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Flight deals for Uganda to explore abundant wildlife and diversity!

Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

An East African country with a diverse landscape encompassing the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and the immense Lake Victoria. As one of the world’s best wildlife destinations, it is home to several national parks and animal sanctuaries. Uganda’s capital and largest city is Kampala. Several communities are established here making it a country full of diverse cultures and vibrant life. The major cities of Uganda are— Entebbe, Arua, Kampala, Fort Portal, and Gulu. 

Fun facts about Uganda

1. It has the most number of the youngest population in the world. 

2. It is the grey-crowned crane that is the national animal of Uganda. 

3. Safari destinations are the most affordable here. 

4. Almost 1066 species of birds have been recorded here. 

5. Endangered mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda.

New road bypass between Entebbe and Kampala, Uganda

London to Uganda: How to get there?

  • There are several flights available for London to Uganda route on a daily basis. Amongst the 5 Major cities, there is only one international airport in Uganda. 
  • Entebbe International Airport(EBB) at 6km of the Southwest portion and on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. It is also 40 km in the distance from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It serves as the hub for Eagle Air and Uganda airlines. It witnesses a lot of traffic from London as people visit their family and friends here. 
  • If you plan to travel within Uganda from Entebbe below are the domestic airports you can look out for—
    • Arua Airport(RUA)— It is the second busiest airport in Uganda and its location makes it an important centre for commercial and cargo air space with the neighbouring cities.  
    • Gulu Airport (ULU)- This airport serves as a vital factor in promoting tourism across  Eastern Africa.
    • Moyo Airport(OYG)- Serves as a small civilian airport.
  • The total distance covered from London to Uganda is 4,020 miles. And it takes more than 11 hours to cover the spread as there are no direct flights available on this route. 

Major Airlines that serve London to Entebbe

Many renowned airlines serve this route like—

  • KLM Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airline
  • Swiss Airline
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways 
  • Emirates 

KLM Airlines serves the most flights to this route followed by Kenya and Turkish Airlines.  

Non-Stop Flights— There are no non-stop flights available from London to Entebbe. The distance between the two requires atleast one stop over making it a long-haul flight. 

Stop-over light—  Stop-over flights are easily available on this route. Customers can book themselves 1-stop or 2-stop flights depending upon their bandwidth.  The stopovers will be at Kigali, Brussels, Nairobi, Doha, Istanbul and Dubai. 

Junonia oenone butterfly, also known as the blue pansy or dark blue pansy butterfly, Entebbe, Uganda

Best time to visit Uganda?

Peak season:

July is considered to be the busiest month of the year here. As a result, inexpensive flights to Uganda are becoming increasingly difficult to locate as more tourists gather to enjoy the warm weather and take advantage of the activities on offer. Nonetheless, the peak season begins in June and lasts until September or early October. During the month of Ramadan, there is often a lot of traffic from individuals returning home to celebrate.


Due to the hot weather virtually all year round, Uganda doesn’t have an off-season, although January to early March is the low season for tourism. For the cheapest flights to Uganda, look for this time of year.

Cheapest Time to Book

Month— You can avail yourself of cheap London to Entebbe flights during May. Don’t wait until the last minute to book. However, it’s always a good idea to be flexible with your dates and avoid peak travel times and holiday seasons if possible. 

Day— Thursday is also considered the cheapest day to travel to Uganda. Weekends have comparatively high prices so if you are flexible with dates, avoid weekends. 

Time— Early morning flights, such as those that depart before sunrise, are cheaper than those that depart in the evening. 

How to get around the airport?

Taxi services are readily available from the Entebbe airport to get around Uganda. It will be approximately a 5km ride and one can easily travel through it. The taxi services are comparatively cheaper. You can also get a shuttle service from the airport terminal to your hotel. 

How to book cheap flights? To book a cheap flight to Entebbe the best option is to book via the airline’s website. It is safe and the process is much easier. However, if the airline website has no ongoing offer, you can also opt for checking out travel websites that offer great deals from top airlines in one place. So you can pick what fits our budget best.

Quirky Ways of Celebrating Boxing Day 2022 in Different Countries

Boxing Day is also known as Stephen’s day in some other countries. There is a bank holiday in the UK on the 26th of December. If Saturday or Sunday coincides with this day the holiday is turned to Monday. Let’s see how can you make Boxing Day 2022 more special but before that take a glance at the history of Boxing Day and how it became a celebration.

This day has a special meaning in Great Britain and other commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. On Boxing day, during old times the servants, tradespeople, and the poor were given gifts. But now in this era, this day has turned out to be associated with shopping and sports events.

Different names for Boxing day have different explanations. Some believe that the names come from the opening of the alm boxes. In Church, there are Alm boxes for the poor people to receive donations. Others believe in box distribution to the employees.

Based on this theory, the work of the workers and servants was needed to celebrate Christmas Day for the employers. Thus, the servants were given the next day after Christmas Day as a holiday. This is how the practice of allotting bonuses to them began.

Let’s take a glimpse of how you can make a good thrilling celebration during Boxing Day 2022.

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1 – Dubai

Dubai comes with many relaxing and entertaining activities to do during Boxing Day. You start by having luxurious brunches in Dubai. You can also visit Cove beach and have a delectable brunch here which includes seafood and house beverages.

Apart from this enjoy shopping in The Dubai Mall at huge discounts on your favourite brands. There is a super sale for three days in the mall during Boxing Day. You can get everything which includes clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Have a sporting fun adventure at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. Drift the Emirates Golf Club and play football at Spike Bar to grab all the action and fun. The Club organises an epic Helm Boxing Day Pursuit race for ladies.

Not just that you can make your day after shopping by having fun during the happy hours on Boxing Day in Dubai. Anantara The Palm gives a great combo of wine and cheese so that you can have a blast enjoying it during sunset. Relax at the shoreside gazing at the beautiful landscape of the Sun, sea, and sand.

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2 – Australia

Though the roots of Boxing day are British, Australians have their own way of celebrating the day. Australia follows its own way of enjoying the epic day. Generally, people go shopping during the Boxing Day sales which are quite similar to the Black Friday sale. Australians spend around 2.4 million dollars every day during Boxing Day. People love splurging and shelling out their money to buy the items at surprising discounts. Even the shops open early to manage the huge crowd.

Individuals enjoy attending the Test cricket match or watching the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race during Boxing Day 2022. The test cricket match is a massive day for cricket lovers. It takes place in Melbourne cricket ground Australia and a touring national team. People love to relax with their families by going to cinemas as many movies are released on this day. The Yacht race is another remarkable tradition. The race extends over 630 nautical miles and runs from Sydney Harbour through Hobart. A barbeque sounds great along with the family and friends before going to work the next day. Many people stay at home on this day and invite the guests over to their place and encourage them to bring the Christmas leftovers to share with each other.

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3 – London

London has got many fun activities to do during Boxing day. Enjoy a winter walk through Etham palace, watch Christmas shows or a movie. You can also take your family to watch the Kew garden’s Light trails where there are colourful blooms, quite more authentic to view than the natural flowers. People also skate on the ice rink in the legendary Natural History Museum. Apart from that special sales are there where you can get high discounts.

4 – South Africa

Day of Goodwill is Boxing Day in South Africa. Despite the name change, tradition remains the same. There is a public holiday in South Africa for the same. Everyone relaxes and unwinds on Boxing Day.  It is summertime today in South Africa and the weather is warm and pleasant. Many unconventional activities like escaping to the beaches, playing sports and watching movies take place.

South Africa was under the control of the Dutch and when it gained freedom from British rule and declared itself a republic In the same year 1994, Nelson Mandela became the president, the Boxing day got its name as the Day of Goodwill.

5 – Canada

In Canada, there is a public off and people visit stores for annual sales during Boxing Day. Some people wait outside the stores to grab the items on sale during the morning hours. Many stores open before time than on a usual day. The sales end for a whole week between Christmas and new year’s eve. Hence it is known as ‘Boxing Week Sales’. In the areas like particularly New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Newfoundland & Labrador the stores do not open on Boxing day and the Christmas sale after Christmas starts on the 27th of December.

A plethora of Important sporting events takes place this Boxing Day 2022. People watch them on television. On December 26th, The International Ice Hockey Federation—the world junior championship of hockey begins. Canada’s own team performs great in the event. Apart from this some other events like The Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament (Davos) are live on television.

6 – New Zealand

People celebrate the day off at the beaches, being around family and friends and relaxing. The best day to unwind after Christmas before moving forward to work the next day. Many people generally take the time off till the new year. Many families go abroad to travel and make the most of these vacations as schools are off.

Boxing Day serves as the gazetted public holiday in New Zealand so the schools, colleges and offices including many private businesses are all closed.

There is a different flavour of Boxing Day celebrations in different countries. But the ideology remains the same—to enjoy and spend time with their loved ones. Make the most of this Boxing Day 2022!

Best places to celebrate Halloween in the UK this spooky season!

The autumn season brings a new scent to the air, where we bid adieu to summers and approach winter. The localities are filled with orange and brown tones, dry leaves on the streets and spooky stories in the households. One can feel a sense of calmness and peace in the surrounding. The cold breeze caressing through the hair and giving little chills with a soothing sound can be heard throughout this time.  

A significant celebration held in the month of Autumn is Halloween— which every age group loves. Carving pumpkins is going on. The outfits are completed. But what if you want to go somewhere completely different come October 31st?

Only if you have been living under a rock you might know the tradition followed on this day. In the United Kingdom, Halloween festivities sometimes feature parties where visitors are expected to arrive dressed in a costume that reflects the day’s theme. Others congregate to see horror films, either at home or in a theatre. Some youngsters went trick-or-treating.

Finding the best places in the UK to celebrate Halloween is indeed a daunting task. In this blog, we are sharing the top 5 places you should visit this Halloween in the UK. 

1. Pumpkin picking, Tulleys Farm, Surrey

They say nothing defines “America” like apple pie, but we think a trip to the pumpkin farm gives the pie a run for its money. This is an incredible location to visit and one of the best places to celebrate Halloween in the UK, with pumpkins ideal for tasty pies and carving terrifying faces. The farm is open all day, with the scarier activities beginning at 6 p.m. After you’ve finished choosing pumpkins, the farm also has one of the top escape rooms in the UK, as well as other exciting and terrifying Halloween events. Admission to the farm has a price(but pumpkins are priced separately!) and is offered on weekends beginning in late September.

Get those pumpkins and carve scary faces out of them with some lights and spooky music.

2. Fright Festival at Warwick Castle, Warwick

What’s Halloween without reminiscing about the dreadful old castles? Warwick Castle is one of the country’s oldest, built on a timber fort established by William the Conqueror in 1068. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that some historical residents will remain. Building on this legacy, Warwick Castle hosts a Fright Festival with various activities based on age and tolerance for spookiness. The children will enjoy the Haunted Castle, where historic occupants will enlighten them about the castle’s terrifying history. The Castle After Dark celebrations will push the limits of your tolerance for adults who enjoy the darker side of Halloween. The court also provides overnight accommodations for the bravest of us. The Festival has begun and you should take a visit to the castles.

3. The London Dungeon, London

The London Dungeon prides itself on being “The Home of Halloween.” This terrifying attraction, located on the banks of the serpentine River Thames in the heart of the English capital, promises a view into the city’s underbelly and is a great destination to celebrate Halloween in the UK.  You’ll meet the enigmatic Jack the Ripper and enter a medieval torture cell. There are also thrilling rides that will have your heart pounding. Special activities are always planned for the spookiest day of the year, but you’ll most likely need to make a reservation.
While exploring the eerie London Dungeons, you’ll need to maintain social distance. Furthermore, visitors who have pre-purchased tickets but are unable to go due to coronavirus limitations can contact to reschedule their vacation for any time before the end of the year.

4. Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Bodmin Moor covers an area of 80 square miles in the heart of north Cornwall. It is a harsh and wild area with jagged tors and verdant valleys that drip with streams. It is also thought to be one of the most haunted areas in the country. Ghost hunters frequent the trails to see if they can communicate with the “other side.” You might spend your Halloween weekend cosying up at Jamaica Inn. But don’t get too comfortable since it’s reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of long-forgotten smugglers and highwaymen!

5. Alton Towers, England

Alton Towers is one of the top Halloween attractions in the UK and one of England’s leading theme parks. It may be more renowned for its high-octane rollercoasters than for eerie nighttime activities, but Halloween changes everything. Guests are welcome to attend the Scare fest on October 31st. It keeps the resort open till late, allowing you to terrorize yourself by riding the twisty loop-de-loops in the dark. There are also terrifying mazes and spooky ghost homes to explore if you dare! Alton Towers’ rides and slides are now open. Guests must, however, download the NHS Test & Trace app and utilise the on-site QR codes to check in. To ride the rollercoasters, you must also wear a mask! 

Though you can find some other major attractions to celebrate Halloween, these just must have to be on your list. Well. looks like we have got you all sorted for this Halloween in the UK. We’d also like to give a special mention to Edinburgh, it has many castles, and you never know what special events you might come across in the streets.

Top Tips for Solo Senior Travellers

Filled with life experiences and zero stress about losing a social life, Solo Senior Travellers are indeed one of the most fascinating people you will meet today. Well, what better than finally tightening up the socks for adventure and not for responsibilities?

Solo Senior travelling can seem hectic from all the management that you would need to do all alone. However, the adventure begins the moment you get out of your comfort zone.

Let’s check out some top tips for Senior Solo Travellers

1 – Plan In Advance

This tip is a worldwide fact, planning your trips helps to have a hassle-free experience. Make a list of places you want to visit during your journey and check affordable and comfortable commuting options. This will also help you to discover the local places more. Book your accommodations early to avoid any last-minute headaches. For a seamless experience check for reviews of the destinations, food joints, and hotels that will save you from the bad encounters.

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2 – Budget is a must

Budget is indeed the soul of any trip, how would you survive in an unknown place without money? However, having a fixed budget helps in planning the trip more efficiently. With budgeting, it is to keep track of expenses, and overspending is reduced. An effective budget for senior travelling should allow enjoying things without stopping you from doing so, nor should it allow unneeded spending. To fix a budget it’s better to research and get an idea of how much people roughly spend in that place. Section division of budget based on the requirement like transportation, food, shopping, etc is beneficial too.

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3 – Start within Your City

Starting in your city is the easiest way to begin solo travelling. Over many years of residing in a particular place, one becomes familiar with the routes, accommodations, and costs. Indeed this is the best time to know the history, culture and heritage of your city. Especially if as an elder you are not confident enough to go far places. This mini-trip will sure boost the sporty junky in you.

4 – Ensure proper care of Health

Older travellers must understand that not every place is conducive to their needs depending on their health. Elderly people with health conditions need to be cautious about choosing places that might worsen their health. Places with high altitudes or adventure sports can be risky for senior travels. It is best advised to only go for such options after being physically fit by a certified doctor. Travellers with high BP, sugar and breathing difficulties should not indulge in such adventures. Carrying medicines is also an important tip for senior solo travellers. Eat clean, sleep well and keep yourself hydrated is the basic mantra for healthy travelling.

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5 – Find Travel Buddies

Travelling solo is indeed fun and exciting. It gives you the freedom to plan everything on your own, but making friends en route is not bad either. There are several travel groups that as a solo senior traveller one might come across and will bring a whole new experience of meeting unknown individuals from around the world. The fact that you are older does not mean that you should prefer to be around seniors exclusively. Joining different age groups people provides more learning and new experiences.

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6 – Be Tech-Savvy

The digital era sees no age and is a solo traveller’s tech-buddy for every adventure. Apart from distinct locations, google maps have proved to be efficient in route management. All you need is a decent network connection and you are good to go. Applications like language translators can be really helpful for the seniors travelling alone to communicate better through the local language. Generally, the elder section of society relies on traditional means but technology will assist them in their journey throughout.

7 – Go Local

The best encounters take place when you stall around local markets and communicate with the people there. You must have a lot of experiences in your life to share and to learn from the locals around the city. Who knows what special guest treatment as a solo traveller you get offered? Upon stepping on the ground and experiencing the true essence of places, one is always greeted with the best hospitality.

8 – Stay Packed with Work

Travel is all fun and games until you see missed connections, delayed departures, empty evenings and lonely suppers. If you’ve got a chance, make use of this time by writing down your thoughts – perhaps in a journal or perhaps describing your experiences. Even better, try starting your blog about travel. Additionally, creating one is a wonderful distraction as well as a way to relive your experience years after it’s over.

9 – Avail Services

Solo Senior Travellers have more privilege than anyone else! In most places, there are several discounts and offers available for seniors. The only requirement is to have a government-recognized ID proof to prove your age when you request this special service. Travel and lodging, as well as dining out, will be much more convenient.

There is no best time to fulfil your desires. Living the most of your life for family, work and friends does take a toll on one’s travel dreams. With these tips in mind, now you can pack up your stuff and let the adventure begin. Start ticking off your bucket list with crystal travel now.

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Visit These 5 Places In Bali to Make Your Trip Happening

In the entire Indonesian archipelago, Bali is one of the most evocative places to visit. A trip here enlivens the senses. There is a soothing fragrance of the incense and clove oil lingers in the air. Peanuts sizzle at the roadside kiosks, on these busy sidewalks, petal-strewn offerings smoulder, along with the traditional gamelan music clangs against the buzz of mopeds.

In spite of the hustle and bustle of Bali, it is a haven for tourism with many attractions to see. Bali pulls surfers for the legendary swells. Hikers come for jungly volcanic horizons and misty waterfalls. Cyclists visit the place for the lush green landscapes occupied by the combed rice terraces and vintage towns.

The thriving culture of the Island is a comfortable appeal if relaxation is the need. The spa treatment in Bali and shopping spots are both reasonable and fantastic. Spirituality sums up to Bali’s alluring milieu which includes majestic temples. Nevertheless, participating in those Hindu ceremonies is quite soothing to your soul.

The swarming of the tourists has started since the famous book and film —Eat, pray, Love came into existence. Venture off to the beaten path you will still feel that Old Bali. Through our list of top attractions and best places to visit in Bali, you cannot stop yourself from visiting this lovely Island. So, here we go with some of the hidden jewels of Bali.

1 – Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot tops among one of the best places to visit in Bali being a well known and old temple that lies around 20 km to Kuta’s northwest. The hotel’s stunning beachside location, on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves, is a significant draw. Beyond all the slang’s sea temples, this place is the most reverent to Balinese people.  Several tourists visit the temple every evening to see the sunset. It creates a maze of pathways that lines with the souvenir vendors.

Foreigners cannot enter these temples in the complex. However, at low tides,you can walk to the main temple in the complex. Enjoy strolling around the walkways, taking snaps in the breathtaking landscape.

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2 – Mount Batur

Hundreds of visitors make the trip up Mount Batur’s 1,700-meter top every day in the predawn darkness of Bali. Consequently, they watch the sunrise from the summit of the Caldera. The gorgeous tapestry of mist-shrouded mountains surrounds it. This is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a romantic destination in Bali.

You can found active volcano in Bali’s central highlands in the Kintamani district. Notably, it is about an hour’s drive from Ubud. The hike is quite difficult and it takes two to three hours while you hike on well-marked paths. On guided treks, a picnic dinner cooked under the steam from the active volcano is generally offered.

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3 – Uluwatu Temple

Due to its stunning clifftop setting, Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) is one of Bali’s most famous temples. It sits atop soaring sea cliffs overlooking one of Bali’s most popular surf areas.

“Ulu” means “point” or “land’s end” in Balinese, and “Watu” means “rock,” making the temple’s location on the Bukit Peninsula. It is an appropriate name on the island’s southwestern tip, an appropriate name. Sunset is the greatest time to visit, as it is at Pura Tanah Lot when the sky and water shine in the late afternoon light.

The temple appears to be megalithic in origin, dating from around the 10th century, according to archaeological findings. Also, this temple defends Bali from evil sea spirits. The monkeys living in the jungle surrounding the temple’s entrance protect it from negative effects. Above all, it is picturesque and one of the best places to visit in Bali.

4 – Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

The temple complex is for worshipping the goddess Devi Danu. Lake Bratan is one of Bali’s principal sources of irrigation and drinking water.

The Buddhist stupa lying on the left of the courtyard’s entry makes it remarkable. Buddha meditating in the lotus pose in niches on the square base is an uncommon feature.  Balinese Hindus have adopted Buddhist beliefs, as evidenced by the stupa.

Early in the day, before the tourist buses arrive, is the best time to explore this ancient Hindu temple complex. The temple is especially beautiful in the delicate morning light when the lake and mountains beyond are sometimes shrouded in mist. Further, you can also rent a canoe and paddle out on the lake so that you can take a look at the Meru (thatched shrines).

The Bali Botanic Garden (Kebun Raya Bali), which is not far from the temple complex, is also a best place to visit, with its gorgeous bamboo forests, begonias, orchid collection, and medicinal plants.

5 – Ubud Art & Culture

Ubud is the center of Balinese art and culture and was made famous by the book and film Eat, Pray, Love. The nearby royal palaces and temples were the principal patrons of the modern Balinese art movement, which began here.

Several noteworthy local museums and galleries currently honour the city’s history and customs. Also, there is huge collections of the traditional Balinese structures encircled by tropical gardens, makes art viewing a delightful experience.

Ubud Art Market is the best place to visit in Bali if you are an art admirer. One  of Ubud’s most popular tourist attractions, this maze of kiosks is brimming with carvings, sculptures, jewellery, sarongs, paintings, and homewares. Bargaining is vital, and a decent rule of thumb is to start with half the asking price and work your way up, constantly smiling.

Let’s sum up

Bali is a destination that is loved by many tourist couples. Stop thinking, start strolling and relishing this beautiful Island!

10 Places to Visit and Things to do in the Food and Cultural Hub of Italy: Parma

Parma is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy known for its contributions to Italian food culture. This great city manufactures both Parmesan cheese and Parma ham. Its numerous other culinary delights mean it is high on any foodie’s travel bucket list.

But it’s not just a paradise for food lovers, Parma was named the Cultural Capital of Italy in 2020. Parma boasts a plethora of historical sites and fantastic religious buildings, as well as notable museums and theatres, owing to its long history and the presence of many civilizations and governing powers.

Let’s take a look at the top ten things to do and places to visit in Parma: the food and cultural hub of Italy.

1 – Parma Cathedral (Cattedrale di Parma)

The Cattedrale di Parma (Parma Cathedral), located at the mediaeval Piazza del Duomo in the old town of Parma, is a significant landmark in the city. One of the finest specimens of the Romanesque architectural style is this gorgeous and extraordinary cathedral. The Parma Cathedral, or Duomo di Parma as it is known locally, features a sequence of big ornamental arches, a massive campanile next to the church, and two marble lions guarding the entry and within.

Take a look inside to see the beautiful interior frescos, especially the one on the front cupola. In the 1500s, Correggio painted the cupola, which depicts the assumption of the Virgin Mary, flanked by angels and cherubs.

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2 – Stop at the Baptistery

The Baptistery, which lies next door to the cathedral, is a remarkable example of Romano-Gothic architecture from the 12th century. Though the modest white-pink marble front is the first thing you’ll notice, it has an octagonal structure and some fantastic exterior artwork and arches. The inside, like the cathedral, is covered with intricate frescoes. Each of the eight walls has its own frescoes, while the upper half features marble statues of famous Italians. Beautiful artwork showing various religious figures divides the ceiling into sections.

3 – Explore the Palazzo della Pilotta

Palazzo della Pilotta, built in the late 1580s, is located on the banks of the Torrente Parma. Some areas are still unfinished, resulting in a unique blend of stone architecture with ornate facades and charming arched alleyways. This vast complex served as the royal palace and a court for the Farnese family. Exploring the grounds will help you appreciate the fascinating history and the extent of Parma’s culture. Palazzo della Pilotta is one of the best places to visit in Italy – Parma.

There are several cultural institutions and museums within the Palazzo della Pilotta.

Biblioteca Palatina: This library houses over a million printed works, manuscripts, graphic prints, and other works from various eras. The most notable section is the music section, with more than 93,000 books.

The National Archaeological Museum: The museum houses a remarkable collection of ancient artefacts and relics, including a colossal head of the Greek god Zeus, Greek vases and pottery, various ancient finds, and more.

Galleria Nazionale di Parma: You can find an impressive art collection from the Renaissance period to now. The notable artists whose works are here include Leonardo da Vinci, Anthony Van Dyck, Correggio, and Canaletto.

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4 – Immerse yourself in the Teatro Regio

The Teatro Regio has been entertaining citizens since the 1800s. It is one of the finest theatres in Italy, with a divine interior. Even if you are not a fan of classical music or opera, you should definitely visit the theatre to take a guided tour. The tour will give you an intimate feel of why Parma is the cultural hub.

5 – Pay attention at Casa del Suono

Casa del Suono, or the House of Sound, gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the weird and glorious history of music technology. This odd museum showcases everything from vinyl records to radios and modern digital music. It is an excellent play for anyone to learn about the development of music culture over decades.

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6 – Stroll and enjoy an Aperitivo in Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi is probably the main square in Parma, known for its top-rated bars and shops. This thriving square also boasts the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi and houses the Governor’s Palace. It is one of the best places to experience the cultural side of Parma. This is also a great place to relax with many shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Also, Piazza Garibaldi is the focal point of Aperitivo, an Italian tradition, in Parma. Every evening at 6, people find a space at a bar for a drink and a snack. In Parma, you are served a glass of local red wine and some chips and olives or local cured meats and cheeses. You can be part of it with the locals and enjoy Aperitivo.

7 – Feast on the local delicacies 

You’ll want to eat something a little more substantial after your aperitivo, and you’ll be spoiled for choices in Parma. Parma is home to several regional specialties, and dining out in this city is an experience you won’t soon forget. Stop at one of the restaurants that serve up local food and get started. Of course, no trip to Parma would be complete without sampling some of the finest delicacies: parmesan cheese and Parma ham.

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8 – Sip some wine at Enoteca Fontana

You haven’t really explored the cultural side of Parma until you have crammed yourself into Enoteca Fontana. This crowded bar offers regional wines and delectable appetisers. Getting a seat at this bar can be a daunting process, but if you are lucky enough to get one, you can ask the locals for recommendations and enjoy your wine for €2.

9 – Unwind at Parco Ducale

Parco Ducale covers over 200 square metres and is locally known as “The Garden” in Parma. It is one of the most important recreational areas in Parma. The park is located conveniently across the river from the Palazzo della Pilotta. Various avenues with trees and plants are visible throughout the park, as well as the wonderful Fontana del Trianon, which is surrounded by a gorgeous body of water. The park’s entire layout and aesthetics are excellent, and if you’re searching for a place to unwind, the Parco Ducale is the place to go.

10 – Take a day trip to Torrechiara!

Located at a drive of 35 minutes to the south of Parma through the gorgeous Italian countryside, the quiet little village of Torrechiara is one of the significant places to visit in Italy – Parma that offers a unique experience. The magnificent Castello di Torrechiara is the primary attraction that proudly stands atop a tiny hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding. The structure is in excellent condition and features several beautifully adorned chambers.

From Romanesque architecture, Roman ruins, Renaissance art, and famous opera houses to its delicious culinary offerings, Parma is worth visiting. The city is beautiful, friendly, and rich in culture. There is plenty to do that will keep even the fussiest traveller occupied.