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Best Hiking Destinations in England

“Hiking is not escapism; it’s realism. The people who choose to spend time outdoors are not running away from anything; we are returning to where we belong” – Jennifer Pharr Davis

Hiking is like living a thousand moments in a span of hours. While England has plenty of hiking options, Western England and Northern England touching Scotland have breathtaking suggestions to hike to the highlands and wild. In this write-up, I will cover the most prominent, picturesque, and pleasant-to-eyes hiking options for my readers. So, pack your bags because we are about to climb to heavenly storytelling!

The Isle of Skye, The Quiraing :
Quairang is a beautiful yet bizarre kind of land formation in the north of Skye making it a popular attraction not only to hikers or nature lovers but to geologists and scientists. Being one of the best hiking spots in England, Quairang is best experienced when it is actually walked. The myriad vistas will enchant your mind with their breathtaking beauty.

Old Man of Storr and Cathedral Rock with the Storr Lochs in the background

Scafell Pike, Lake District:
One of the best hiking destinations in England is Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England. It is so popular that it remains crowdy all hiking season. There are multiple routes to hike to the tallest natural landscape in England. While most of the crowd climbs through the route Westdale, a handful of adventurous spirits like to push themselves through the North side, beginning in Seathwaite. Known as the “Corridor Route”, this nine-mile trail is worth an effort.

West Highland Way, Glasgow to the Highlands:
The extremely spectacular and astonishing hiking trail in England with Waterfall is the West Highland Way, a journey from Glasgow to the Highlands. The beauty of West Highland Way can’t be contained in words. Movies like Harry Potter and Victor Frankenstein are filmed here. One of the toughest but most wonderful & rewarding sections of this entire trail is Kingshouse to Fort Williams (a 22 mile of sheer magic).


Hadrian’s Wall Path:
Emperor Hadrian and his bewildering army of 15,000 men have erected something of a marvel by themselves. This picturesque route spans from lush green fields to city streets to highlands and to the Roman forts that dotted its way. The entire stretch is about 84 miles and boy, there is an unmissable charm in walking this snake way. Soak up all the history and culture on the way as you absorb the fresh air and brilliant scenes on the trail.

Snowdonia National Park, Wales:
Snowdonia is yet another best place to go for a hike in the UK. Being another peak in the list, I would recommend you see it through the prism of a challenge rather than just another hike. Though we talked about the peak, the entire national park is worth an exploration. I’ve been here multiple times, and this place is definitely one of the best hiking destinations in and around England.

Snowdonia National Park in Northern Wales taken in June 2018

Despite the fact that hiking tests stamina and health in you, it is one of the most fulfilling outdoor activities to practice and cultivate one’s interest. Hiking is like keeping your heart healthy, eyes pretty, and soul enriched!

    Best places to celebrate Halloween in the UK this spooky season!

    The autumn season brings a new scent to the air, where we bid adieu to summers and approach winter. The localities are filled with orange and brown tones, dry leaves on the streets and spooky stories in the households. One can feel a sense of calmness and peace in the surrounding. The cold breeze caressing through the hair and giving little chills with a soothing sound can be heard throughout this time.  

    A significant celebration held in the month of Autumn is Halloween— which every age group loves. Carving pumpkins is going on. The outfits are completed. But what if you want to go somewhere completely different come October 31st?

    Only if you have been living under a rock you might know the tradition followed on this day. In the United Kingdom, Halloween festivities sometimes feature parties where visitors are expected to arrive dressed in a costume that reflects the day’s theme. Others congregate to see horror films, either at home or in a theatre. Some youngsters went trick-or-treating.

    Finding the best places in the UK to celebrate Halloween is indeed a daunting task. In this blog, we are sharing the top 5 places you should visit this Halloween in the UK. 

    1. Pumpkin picking, Tulleys Farm, Surrey

    They say nothing defines “America” like apple pie, but we think a trip to the pumpkin farm gives the pie a run for its money. This is an incredible location to visit and one of the best places to celebrate Halloween in the UK, with pumpkins ideal for tasty pies and carving terrifying faces. The farm is open all day, with the scarier activities beginning at 6 p.m. After you’ve finished choosing pumpkins, the farm also has one of the top escape rooms in the UK, as well as other exciting and terrifying Halloween events. Admission to the farm has a price(but pumpkins are priced separately!) and is offered on weekends beginning in late September.

    Get those pumpkins and carve scary faces out of them with some lights and spooky music.

    2. Fright Festival at Warwick Castle, Warwick

    What’s Halloween without reminiscing about the dreadful old castles? Warwick Castle is one of the country’s oldest, built on a timber fort established by William the Conqueror in 1068. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that some historical residents will remain. Building on this legacy, Warwick Castle hosts a Fright Festival with various activities based on age and tolerance for spookiness. The children will enjoy the Haunted Castle, where historic occupants will enlighten them about the castle’s terrifying history. The Castle After Dark celebrations will push the limits of your tolerance for adults who enjoy the darker side of Halloween. The court also provides overnight accommodations for the bravest of us. The Festival has begun and you should take a visit to the castles.

    3. The London Dungeon, London

    The London Dungeon prides itself on being “The Home of Halloween.” This terrifying attraction, located on the banks of the serpentine River Thames in the heart of the English capital, promises a view into the city’s underbelly and is a great destination to celebrate Halloween in the UK.  You’ll meet the enigmatic Jack the Ripper and enter a medieval torture cell. There are also thrilling rides that will have your heart pounding. Special activities are always planned for the spookiest day of the year, but you’ll most likely need to make a reservation.
    While exploring the eerie London Dungeons, you’ll need to maintain social distance. Furthermore, visitors who have pre-purchased tickets but are unable to go due to coronavirus limitations can contact to reschedule their vacation for any time before the end of the year.

    4. Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

    Bodmin Moor covers an area of 80 square miles in the heart of north Cornwall. It is a harsh and wild area with jagged tors and verdant valleys that drip with streams. It is also thought to be one of the most haunted areas in the country. Ghost hunters frequent the trails to see if they can communicate with the “other side.” You might spend your Halloween weekend cosying up at Jamaica Inn. But don’t get too comfortable since it’s reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of long-forgotten smugglers and highwaymen!

    5. Alton Towers, England

    Alton Towers is one of the top Halloween attractions in the UK and one of England’s leading theme parks. It may be more renowned for its high-octane rollercoasters than for eerie nighttime activities, but Halloween changes everything. Guests are welcome to attend the Scare fest on October 31st. It keeps the resort open till late, allowing you to terrorize yourself by riding the twisty loop-de-loops in the dark. There are also terrifying mazes and spooky ghost homes to explore if you dare! Alton Towers’ rides and slides are now open. Guests must, however, download the NHS Test & Trace app and utilise the on-site QR codes to check in. To ride the rollercoasters, you must also wear a mask! 

    Though you can find some other major attractions to celebrate Halloween, these just must have to be on your list. Well. looks like we have got you all sorted for this Halloween in the UK. We’d also like to give a special mention to Edinburgh, it has many castles, and you never know what special events you might come across in the streets.

    FIFA World Cup 2022: Guide to Stadiums and Fixtures

    The stadiums are ready, the draw is complete, and the schedule is out. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be like no other. There were 3 out 32 slots empty in an unprecedented draw held on 1st April 2022. However, the tournament organisers followed the schedule and completed the draw on the scheduled date.   

    The draw is not all, many unusual activities are happening for the first time at this mega event since the inception of the football World Cup back in 1930. Firstly, Qatar becomes the first Arab world nation to host the world cup. This tournament will also be the first World Cup held in November and December. Also, the stadiums are equipped with climate-controlling technology features to counter the Qatari heat.

    The football fans eagerly wait for November to see their favourite teams compete for the bragging rights of being called the World Champions. While there is still some time to kill, you can read all the vital information so far. From the World Cup 2022 finals draw to the stadiums and schedule, this guide is the only thing you need to know about what happens next.

    Final Draw

    The group stage draw for the World Cup 2022 finals was on 1st April 2022 in Doha. Twenty-nine teams were drawn into 8 groups as per their rankings. After the draw, there were three spots left. These spots were filled after the final qualifier play-offs were held in June 2022. Out of eight teams competing for the spot in the mega event, Wales, Australia, and Costa Rica qualified. Here is the final draw of FIFA WC 2022 Qatar.

    Group AQatar (Host)EcuadorNetherlandsSenegal
    Group BEnglandIranUSAWales
    Group CArgentinaMexicoPolandSaudi Arabia
    Group DFrance (Champion)DenmarkTunisiaAustralia
    Group ESpainGermanyJapanCosta Rica
    Group FBelgiumCanadaCroatiaMorocco
    Group GBrazilCameroonSerbiaSwitzerland
    Group HPortugalGhanaSouth KoreaUruguay

    The top two teams from each group will proceed into the Round-16. 

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    FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

    Qatar constructed 7 new stadiums for the tournament while one underwent extensive renovation to gear up to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. All the stadiums are less than an hour from the capital city of Doha. A total of 8 venues will host 64 matches of the World Cup 2022 finals in Qatar.

    1 – Khalifa International Stadium

    Khalifa International Stadium is the most iconic arena in Qatar that has been around since 1976. It is the only stadium not built from scratch. The stadium reopened in 2017 after the renovation. It is located in the capital city of Doha and is easily accessible.

    Capacity: 40,000

    Group stage matches: 6; Round-16 matches: 1, and a Third-place match.

    21 November 2022England vs. Iran
    23 November 2022Germany vs Japan
    25 November 2022Netherlands vs Ecuador
    27 November 2022Croatia vs Canada
    29 November 2022Ecuador vs Senegal
    1 December 2022Japan vs Spain
    3 December 20221A vs 2B (Round-16)
    17 December 2022Loser SF-1 vs Loser SF-2 (Third-place Match)

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    2 – Al Bayt Stadium

    Located 60 km from Doha, Al Bayt Stadium is the farthest stadium from the capital Doha. Fans can reach the stadium by road with taxis and buses. The stadium is designed in the shape of a tent used by the Bedouin people, a nomadic group living across the Arab for centuries.

    Capacity: 60,000

    Group stage matches: 6; Round-16 matches: 1; Quarter-final matches: 1; and a Semi-final match.

    21 November 2022Qatar vs Ecuador
    23 November 2022Morocco vs Croatia
    25 November 2022England vs USA
    27 November 2022Spain vs Germany
    29 November 2022Netherlands vs Qatar
    1 December 2022Costa Rica vs Germany
    4 December 20221B vs 2A (Round-16)
    10 December 20221B/2A vs 1D/2C (QF-3)
    14 December 2022Winner QF-3 vs Winner QF-4 (Semi-Final 2)

    3 – Al Thumama Stadium

    The design of this stadium was inspired by the Ghafiya, the traditional woven cap worn by Arab males. Al Thumama Stadium is connected with central Doha by a purpose-built metro line to help fans reach the venue without much trouble.

    Capacity: 40,000 

    Group stage matches: 6; Round-16 matches: 1; and a Quarter-final match.

    21 November 2022Senegal vs Netherlands
    21 November 2022Spain vs Costa Rica
    21 November 2022Qatar vs Senegal
    21 November 2022Belgium vs Morocco
    21 November 2022Iran vs USA
    1 December 2022Canada vs Morocco
    4 December 20221D vs 2C (Round-16)
    10 December 20221F/2E vs 1H/2G (QF-4)

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    4 – Al-Rayyan Stadium

    Al-Rayyan Stadium was built on the site of the old Ahmad bin Ali Stadium in one of Qatar’s historic cities of Al Rayyan. The stadium sits on the edge of the desert and allows visitors to get a glimpse of Qatar’s deep cultural roots. Located just a few kilometres from Doha, it is one of the easily accessible stadiums outside Doha.

    Capacity: 40,000

    Group stage matches: 6; and a Round-16 match.

    21 November 2022USA vs Wales
    23 November 2022Belgium vs Canada
    25 November 2022Wales vs Iran
    27 November 2022Japan vs Costa Rica
    29 November 2022Wales vs England
    1 December 2022Croatia vs Belgium
    3 December 20221C vs 2D (Round-16)

    5 – Al Janou Stadium

    Located 20 kilometres from Doha, Al Janou Stadium is connected to Doha by a purpose-built metro line for the benefit of the fans. The stadium is built using the traditional materials and timber of the Arabian Peninsula.

    Capacity: 40,000

    Group stage matches: 6; and a Round-16 matches.

    22 November 2022France vs Australia
    24 November 2022Switzerland vs Cameroon
    26 November 2022Tunisia vs Australia
    28 November 2022Cameroon vs Serbia
    30 November 2022Australia vs Denmark
    2 December 2022Ghana vs Uruguay
    5 December 20221E vs 2F (Round-16)

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    6 – Stadium 974

    Located in Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, on the shores of the Gulf, Stadium 974 is constructed from shipping containers and other recycled materials with the intent to dismantle the stadium after the World Cup 2022 finals. Fans can reach this waterside stadium by taking a short metro ride from downtown Doha.

    Capacity: 40,000

    Group stage matches: 6; and a Round-16 match.

    22 November 2022Mexico vs Poland
    24 November 2022Portugal vs Ghana
    26 November 2022France vs Denmark
    28 November 2022Brazil vs Switzerland
    30 November 2022Poland vs Argentina
    2 December 2022Serbia vs Switzerland
    5 December 20221G vs 2H (Round-16)

    7 – Education City Stadium

    The stadium is named after its location within the Qatar Foundation’s Education City. The arena is designed as a jagged diamond that will glitter by day and glow by night. Located just 7 kilometres from downtown Doha, fans will find easy access to the stadium by road or metro.

    Capacity: 40,000

    Group stage matches: 6; Round-16 matches: 1; and a Quarter-final match.

    22 November 2022Denmark vs Tunisia
    24 November 2022Uruguay vs South Korea
    26 November 2022Poland vs Saudi Arabia
    28 November 2022South Korea vs Ghana
    30 November 2022Tunisia vs France
    2 December 2022South Korea vs Portugal
    6 December 20221F vs 2E (Round-16)
    9 December 20221E/2F vs 1G/2H (QF-2)

    8 – Lusail Iconic Stadium

    Lusail Iconic Stadium is a part of a planned Lusail city, constructed specially for the FIFA World Cup 2022. The city houses a wide array of facilities to cater to fans’ needs. Also, the stadium is well served by a direct metro from Doha, making it easy for fans to commute. The stadium will host the opening game and the final of the event. 

    Capacity: 86,000

    Group stage matches: 6; Round-16 matches: 1; Quarter-final matches: 1, a Semi-final match, and the Final.

    22 November 2022Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
    24 November 2022Brazil vs Serbia
    26 November 2022Argentina vs Mexico
    28 November 2022Portugal vs Uruguay
    30 November 2022Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
    2 December 2022Cameroon vs Brazil
    6 December 20221H vs 2G (Round-16)
    9 December 20221A/2B vs 1C/2D (QF-1)
    13 December 2022Winner QF-1 vs Winner QF-2 (Semi-Final-1)
    18 December 2022Winner SF-1 vs Winner SF-2 (The Final)

    Many international and domestic football matches are on the calendar between now and the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in November. The UEFA Nations League will resume in September, with several friendly matches during the international break. The domestic leagues in some countries have already started. While in Europe, the domestic leagues will start a week early in August 2022. All the domestic competitions will halt a week or two before the World Cup 2022 gets underway. 

    Usually, we would see teams play one or two warm-up matches in the build-up to the World Cup finals, but with the unusual timing of the event, the chances of those are slim. Football fans all over the globe are praying for the mega event to go ahead as planned without any delays. They are all set for the action-packed football season of 2022.

    7 International Film festivals around the Globe

    Film festivals are the perfect setup to meet with stars, filmmakers, and other celebrities. The film festival doesn’t just screen blockbuster movies; here you can see documentaries, short films, independent cinemas, and more. Apart from showcasing several films and bringing equality by bringing different productions to one place, attending these 7 international film festivals also allows you to explore many attractions in the host cities.

    Every year, several film festivals take place around the globe. Which one to go for and which one to miss can be a tricky process. To help you with this riddle, we have put together a list of the best film festivals in the world. If you are a movie buff who loves to travel, this list is for you.

    1 – Cannes Film Festival

    Cannes is widely considered the most prestigious and exclusive international film festivals. The Cannes Film Festival takes place every year in May. The festival premieres films and documentaries of all genres from all over the globe.

    Although the event is invitation-only, millions of tourists visit France in May for vacation and/or to see the famous celebs and stars on the red carpet. Some festivities at the event are open to the general public. The most notable of these is the nightly screening on the beach. You can watch newer movies along with new features and short films.

    When does it take place: May

    While you are here: Cannes is a resort town on the French Riviera with a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Here, you will find stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and many attractions filled with rich history and heritage.

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    2 – Venice International Film Festival

    Founded in 1932 as a part of the Venice Biennale, the Venice Film Festival is the oldest in the world. It is one of the “Big Three” film festivals, alongside Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival. The festival has various sections; Competitions and screenings of films are organised throughout the event for directors, filmmakers, and producers of all genres. Along with feature and blockbuster films, independent and parallel films are screened. Most of the screenings take place in the historic Palazzo del Cinema and the nearby venues.

    When does it take place: Late August/ Early September

    While you are here: Do not forget to visit the legendary sights of Venice and enjoy a boat ride on the Grand Canal.

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    3 – Berlin International Film Festival

    Another one of the “Big Three”, the Berlin International Film Festival is held annually in Berlin, Germany. Also known as the Berlinale, it is considered one of the biggest publicly attended festivals in the world. Berlanine screens more than 400 films, divided into ten different sections. Berlin International Film Festival portrays appreciation of cinematic art in an array of genres such as experimental and avant-garde works, as well as films focused on culinary themes. 

    Filmmakers, actors, other film industry stakeholders, and over 400 thousand visitors attend the event.

    When does it take place: February

    While you are here: Berlin boasts a killer nightlife scene with delicious cuisine. Do not forget to explore the remarkable historical sights and museums of the city and sample some world-class beer during your visit.

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    4 – Sundance

    The Sundance Film Festival is one of the best film festivals in the world and the largest independent film festival in the USA. Organised by the Sundance Institute in Park City, Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden, in the state of Utah, Sundance premieres focus primarily on independent cinema by American and international filmmakers. The festival celebrates documentary films, short films, feature films, and movie screenings alike.

    When does it take place: January

    While you are here: From snow-covered mountains to deep canyons, Utah is a diverse place with plenty of natural attractions. In January, you can go skiing in one of the many resorts in the mountains.

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    5 – Toronto International Film Festival

    Launched in 1976, the Toronto International Film Festival is one of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world. The festival screens more than 300 films at 28 screens in downtown Toronto. Since its launch, it has grown to become one of the most important and influential festivals in North America. In TIFF, the jury does not choose the winner; the audience does. Films compete to get the People’s Choice Award, and filmmakers wait eagerly to engage with the audience during Q&As. TIFF is one of the best film festivals in the world and attracts many visitors to witness this prestigious event.

    When does it take place: September

    While you are here: Toronto is the largest city in Canada. There is no shortage of things to do, you will find a vibrant entertainment district, historic neighbourhoods, art museums, and many unique restaurants, all within walking distance. Also, you can take a day trip to Niagara Falls.

    6 – Hong Kong International Film Festival

    Founded in 1976, the Hong Kong International Film Festival has bridged the gap between Asian cinema and the global film industry. Spread around more than 10 venues around Hong Kong, the festival screens more than 300 titles in different languages and genres over two weeks. The Hong Kong International Film Festival is Asia’s oldest and amongst the best 7 International film festivals in the world. More than 660 thousand people from all over the globe came to attend Hong Kong’s largest cultural event.

    When does it take place: March/April

    While you are here: Hong Kong offers a melting pot of colonial history combined with the tradition and culture of mainland China. You will find several natural and man-made attractions here. Do not forget to sample the local cuisine and dishes.

    7 – Melbourne International Film Festival

    Established in 1952, the Melbourne International Film Festival has become one of the most notable screen events in the world. It is the largest film festival in both Australia and the southern hemisphere. The event is held annually in various theatres in Melbourne, showcasing movies, documentaries, and short films of different genres from local and international filmmakers. Several industry-related events also take place during the event.

    When does it take place: July

    While you are here: Melbourne is famous for its laneways and brewed coffee stalls. Do not forget to drink some coffee while you are here. You can also explore the various museums, art galleries, and other attractions in this place.

    These are just 7 international film festivals from the list of many, such as the Busan International Film Festival, the American Film Festival, the Dubai International Film Festival, and more. Film festivals provide something special to the film industry while giving chances to newcomers to show their art. These events bring the world closer, and millions of fans travel worldwide to witness them. Maybe you can plan your vacation around these events and hit two targets with one stone.

    Top places in Europe for Weekend Trip from London

    While there are plenty of things to do and see in London, one needs to get away from a regular routine once in a while. Coincidentally, London has some of the best routes to the rest of Europe as a result taking a weekend trip becomes easy. The best thing about living in London is that you can take a flight to anywhere in Europe with ease and within a reasonable hour. When it comes to choosing a spot for a weekend trip from London, there are far too many options in and out of the country. Here we are listing the top 7 places in Europe for a weekend getaway from London.

    1. Dublin, Ireland

    The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a mediaeval city with urban hints that makes a perfect destination for a weekend trip from London. Dublin is incredibly beautiful and packed with attractions for all ages as well as great places to stay. With new events, matches, concerts, exhibitions, and more happening every month. You will never run out of things to do here. Take a tour of magnificent gardens on the campus of Trinity College and then stroll through the compound of Dublin Castle and Kilmainham Gaol. And if you just want to sit and enjoy, head to any of the pubs on the streets, you will not feel left out.

    Flight Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Approx.

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    2. Edinburgh, Scotland

    The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a centre of culture and arts. There are many great old hotels, B&Bs, and lodges spread across the city. The main attraction here is Edinburgh Castle which houses many historic artefacts and crown jewels. The Royal Mile is another major stretch with historic old town and shops with an urban touch. You are going to enjoy your weekend trip from London with Scottish pubs and bars, narrow, twisting streets leading to historic buildings. Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill are other tourist spots that you can cover during your weekend trip

    Flight Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Approx.

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    3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Amsterdam, the party capital of the world is packed with distinctive restaurants, cafes, and pubs along with world-class museums. There was never a doubt that Amsterdam would make it into the list of places for a weekend trip from London. The city is filled with incredible history, culture, landscapes, and delicious food.

    The city is famous for its museums including the renowned Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Do not forget to explore the Canals and the Red Light District during your visit. Both neighbourhoods are extremely charming with shops, cafes, and boutiques. 

    Flight Duration: 55 minutes Approx.

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    4. Brussels, Belgium

    From world-class museums, stunning architecture, and street art galore to comic strips, street arts, vibrant nightlife, and great places to Eat. Brussels is the ultimate city with many faces. The Grand Place, located in the centre of Brussels, is the hotspot of the city with golden guild houses and a museum of beer (yes Beer Museum). Beer and Chocolates are two of the most delicious products in the city, and there are plenty of places throughout where you can stop to have one. With one of the most affordable accommodations and public transport services, Brussels would make a great destination for a weekend trip from London.

    Flight Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes Approx.

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    5. Paris, France

    The capital city of France is diverse, sophisticated, and a haven for romantic couples. Although it may look like an expensive city, Paris can be enjoyed on a budget too. From iconic attractions like Eiffel Tower to scenic beauty along the Seine River, Paris always has something for your weekend getaway.

    Louvre is among the top attractions with the famous Mona Lisa portrait in the exhibit. In addition to its many monuments, Paris also proudly boasts its fashion style, dining, and shopping experience. You can always find fine-dining restaurants, street-side cafes, and boutiques within the walking distance

    Flight Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

    6. Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is a perfect excuse to take a weekend trip to Europe. The city has a surprisingly high number of good affordable accommodations. Berlin has a thrilling nightlife scene, delicious local food, rich history, beer, street art, and some of the renowned sites and museums.

    Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island area and the remnant of the Berlin Wall are some of the major tourist hotspots in the city. Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is something you can catch on the weekend if you are a fan. Do not forget to stroll through Kastanienallee Street and sip a beer in Urban Street.

    Flight Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

    7. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, offers a multitude of tourist attractions to its visitors. Although the largest city in the country, it is not so huge, you can easily walk around. The city has a unique European feel, friendly streets, and delicious Nordic cuisines along with one of the most famous restaurants in the world – Michelin- starred Noma.

    The National Gallery of Denmark, Amalienborg Castle, and Tivoli Garden are the major tourist attractions in Copenhagen. While Nyhavn Harbour flanked by the street of the same name is the hub of major activities in the city with shops, cafes, and beer breweries 

    Flight Duration: 1hour 45 minutes approx.

    Pick your destination, book flight tickets, and get ready to escape for the weekend trip to wherever you want in Europe in under two hours.

    6 Best Spring break Destinations around the World

    Spring is a symbol of new beginnings. After the cold winter season, spring time brings a lot of sunshine, you can feel the warmth of the sun.  Spring rewards us with dazzling and beautiful flowers, animals returning from their hibernation, trees having an undried green look. It brings an energetic and refreshing breeze with the singing of returning birds that give us motivation.

    Spring has the perfect climate to go for outdoor adventures and explore the world. From the Cherry blossom in Japan, Tulip Festival in Amsterdam to strolling through the streets of crowded Bali. There are many stunning spring break destinations where nature wakes up, the hills get greener, beaches calmer, and birds chirp to give the best of everything to make the most out of your spring trip.

    Take advantage of Spring’s perfect climate to take a vacation in some of the world’s best Spring break destinations.



    Relaxing in the mild and soothing rays of the sun, Colombo is one of the best cities to visit in Spring. The city is filled with tea and spice gardens, museums, and beaches. Everything around the city is beautiful and welcoming for tourists from all across the world. The beautiful, clean and green city sparkling in the sun makes it one of the best places to visit in Spring around the world. 

    Climate conditions: 25-29 degrees Celsius with warm and sunny days

    Popular Attraction: Gangaramaya Temple, Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, National Museum of Colombo, Independence Memorial Hall, Beira Lake

    Time to reach: A direct flight from London will take approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes to reach the airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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    2 – ROME, ITALY


    As the countdown for Easter begins, the number of tourists begins to increase in the capital city of Italy. Rome with all its glory, various tourist spots, and restaurants is one of the ideal places to be this spring. The Vatican(located inside of Rome) is the best place to be during Easter. This ancient city offers a lot of freedom for on-foot explorations in the pleasant weather during springtime. You can explore every corner and nook of this veteran city during Spring break.

    Climatic conditions: Bright and shiny with a pleasant breeze at 8-18 degrees Celsius

    Tourist attractions: The Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, The Pantheon, The Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Centro Storico and the Spanish Steps

    Time to reach: It takes around 2 hours for a direct flight from London to reach Rome.

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    3 – KYOTO, JAPAN


    Probably one of the best if not the best spring break destination in the world, this list would not be complete without the mention of Japan’ cherry blossoms. During Spring, the city is covered with thousands of pink blossoms overhead, Maruyama Park is one of the best spots to witness these blossoms. Also, do not forget to check the historic temples and shrines.

    The city hosts cultural celebrations during spring to mark the change of Season. Do not forget to ride the Sagano train through the blossoms and the canyon woodlands. While you are here, Taste local fare at the Kyoto Kitchen market, including dishes infused with cherry blossoms. 

    Climatic conditions: Temperature stays between 8 to 23 degrees celsius

    Tourist attractions: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kinkaku-Ji, Kiyomizu-Dera, Maruyama Park

    Time to reach: Around 14 hours from London via Tokyo

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    Spring is one of the best times to visit Mexico City. The weather is ideal with plenty of sunshine and flowers in full bloom. The climate in spring is perfect to explore the city. Walk through various boulevards in Colonia Juarez, take a sip of coffee and look through indie art galleries, and French inspired mansions. Don’t forget to visit Casa Luis Barragán and the Frida Kahlo Museum. 

    Climatic conditions: Bright and shiny with pleasant warm breeze. The temperature stays between 12 – 28 degrees Celsius during spring.

    Tourist attractions: Zócalo, The National Museum of Anthropology, the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán, The Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace, Chapultepec Park.

    Time to reach: It takes around 12 hours for a direct flight from London to reach Mexico City.



    Famous as the town of canals and boats, Amsterdam is all about a massive jumble of flowers blooming around every corner of the streets. Amsterdam is at its most vibrant and colourful version with many tourists coming in from all over making it one of the best spring break destinations. Visit Amsterdam to enjoy the fields of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens or to stroll through the gallery of Van Gough Museum and witness Van Gough’s masterpiece. The party capital of the world never sleeps and you can find live DJs, music shows, pubs, bars, and cafes and lose some control if you want.

    Climatic conditions: Amsterdam is a bit chilly in Spring but most of the time it is bright and shiny with a cold soothing breeze. The temperature stays between 8 – 20 degrees Celsius.

    Tourist attractions: Tulip Festival, Rikjsmuesuem, Van Gough Museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark

    Time to reach: It takes around 1 hour 10 minutes for a direct flight from London to reach Amsterdam.



    The destination is known for its culture, food, and natural beauty, Bali is often regarded as the perfect destination for Spring break. Although Bali is in the Southern Hemisphere, its most beautiful season is during the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring break. You will experience better weather, full green farmlands, and a lot of tourists during spring time. The spiritual vibes and ritualistic cleansing in Bali are simply an add on to an already pure experience.  It also makes a fantastic location to explore the rest of Indonesia

    Climatic conditions: The temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius during the spring season.

    Tourist attractions: Pura Tanah Lot, Mount Batur, Ubud Monkey Forest, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Waterbom, Uluwatu Temple

    Time to reach: It takes around 18 hours to reach Bali from London

    Spring is a magical season that turns many good tourist places into an awesome holiday destination. There are many amazing spring destinations yet to be explored. Travellers always look forward to their trip to the best spring break destinations and book their flights in advance. Make sure you are ahead and plan your trip with cheap flights from London to your choice of destination and look forward to an awesome holiday this Spring.