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W Dubai – The Palm: Discover the Brand New Luxury Escape

Dubai is home to some of the trendiest and most luxurious five-star hotels and W Dubai – The Palm is just another jewel to its crown. Celebrating the city’s landscape and the unending blue ocean, it is the first W Escape in the Middle East, set to be the most iconic destination in the city. With an illuminated façade featuring huge neon pink glow sticks and a pool deck, this is a party place that can even make Ibiza jealous. Add restaurants by world-famous chefs and you’re all set for round-the-clock celebrations.

Premier Location

W- The palm is located in the West Crescent of Palm Jumeirah – the most innovative manmade island that has become a cradle for the culinary hotshots. You’ll find top restaurants by renowned chefs like Alain Ducasse, Yanick Alléno, Gordon Ramsay and Giorgio Locatelli within the three-mile stretch of the hotel. Palm Jumeirah is also a favourite for water sports and six miles of the promenade with endless opportunities for cycling, jogging and long walks. What’s more? Despite being remote, the hotel is only 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport and only 25 minutes from Downtown.

Style and Ambiance

The newly opened W Dubai is quite possibly the most Instagram-worthy hotel in the Middle East. It excels at the interiors where everything has been designed keeping aesthetics in mind. Whether it is the 640-piece glass installation in the main atrium that changes colour to the music or artistically placed sun-beds pods winding around the swimming pools, visitors will be in awe of its design aesthetic and the uninterrupted views. The walls of every room are clad in a rainbow mosaic of Orsoni tiles, the kind Gaudí used to decorate Sagrada Familia. The designers have kept in mind all the finer aspects and minute details while designing the hotel.

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Rooms and Suites

All 292 rooms & 58 suites have a partial or full view of the Arabian Gulf or Palm Jumeirah with W Signature Bed and the W MixBar. Some walls are covered with dark glass tiles sparkling like the disco balls and some are daubed with Arabic calligraphy graffiti artwork. All the convenience of home awaits you here including coffee maker and tea kettle, iPod docking station, sound system, rain showers, iron and ironing board and complimentary Wi-Fi. Within the suites, there are inviting spaces meant for entertaining with lounge areas and dining tables. Some of the rooms feature Jacuzzi and baths looking out to the ocean.

Amenities and Services

The Wet Deck is the focal point of the hotel, with beach-facing balconies overlooking the series of topaz pools populated by water beds and white cabanas called Wet Pods. Wet deck sets the stage for guests for what the day holds for them, whether it’s sunbathing on the private beach or detox by the pool. The gym looks vibrant and equipped with Life Fitness kit so that the workout never feels like work. It also has an outdoor terrace and hosts a number of classes. Away Spa offers soothing treatments with soft treatment beds and feathery duvets used to tuck in clients. It has a total of 11 treatment rooms with steam, sauna, experiential shower and hammam. Staff everywhere is friendly and familiar and always ready to assist.

Food and Drink

With six excellent dining options, W – The Palm is all about gastronomic adventures. Each of these restaurants is designed aesthetically with eclectic and individual styles. The Italian restaurant Torno Subito by renowned chef Massimo Bottura is inspired by the Italian Riviera during the ’60s taking its diners to a laidback luxurious place. Get a fresh start to the day with fresher and brighter breakfast assortments offered at the all-day diner Liv including a porridge station, a sorbet counter, flavoured kinds of butter and hot pot of mac n cheese.

Drinks and gourmet snacks are served on the Wet Deck and W Lounge. If you’re into Japanese cuisine, Akira Back is the place to dine where Japanese food with Korean accent is prepared from seasonal produce and fresh ingredients. Enjoy sundowners at the Miami and Latino-styled sunset and rooftop bar SoBe that brings out the alternative side of south beach.

W Dubai – The Palm is truly a luxurious escape that has set a benchmark for other five star properties in terms of sophisticated amenities and awe-inspiring experiences it offers. It is the perfect place for year-round summertime fun.

15 Weird Restaurants Around the World You Must Visit

“I am really squeamish to eat in that toilet-shaped bowl” or “I can’t eat at that height” or “Is it a restaurant or a hospital?”

These can be your statements after you eat at one of the strangely themed dining establishments around the world no matter what you are enjoying – a family holiday or a beach holiday. We may call them bizarre, but the world calls it ‘creative’. Nowadays, it is not only the food that is worthy of a finger-lick, even these restaurants you will love to hate or hate to love.

The young people love it, and I hope you too will. Come with me on a journey a bit different. Keep your head, heart, and stomach strong. Let us see the vital factors that have increased the popularity of these world-famous strange restaurants.

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant | Rangali Island, Maldives

Situated at the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island is spectacular and a cozy underwater restaurant that is more than seventeen feet below sea level. Opened to the public in 2005, this beguiling glass restaurant offers succulent seafood, veal dishes, and other meaty as well as traditional delicacies.

With a seating capacity of 14 people, the restaurant has an acrylic roof, panoramic view of amazing sea creatures and other saltwater marine growths. Let the reservations begin along with your all-inclusive holiday package.

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2. Dinner in the Sky | Montreal, Canada

Are you afraid of heights? Hey, we are not talking about skydiving. The concept of mobile restaurants originated in Belgium where guests are strapped to their seat and a crane lifts the entire dining table.

With budget holiday packages, you can enjoy the same thing in Montreal where everything, along with the serving staff, floats 160 feet in the air. Dinner in the Sky has gained a worldwide reputation, offering restricted run periods all over.

3. Cat Cafe Nekorobi | Tokyo, Japan

Cats and coffee? Sounds strange and interesting! If you cherish your pet and love to watch cat videos, this unique cafe will make your day. Nekorobi is a trendy cafe located in the hip district of Ikebukuro where you can spend quality family time.

Hope you do not mind the cats sprawling and prowling all over the cafe. Make sure you walk into this cafe in the evening to marvel at the cat’s dinner ritual. Broken and discouraged people, who have been here, have felt a lot better after interacting with these furry pets.

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4. Modern Toilet | Taipei City, Taiwan Province, China

Forgot your dining and washroom etiquettes? Not here I guess! This is the only place where dining and bathroom amenities are on the same table. Sounds bizarre? Well, read on! This vague idea was conceptualized by one of the founders who was reading and sitting and doing his job in the toilet.

What started as a chocolate ice-cream served in toilet-shaped bowls became a huge success overnight. Today, Modern Toilet chains are located all over Asia and planning further expansions. Newlyweds with honeymoon packages should try this.

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5. The Bubble Room | Captiva Island, Florida

Do you miss your childhood toy? You can find them again all at the Bubble Room Restaurant. Opened in 1979 this diverse restaurant is decorated with toys from the 1930s and 1940s. It began with a small room food court that grew into a multi-themed 3-story bubbly restaurant.

The staff is called ‘bubble scouts’ wearing a unique hat. There are toy trains, photos of old-time Hollywood celebrities and fairy-tale characters. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed with music from the 1900s to 1980s. Make sure you try Socra cheese, bubble bread and over-sized desserts.

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6. O.NOIR | Toronto, Canada

Are you on a blind date? The thrilling experience puts new comes for a spin. The Dining in the Dark O. Noir restaurant has been around for many months now. In Canada, it was established in 2006 and within a few weeks, it became a favourite spot for young people and couples.

During the evenings, thrill starts in a lit bar where visitors place their orders and then they are escorted into a dark dining room, where the dining begins with the staff explaining the happenings. With Canada tour packages you will either enjoy the 2-hour seated dinner or will not return.

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7. De Kas | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Any foodie will surely agree that nothing compares to prepare a meal with fresh produce that you’ve grown in your backyard. Now imagine a restaurant where you are served dishes with fresh ingredients that have been harvested in the field.

We introduce you to De Kas in Amsterdam where you get to enjoy such amazing dining in a 6-foot tall glass building. You are served dishes made from edible flowers, Mediterranean produce that are grown at the garden greenhouse.

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8. Safe House | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Have you loved secret locations in a spy thriller? That’s exactly what you can find in the Safe House. This restaurant in Midwestern US location has a charming interior as well as exterior. Everything inside is related to the spy world definition. No wonder it is called Safe House. There is a password that guests are required to remember in order to enter the food court.

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9. Redwoods Treehouse | Warkworth, New Zealand

If you are well-versed with the larger-than-life Redwood National and State Parks situated in California, then you need to know about the trees near Warkworth that are called Redwoods Treehouse. Established in 2008, the pod-like redwood cabins are positioned 35-feet above the ground.

Diners take the help of an elevated walkway to reach the top. With a capacity of 40 guests, this enchanting treetop dining is nothing less than a fairy-tale.

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10. Ninja New York | New York City, USA

Well, you are safe and unharmed at this reputed ninja-themed restaurant. You are greeted with a bow by the staff in black outfits who will help you to take your seat at the table. Keep your fears and worries down, as you will be dining among warriors who serve and perform their kung fu moves.

Enjoy anything and everything from sushi, Chinese to a variety of meaty and seafood platters. Smack!!! This is Japanese delicacy at its best.

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11. Alcatraz E.R. | Tokyo

You might never wish to know what it is to be put into prison is. Do you? You might get some hint at the Alcatraz ER, a prison-themed restaurant located in Tokyo. For a few hours, you can spend an evening acting and dining like a convict.

Guests are handcuffed and escorted to their respective cells. A nurse goes around serving and demanding that you finish your food. Among the grim surrounding and dim lights, the experience is something you might not forget.

12. Colonial Tram Car Restaurant | Melbourne

We take you to Melbourne and make you dine in a first-of-its-kind Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Choose from an expansive menu, eat, and enjoy a city tour unlike any.

The sights and the flavour will surely enthral you as you relish your favourite dish and sip authentic Australian wine. You can choose 4-course meal, 3-course, and a 5-course meal of your choice.

13. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant | Philippines

If you want to act crazy and wish the same for others then this Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines is the best choice. While everybody is busy eating, talking and having fun, you are placed in the calf-deep waters that flow out from a gigantic indoor waterfall.

The force is intense, cool, and unique. Speaking of the Filipino flavours, the dishes are out-of-the-world. Already tempted to go? Enjoy Holiday Desire advantage when you book all-inclusive holidays.

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14. Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant | Italy

It’s romantic and intriguing at the same time. The Grotta Palazzese hotel restaurant in Italy allows you to dine with spectacular views carved into a limestone cave in Southern Italy. Order your choicest dish, soak up the views of the Adriatic Sea, and capture the rugged cliffs splashed by waves; you just might forget to leave!

15. O’Naturel | Pais

Fancy eating on Haute culinary delights purely naked? Now, this will get a little surreal! A new restaurant in Paris will get you uncovered. Famed as the city’s first nudist restaurant, O’Naturel was opened in October 2017. Two brothers worked it out and saw this as an opportunity for a unique dining experience.

After diners enter, they remove their clothes in the changing room. The staff collects cellphones and cameras to secure diners from obscene clicks. The menu is purely French including foie gras, escargot and other lip-smacking dishes. Now, dare to go naked?

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It’s Cold, Tell Me More about the Top Caribbean Winter Escapes!

Plan your Caribbean holiday

Is the cold getting on your nerves? Maybe the little fireplace you have is not helping much. Well, there is only one thing to do – escape to the tropics by booking cheap flights to the Caribbean. Speaking of tropics, nothing can be compared to the Caribbean warmth and the open sunrays. These Caribbean hotspots offer warmth year-round winter season.

St. Bart’s

St. Bart

Offering a shield to the cold, the wonders of St. Bart’s comprises the finest beaches, top-notch spas, modish restaurants and several resorts. The picturesque snap-shots of the bejewelled island are not only a treat to the eyes, but also to the soul. The turquoise, calm waters offer a few activities to visitors. Escape towards the lush palm trees with a hitch and enjoy relief from the year-end cold climate.

St. Martin

St. Martin

An enjoyment between two diverse islands can prove to be fabulous. St. Martin offers a French culture in the north and a Dutch atmosphere in the south. The choice is up to you totally. Both these places brim with opulent resorts, luxury shopping and undying nightlife.



Curacao allures you with black and blue. The after-dark nightlife adds to your vacation when you relish the fervour of blue liqueur. Snorkelers will surely have a gala time in Curacao.



Winters would hate coming towards this popular tropical heaven. A large part of the British Islands, Tortola offers hiking, volcanic sites and beaches to-die-for. It is one of the top destinations to get tanned and enjoy the golden sun.

A lot more to come

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

Listed as one of the renowned places in ‘1000 places to see before I die’, the Grand Cayman is a treasure trove for beach bums and underwater explorers. The island is approximately 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. That is enough area to soak the warmth up.



Barbados is the most sought-after winter spot that offers thrill on two vast ocean surfaces – the Caribbean and the Atlantic. You can enjoy golf, touring botanic gardens and lush plantations.



Home to Blues and Jazz festival, Jamaica also offers a bit of culture along with your Caribbean getaway. You can also visit museums, art galleries and attend dance classes.

St Lucia

St. Lucia

Hope you do not mind adding a bit of volcanic excursion to your Caribbean getaway. Pitons are the two steep mountain peaks situated on the west coast of St. Lucia. Dotted with luxury resorts, immaculate beaches, hiking trails leading to rainforests, St. Lucia is a gem of the Caribbean that should not be missed.



Situated on the eastern Atlantic coast of Latin America, Belize sizzles with beaches and rainforests. Visitors can have an adventure of their life by exploring Mayan ruins and dive to admire the Belize Barrier Reef.

With the Caribbean weather pattern hovering over the islands, the peak season is December to April after the hurricane season in September and October. This is the perfect time to book Caribbean flights from Crystal Travel and say goodbye to the frigid climate back home. Let the planning begin…

Exploring Delhi Beyond Celebrations and Culture

Delhi is a city that has been wrecked and woven innumerable times. Time travelling in this Indian capital city is spellbinding. Right from the lanes and bylanes of Old Delhi where you can smell authentic Indian food, listen to Sufi songs and easily get lost in the brimming crowd to the modern utopia of New Delhi.

So, don’t be disheartened. For many, stepping into Delhi with flights to India, from the southern hemisphere is like experiencing freedom. Don’t know how to frame that feeling in a sentence. But we can put it this way.

Visiting Delhi is stepping out from the damp and humid climate, being exposed right into the dry and moderate climate of North India. Your first impression can be purely ethereal.

Enjoy the Metro Ride

Right after de-boarding your flights to Delhi at the airport, you could either hop in a taxi or even take the fastest airport express of the Delhi Metro. If you enjoy public transportation, the extensive bus system and the city metro are one of the most inviting components in making a city enlivening.

After making your way through the city, through the crammed markets, you finally reach your hotel or the desired destination you had planned.

A Unique Backpacker’s City

Most tourists, who visit Delhi with tickets to Delhi, either use the city as a platform to enter any neighbouring city or change flights to any of the domestic destinations of India.

Heard about the ‘backpackers’ group? Delhi has this small little ‘Backpackers Ghetto’, and with a little research, you can find your stay. You will soon figure out, that there are people willing to help you, but be warned and do not get duped.

If you are alone, you can experience a more authentic Delhi and several of the things and attractions are centrally located. As mentioned earlier, the Delhi metro system will definitely help you in exploring the city to a great extent.

7 Must-Do Things in Delhi

  • Savour the Local Delicacies
  • Get fitted for traditional Indian clothing
  • Enjoy haggling at the markets
  • Admire the architecture
  • Get a tattoo of Henna
  • Soak up tradition and celebrations
  • Dance to a local music

The Nostalgic Old Delhi Scene

So where can we start? How about beginning at Central Secretariat and taking a long walk towards Rajpath. The Rajpath is an amazing, lengthy park that extends for a few kilometres between the India Gate and the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

With flights from London to Delhi, you will feel Delhi being at a relaxed pace where you can kill time and be relaxed.

Chandni Chowk – the heart and soul of Delhi

The name is Chandni Chowk! What images does this name and area spring in your mind? Well, this is another stoppage in the heart of Old Delhi that ends with the Red Fort and begins with a maze of tiny shops, not to forget Khari Baoli Spice Shops.

If you are planning to sojourn Old Delhi a bit more, you will love getting lost among the sprawling mass of Old Delhi – hidden mosques, colossal gates, collapsing mansions and ultra-modern buildings. So, we meet at Chawri Bazaar again, where modern crowd pushes away the chaos.

Delhi’s Grub

If you’re hungry, all you have to order is papri chat (crispy pastry discs, fried potatoes, chickpeas topped with yogurt and tamarind sauce).

If you can spot Jain Coffee House, can’t beat that. Separate yourself from the crowd and watch the world pass by as you sip on Delhi coffee and nibble some tasty snack.

October to March is the best time to visit Delhi. It’s winter and the average temperature is around 12–13 °C (54–55 °F). Apart from Delhi, you can explore the neighbouring cities like Agra, Jaipur, the state of Punjab and Rajasthan and even travel to the hills of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Book cheap flights to Delhi with Crystal Travel to explore this stunning cultural mishmash, cuisine and commodities in the best climate of Delhi.