongariro National Park, and more.

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2 – Canada

Canada with its all-embracing wilderness just waiting to be explored! This country is packed with a number of National Parks, outdoor activities, glaciers, forests, and awesome road trips. But Canada is not just about the natural beauty and outdoors, it also has many cosmopolitan cities that are safe, clean, and with a lot of attractions. The sheer size of this huge country makes it one of the best solo travel destinations in the world. 

From Mountaineer in the Rockies to skiing through the slopes, from fishing to watching the northern lights in Yukon, Canada offers a lot to solo travellers. If you are a cultural buff, French Canada in the Quebec region will definitely please you. The delicious cuisines to cultural attractions, every place is gonna awe you.

Visit the many lakes; stroll through museums, art galleries, and parks; go for adventure sports; or calm and relax on the coasts. Canada has so many places to travel alone that you’ll be spoiled.

Must Visit Places in Canada: Banff National Park, Toronto, Quebec City, Niagara Falls, Lake Lousie, Jasper National Park, Montreal, and more

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3 – Greece

​​Greece is one of Europe’s most beautiful places to travel alone. Home to picturesque islands and delicious food with thousands of years of history. Greece is well known for its beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes but that’s not all that Greece offers. There are small towns, historic ruins, and mountain hikes for you to enjoy. 

Travelling around Greece would probably cost you a fraction of what you will spend in western Europe, making it one of the best solo travel destinations when it comes to being under budget. 

Learn about the history of western civilization in Athens, explore through the ruins of the past in Delphi, hike through Samaria Gorge, or relax at the beaches of Corfu. Greece is magical and the energy around it will hypnotise you.

Must Visit Places in Greece: Athens, Parthenon, Navagio, Corfu, and more

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4 – Chile

Chile is a memorable place to venture into solo travelling. The country plays host to majestic mountains, vast deserts, and huge glaciers. However, the breathtaking landscapes aren’t the only thing that the longest country in the world has to offer. Chile has beautiful cities that are vibrant and rich in culture with some of the warmest and most hospitable people you’ll ever meet, making it a particularly great place to travel alone.

One of the best solo travel destinations in South America, Chile is a paradise for solo travellers and you’ll find plenty of fascinating experiences waiting for you here. Torres del Paine National Park, San Pedro de Atacama, Puerto Varas, Easter Island, and Patagonia are just a few of the destinations you may see in Chile as a lone traveller. Each of these locations provides a distinct experience, ensuring that your journey to the country is absolutely unforgettable.

Must Visit Places in Chile: Santiago, Chiloe Island, Puertos Mantt, El Tatio, and more

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5 – Kenya

Kenya is one of the best countries if you are looking for a solo safari experience or hitting the beaches. This country of East Africa boasts savannah, Lakelands, the Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands, and a coastline along the Indian Ocean. Kenya boasts some of the most iconic wildlife reserves in the world: Masai Mara, Laikipia, and Amboseli. You can experience the amusement of being in the bush and a variety of wild animals including Lions, Elephants, and Rhinos.

If you are looking for a coastal adventure, you can visit Malindi and experience some of the social and trendy lifestyles. The Rift valley is the place to visit if you want to experience the authentic local culture and traditions of Kenya. And if you are craving some peace and solitude visit the less visited coastal town of Kilifi or head to Mombasa and Diani. Locals here are friendly and helpful making it one of the safe solo travel places in Africa. 

Must Visit Places in Kenya: Nairobi, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo East National Park, Mount Kenya, Samburu Trails, Amboseli National Park, and more.

6 – Nepal

A country located on the southern slopes of the Great Himalayas is a paradise for solo travellers. Nepal has an abundance of natural beauty with eight of the fourteen tallest mountains in sight. There is no place better to travel alone than Nepal. The country attracts thousands of solo backpackers every year making it one of the best solo travel destinations in the world. 

You may think you are travelling solo in Nepal but you will not feel like it even for a second, locals, hotels, and restaurants are welcoming and do not differentiate whether you are travelling with a group or alone. You can find hundreds of solo travellers around you planning to scale Mt. Everest or going to follow some trails in the mountains.

You can start your trip to Nepal from its capital Kathmandu where you can explore temples and monasteries, eat the local dishes, and more. Visit Lake Phewa in Pokhara and enjoy the water sports activities and adventures. And if you are looking to explore genuine Nepalese architecture and culture, go to Bhaktapur and Patan. A solo trip to Nepal would not be complete without a trip to the South Base camp of Mount Everest, visit there to witness the almighty Mt. Everest.

Must Visit Places in Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Sagarmatha National Park

7 – Scotland

Located in the north of the British Isles, Scotland is not a destination that will come to your mind when you are thinking of a solo trip. But Scotland is one of the best and most easily accessible destinations if you are looking for places to travel alone from the UK. Scotland offers plenty of wild camping options in its alluring forests and mountains.

The best part about backpacking to Scotland is that you won’t be required to get a visa or learn a new language making it one of the best solo travel destinations for the people of the United Kingdom. 

There are several destinations that would make the list of best solo travel destinations, it all depends on what you want to achieve on your solo trip. And remember, You can go anywhere in the world as a solo traveller, just as long as you use your instincts and do not take your solo trip casually and run into trouble.

General Tips for Solo Travel

Here are a few general tips that with help during your solo trip:

  • Plan your itinerary beforehand, at least accommodation arrangements for the first two days must be planned.
  • Learn the basic words and phrases in the local language.
  • Keep your backpack light.
  • Tell people where you are headed
  • Keep an emergency phone with important numbers saved.
  • Do not be lazy about your Safety. Always take safety precautions.
  • Choose accommodation with communal areas if you’re visiting someplace remote.
  • Always trust your instincts.
  • Never be ashamed to ask for help 

Plan your trip now and find comfort and solitude in being alone and travelling around the world with just your backpack.

9 best International places to enjoy Ice and Snow

As the temperature is starting to drop, it is the perfect time to plan a holiday filled with ice and snow. The winter holidays offer all the magic and thrill to enjoy nature to the fullest. From gorgeous scenery to cosy places to snuggle. With thick snow to stomp through to majestic peaks to ski. The winter season seems to make places shine at their brightest, and that is why we take a look at nine of the best international places that are more beautiful once winter is at its peak, these are just a few of many places to enjoy Ice and Snow in this winter season:

1 – Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the most popular national parks of Alaska. A region where mountains meet ice and ocean, a place where you can experience the ice age. This region was chiseled during the last ice age. Ice activities have created the fjords and ragged mountains.

60 % of the park is covered with ice and snow and just on the edge of the park sits a gigantic 936-square-mile Harding Icefield. Countless tidewater carved the glaciers of this massive icefield to form stunning fjords.

Kenai Fjords National Park offers many adventurous and leisure activities to the tourists, including Kayaking, camping, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, boat tours, and more. You can also see the Northern Lights if you visit in the winter.

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2 – Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

With easy walking trails, boardwalks suspended over the peacock blue lakes, stunning viewpoints, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is one of those places that you have to visit. 

There are 16 different levels of lakes that tumble into each other, connected through a series of stunning waterfalls. 

The lakes themselves are simply majestic, filled with crystal clear water that changes colour as the sun passes only to preserve a bright turquoise appearance, resulting in something that challenges the imagination: especially when the falls freeze over. With four different hiking trails, many routes, stunning viewpoints, and bonny waterfalls, this place offers a lot for its visitors.

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3 – Lofoten Islands, Norway

Just off Norway’s northwestern coast, the Lofoten Islands have clear blue waters matching that of the Mediterranean, craggy mountains that remind us of Iceland, and enough edgy museums and fishing villages to challenge any Scandinavian hot spot. 

The Lofoten Islands have some of the most stunning surroundings in the world. A place where majestic mountains meet bright white sandy beaches, fishing villages can be spotted on the shorelines, and hiking trails can be seen throughout the majestic landscape.

Play among the waves or join a wildlife safari to watch creatures play in the waves. Have fun on the beaches in the summer under the midnight sun or catch the northern lights in the winters. Hike through the mountains or try your luck catching the fish. Lofoten Islands will not disappoint. With plenty of wilderness still untouched, Lofoten Islands is the place to visit if you love the outdoors and nature.

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4 – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the southern hemisphere’s most astonishing icy regions. Torres del Paine is an adventure playground of towering proportions. A countryside with thrusting granite pillars, turquoise lakes dabbed with icebergs, and glaciers embracing rugged mountainsides. 

Torres del Paine is the perfect place to enjoy ice and snow. The park’s snow-capped mountains and sizable glaciers are about as magnificent as it gets. Torres del Paine’s main attractions are its numerous trekking trails through frozen landscapes. Although the weather here is unpredictable, the summer months of December to February are the best time to visit Torres del Paine National Park with plenty of sunshine and clear blue sky.

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5 – Switzerland

Yes the whole country, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy ice and snow. Doesn’t matter when you visit, Switzerland is picture-perfect with expansive greenery, urban cities, and spaces for fresh air. Surrounded by the Alps, Switzerland is small but hosts incredible mountain peaks, misty lakes, and ancient wonders dotting the countryside. This country offers innumerable outdoor adventures with urban spots to explore. During winters, Switzerland becomes a genuine wonderland, with snowy ski slopes, frozen lakes, and the most luxurious resort towns. The best way to experience the Swiss Alps in winter is to ride on the Glacier Express, the iconic red train known as one of the slowest express trains.

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6 – Gokayama, Japan

Tiny villages of thatched-roof houses covered in snow that perfectly complements the mountainous background at a distance, Gokayama’s beauty cannot be resisted. Gokayama is a scenic region in southwestern Toyama, Japan, comprising 40 small villages, out of which Ainokura and Suganuma are registered as World Heritage Sites.

This area of Japan is as peaceful as it can get. In these villages, Japanese traditions are preserved, practiced, and even shared with tourists wishing to experience the local culture. In the winter, Gokayama experiences dense, heavy snowfalls, and these harsh conditions led to the development of the region’s unique gassho-zukuri houses (A-shaped huts). There are numerous viewpoints and serene spots throughout the region to witness the true beauty of nature and enjoy the snow.

7 – Banff National Park, Canada

Easily one of the most beautiful winter fairylands in Canada, Banff National Park sits in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and is home to some of the spectacular scenery and wildlife. Snow-capped peaks, sparkling glaciers, and vast scenery are just a few that attract tourists to Banff National Park. The main attraction of Banff National Park is glacial Lake Louise, which looks even more spectacular once it freezes over.

There are numerous opportunities for adventure, so choose your sport: Ski down Mount Norquay, trek to the Hoodoos (free-standing limestone pillars), climb up the face of Stoney Squaw Mountain, or bike along Healy Creek.

8 – Nepal

The Nepalese Himalayas are amongst the world’s most remote and untouched destinations. Rock formations and vibrant stupas, as well as unfathomable vistas of jagged mountains, define the sky-high country. Nepal is a land where divines mingle with mortals. There are magnificent temples, monasteries, and historical monuments at every turn. Home to eight of the fourteen tallest mountains including the iconic Mount Everest. There is no place better to enjoy the snow and ice than the country of Nepal.

With the prosperous Terai plains on the foothills of the Himalayas, South of Nepal offers a chain of wild national parks, home exotic bird species, and comb the jungles for rhinos, tigers, and crocodiles. Nepal offers a great variety of activities including mountaineering, safaris, and rafting.

9 – Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal in the Siberia region of Russia is not only the world’s deepest lake (1,637m), but it’s also the oldest (25 million years old) and largest by volume. In winters, the lake freezes into a snowy paradise transforming the lake into the largest ice skating rink with spiked ice caves surrounding it. 

Fearless tourists visit the lake to dive into the crystal clear water underneath a metre-thick ice during winters. This lake is also home to the planet’s only freshwater seal. Ice fishing also draws many tourists to this picturesque place. Lake Baikal is one of those places to enjoy ice and snow throughout the year.

We generally associate getaways with the sun, warm weather, sand beneath our feet, and a cool gentle breeze. Vacations do not, however, have to be enjoyed in a warm tropical climate. Numerous cold-weather destinations are breathtaking in and of themselves. While we encourage you to visit these places, we won’t criticise you if you want to walk around some winter wonderlands from the warmth of your (warm) computer.

6 Best Spring break Destinations around the World

Spring is a symbol of new beginnings. After the cold winter season, spring time brings a lot of sunshine, you can feel the warmth of the sun.  Spring rewards us with dazzling and beautiful flowers, animals returning from their hibernation, trees having an undried green look. It brings an energetic and refreshing breeze with the singing of returning birds that give us motivation.

Spring has the perfect climate to go for outdoor adventures and explore the world. From the Cherry blossom in Japan, Tulip Festival in Amsterdam to strolling through the streets of crowded Bali. There are many stunning spring break destinations where nature wakes up, the hills get greener, beaches calmer, and birds chirp to give the best of everything to make the most out of your spring trip.

Take advantage of Spring’s perfect climate to take a vacation in some of the world’s best Spring break destinations.



Relaxing in the mild and soothing rays of the sun, Colombo is one of the best cities to visit in Spring. The city is filled with tea and spice gardens, museums, and beaches. Everything around the city is beautiful and welcoming for tourists from all across the world. The beautiful, clean and green city sparkling in the sun makes it one of the best places to visit in Spring around the world. 

Climate conditions: 25-29 degrees Celsius with warm and sunny days

Popular Attraction: Gangaramaya Temple, Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, National Museum of Colombo, Independence Memorial Hall, Beira Lake

Time to reach: A direct flight from London will take approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes to reach the airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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As the countdown for Easter begins, the number of tourists begins to increase in the capital city of Italy. Rome with all its glory, various tourist spots, and restaurants is one of the ideal places to be this spring. The Vatican(located inside of Rome) is the best place to be during Easter. This ancient city offers a lot of freedom for on-foot explorations in the pleasant weather during springtime. You can explore every corner and nook of this veteran city during Spring break.

Climatic conditions: Bright and shiny with a pleasant breeze at 8-18 degrees Celsius

Tourist attractions: The Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, The Pantheon, The Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Centro Storico and the Spanish Steps

Time to reach: It takes around 2 hours for a direct flight from London to reach Rome.

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Probably one of the best if not the best spring break destination in the world, this list would not be complete without the mention of Japan’ cherry blossoms. During Spring, the city is covered with thousands of pink blossoms overhead, Maruyama Park is one of the best spots to witness these blossoms. Also, do not forget to check the historic temples and shrines.

The city hosts cultural celebrations during spring to mark the change of Season. Do not forget to ride the Sagano train through the blossoms and the canyon woodlands. While you are here, Taste local fare at the Kyoto Kitchen market, including dishes infused with cherry blossoms. 

Climatic conditions: Temperature stays between 8 to 23 degrees celsius

Tourist attractions: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kinkaku-Ji, Kiyomizu-Dera, Maruyama Park

Time to reach: Around 14 hours from London via Tokyo

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Spring is one of the best times to visit Mexico City. The weather is ideal with plenty of sunshine and flowers in full bloom. The climate in spring is perfect to explore the city. Walk through various boulevards in Colonia Juarez, take a sip of coffee and look through indie art galleries, and French inspired mansions. Don’t forget to visit Casa Luis Barragán and the Frida Kahlo Museum. 

Climatic conditions: Bright and shiny with pleasant warm breeze. The temperature stays between 12 – 28 degrees Celsius during spring.

Tourist attractions: Zócalo, The National Museum of Anthropology, the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán, The Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace, Chapultepec Park.

Time to reach: It takes around 12 hours for a direct flight from London to reach Mexico City.



Famous as the town of canals and boats, Amsterdam is all about a massive jumble of flowers blooming around every corner of the streets. Amsterdam is at its most vibrant and colourful version with many tourists coming in from all over making it one of the best spring break destinations. Visit Amsterdam to enjoy the fields of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens or to stroll through the gallery of Van Gough Museum and witness Van Gough’s masterpiece. The party capital of the world never sleeps and you can find live DJs, music shows, pubs, bars, and cafes and lose some control if you want.

Climatic conditions: Amsterdam is a bit chilly in Spring but most of the time it is bright and shiny with a cold soothing breeze. The temperature stays between 8 – 20 degrees Celsius.

Tourist attractions: Tulip Festival, Rikjsmuesuem, Van Gough Museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark

Time to reach: It takes around 1 hour 10 minutes for a direct flight from London to reach Amsterdam.



The destination is known for its culture, food, and natural beauty, Bali is often regarded as the perfect destination for Spring break. Although Bali is in the Southern Hemisphere, its most beautiful season is during the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring break. You will experience better weather, full green farmlands, and a lot of tourists during spring time. The spiritual vibes and ritualistic cleansing in Bali are simply an add on to an already pure experience.  It also makes a fantastic location to explore the rest of Indonesia

Climatic conditions: The temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius during the spring season.

Tourist attractions: Pura Tanah Lot, Mount Batur, Ubud Monkey Forest, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Waterbom, Uluwatu Temple

Time to reach: It takes around 18 hours to reach Bali from London

Spring is a magical season that turns many good tourist places into an awesome holiday destination. There are many amazing spring destinations yet to be explored. Travellers always look forward to their trip to the best spring break destinations and book their flights in advance. Make sure you are ahead and plan your trip with cheap flights from London to your choice of destination and look forward to an awesome holiday this Spring.

6 Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day Celebration

It’s that time of the year when love is already in the air and markets are decorated with little red hearts. While people express those romantic promises and surprise gifts throughout Valentine’s week, the day of 14th February is perhaps the most special one. Although the excitement level was slightly low in the last few years due to pandemic, hopefully, 2022 will bring that old charm back. And now, if you’re already running out of the idea to show affection towards your life partner, then we have got you covered. There’s nothing better than a trip to one of the world’s most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day Celebration. 

But, don’t worry because we won’t leave you stranded in between only with the idea of travelling. Here at Crystal Travel, we believe in making every traveller’s journey comfortable and hassle-free. Now, to keep your mind relaxed, we’ve got some of the best romantic destinations for couples on 2022 Valentine’s Day. 

Without further ado, let’s get started: 

1 – London, United Kingdom

From romantic operas at London Coliseum to soaring above the Thames with themed cruises, London city can make you fall in love forever. Moreover, if you and your partner are huge fans of those slow romantic walks, then make sure to check out WWT London Wetland Centre. 

For a colourful evening, you can take your date for Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens and enjoy the scenic views of the sunset at The View from The Shard. Lastly, to conclude the night with a fine touch, you can choose from tons of the finest dining restaurants in this capital city.

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2 – Strasbourg, France

Let’s admit that Paris is perhaps the busiest city to travel to during valentine week. Although we don’t doubt the city’s beauty, it’s not always best to choose such a happening place for romantic meetups. Well, you can still visit France but this time, try giving a shot to Strasbourg city. 

The city hosts numerous musical concerts every year and jumps into the colours of love with themed events. And at cultural festivals like “Strasbourg Mon Amour,” you can enjoy some slow romantic dancing with your partner as well.

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3 – Polperro, United Kingdom

A small village located in Cornwall County, Polperro is a destination that is not hugely popular, but it’s surely a hidden gem for valentine couples. Also, if you love spending your Valentine evening with a calm and serene sea view, then this village can become your romantic stay. 

Apart from this, the village also has various art museums where you can easily meet many famous local artists and bring home some of their best works. So, look nowhere else for an ideal location for Valentine’s Day celebration because Polperro village has got it all.

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4 – Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Once a small island but now an integral part of the mainland, Sveti Stefan is perhaps one of the most captivating destinations in the whole of Europe. Filled with 5-star luxurious hotels, this gorgeous islet offers private beaches for the resort’s guests along with cosy restaurants and swimming pools. 

In case you’re still wondering if Sveti Stefan would be a worth visiting place or not, then here’s an interesting fact for you: “Due to fragments of several sea creatures and calcium rich seashells, Sveti Stefan has a pink sand beach!” 

5 – Preveli Beach, Greece

You must have seen heart-shaped balloons or gift items on every year’s Valentine. But, have you ever seen a heart-shaped rock? If not, you can discover one at Preveli Beach and enjoy the scenic view with your partner for Valentine’s Day celebration.

As for Preveli Beach, it’s located at an endpoint where the Megalopotamos River meets with the famous Libyan Sea. So, whether you want to enjoy the river’s freshwater or you’re excited for a dive in warmer seawater, you can easily enjoy both of them in one place. 

6 – Palladian Bridge, United Kingdom

An ideal location for a Valentine’s Day getaway, Palladian Bridge is truly an elegant and eye-catching example of architecture. With a stunning environment surrounding this historical site from the 18th century is an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day celebration.

Luckily, this site is also now owned by the National Trust, which keeps its natural beauty always protected. So, don’t worry, as you’ll get to see the same architecture you’re seeing in the current image.

Summarising our thoughts on Valentine’s Day Celebration

At last, we hope that some of these locations can help you make the perfect Valentine’s Day plans for your partner. However, if you’re still unable to figure it out, it’s still fine because you don’t need a specific day to celebrate love.

Above all, you can make holiday plans for these locations on any day of the year. And for the best flight deals, you can rely on our travel experts that can take care of your budget-related issues. Until then, keep smiling and embrace the love of your life every day!

A Quick Guide on How to Plan Your Perfect Upcoming Winters

Nothing in this world can beat winter’s charm. With those snowy landscapes, cosy little cafes and Christmas vibes all around, Winter vacations are truly and always unmatchable. But, how do you spend your winter vacations? Well, you can always take your phone out and search for ‘places to visit in winters near me’. But, let’s admit that Google suggestions aren’t always good. Moreover, questions like how to plan your perfect upcoming winters can easily change your thoughts on holidays.

Through this article, I’ll cover a few tips that might lead you to your next perfect winter holiday. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with the first tip. 

  • Yellowstone National Park, Montana, US: With more than 380 centimetres of snow every year, this national park is one of the best snowy destinations to choose. Amidst such thick snow layers, you can enjoy snowmobiling and take a tour around Yellowstone Supervolcano.
  • Northern Lights of Tromsø, Norway: Certainly, it’s impossible to find anything more beautiful than the Northern Lights of Tromsø. Located deep in the Arctic circle, this Norwegian city sees a lot of snow with magical Northern Lights. While there’s no specific date, these lights usually appear anytime in the months from September to April.
  • Prague, Czech Republic: Those romanesque vaults and snow-capped mountains change Prague into a real world’s fairyland. While some of its cafes and architecture are globally popular, surprisingly, the city remains quite remote in winter. Hence, if you’re looking forward to planning a calm holiday,  then this is the place where you should plan your perfect upcoming winters.

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Best Warm Places to visit in Winters

  • Tenerife, Spain: Surprisingly, with an average temperature of 17℃, January is the coldest month in Tenerife. While the whole world decides to freeze, you can get yourself tanned and enjoy the sunshine on Tenerife’s beaches. If you’re from the UK as well, you can reach this warm and welcoming island in less than 5 hours. 
  • Oahu and Maui, Hawaii: While some people like snowy mountains, many others prefer visiting warm beaches during winters. And if we’re talking about beaches, then it’s impossible to ignore Hawaii. The islands of Oahu and Maui generally record an average temperature of 23℃ in winters. Moreover, you can catch some live and adventurous water sports in November and December. 
  • Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka: If Hawaii or Spain are too mainstream and you’re looking for something offbeat, then you’ll surely love Nuwara Eliya. Mostly known for its lush tea gardens and aesthetic landscapes, this city is a true match made in heaven for nature lovers. 

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Always Compare and Book Early

Do you know that only two things are always certain to happen in European winters? Firstly, decorated markets and secondly, the rush for flights and accommodation. Surely, I don’t need to stress the importance of advance flight and accommodation bookings. Moreover, a change of plan at the last moment is most likely to happen these days. 

Hence, make sure you stay one or two steps ahead with advanced bookings, refundable tickets, etc. So, don’t just pack your bags early but also book your tickets early. 

How to do that? You can simply visit Crystal Travel for the best flight prices and secured bookings!” 

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Extra Activities and Play Safe

The hustle of travelling with kids and family can never be matched. But, that shouldn’t stop you from treating yourself to some extra fun activities. From European cities to the snowy landscapes of South Korea, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports everywhere. 

In short, if you’re going for a family holiday, then make sure there are enough attractions and activity spots for everyone. Whether it’s amusement parks for kids or ski resorts and luxury spas for elders. 

And if your holiday plans include some physical activities, it’s always recommended to be on the safer side. Through various types of medical insurances and packages, you can always reflect that touch of extra care towards your family or friends. 

If you’ve managed to follow these tips correctly, your upcoming days are set to become memorable forever. However, if you’re still unsure about flight booking or finding the best accommodation, Crystal Travel is always here to help you out and plan your perfect upcoming winters.

With your one click, our travel experts will become active and can help you in breaking every travel dilemma. Until then, stay safe and happy travelling!

10 Best Places Around The Globe to Fly Away on New Year’s Eve

Bidding adieu to the old year and welcoming the New Year makes everyone ecstatic. It’s that time of the year when you reminisce the fondest memories you’ve spent with your loved ones, leaving the sad ones behind forever. It’s also the perfect time to unite with your friends, family, and relatives to celebrate New Year Eve at one of the top destinations in the world.

So, whether you are planning to party all night in the best clubs or witness some of the most spectacular fireworks or have a fine dining experience in the middle of the sea, here is a list of top places to visit on New Year for an unforgettable celebration.


A beautiful destination for the New Year celebration, Sydney displays one of the best fireworks in the world on New Year Eve. As it is the first major city to hit midnight, after Auckland, the New Year celebration in Sydney becomes even more special. The best things to do at New Year in Sydney have to be reserving a table at a restaurant with a harbor view and booking a cruise in Sydney Harbour.

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If you are still wondering where to go on New Year, you should stop right away because visiting Amsterdam would be a fantastic idea. From fireworks illuminating the sky to cozy rooftop parties and people from different countries jamming at street parties, this place provides you with a plethora of choices to dance to the year away. Apart from great parties, you get the chance to gorge on Oliebollen (deep-fried dough balls) along with champagne on New Year Eve, as this Dutch New Year tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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The party life gets even real in Las Vegas on New Year Eve with its lively nightclubs, events, mind-blowing fireworks, casinos, and much more. If you are a party animal and want to have unlimited fun with your bunch of crazy people on New Year 2022, you should start planning it out now. Don’t miss out to witness the eye-catching fireworks, live concerts, and light shows along the Las Vegas Strip.

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Bangkok, Thailand

The biggest New Year countdown in Bangkok takes place in front of the city’s biggest shopping mall, Central World. It’s the place where both local and international artists perform on a big stage and there is a huge screen at the mall for the display of the countdown. What’s more impressive is the fireworks at Central World Plaza which is the longest in Thailand, lasting for about 15 minutes. So, don’t get stuck with ‘where to go on New Year” when you have Bangkok on the list.

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Rio De Janeiro

New Year celebration in Rio De Janerio is beautifully different from other places in the world. It’s all about a magical night full of life, fireworks display, delicious food, and live concerts by Brazillian artists. Your heart fills with glee when you see thousands of people dressed in white (as it is said, white brings good luck in the New Year) gathering at Copacabana Beach for a New Year carnival. Surely, it is one of the best things to do at New Year.

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The “city of dreams,” Dubai displays one of the most expensive and elaborate fireworks in the world you will ever see in your life. As the clock strikes 12, a number of extravagant and dazzling fireworks explode into a rainbow of colours in the sky. On such a lit New Year’s Eve in Dubai, it feels surreal to witness fireworks at the city’s iconic landmarks; Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Global Village, etc.


London makes it to the list of one of the best places to visit on New Year with family, friends, and loved ones. Book an NYE cruise with views of fireworks or visit the towering London Eye and take a spin with your loved ones or catch an abundance of fun activities around the Thames River. So, if you haven’t made any plans yet on how to celebrate this New Year, you must pick London as your New Year travel destination.


This New Year, get your family and friends together for a colorful and exciting New Year celebration in Paris. Go for a traditional French dinner with your loved ones or attend the Champs-Elysees Festivities. This place is the center of the New Year Eve party in Paris that starts around 9 p.m., and you get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower with its sparkling display at midnight. You can also find several attractive spots to dine and dance here.


You all know the ball drop over Times Square in Manhattan, New York is one of the world’s most iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thousands of people gather to watch the ball slowly dropping at the countdown at midnight. The celebrations begin by lighting and lifting the ball on the rooftop of Times Square followed by the distribution of New Year themed props like hats and glasses among the crowd to ring in the New Year with a bang.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a perfect place to visit on New Year for all because you can find all types of entertainment here, from live music to jamming sessions and circus performances to cruise parties and much more. If you are with your friends, the ideal plan would be to go to a street party on Long Street in the city center. For a perfect New Year celebration with family, you should go to a concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

These incredible destinations will ensure you the ultimate New Year Celebration full of merry-making moments, and that’s what you all wish for on a New Year Eve, right? Yes, we all do! If you want to do some exciting things on New Year while you are at one of these beautiful destinations, search New Year celebrations around me on the internet, and you will find a plethora of choices to make your New Year celebrations even more remarkable.