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Christmas Markets in the UK that you must visit in 2022

Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year when the streets are illuminated with lights and the aroma of Christmas sweets and hot chocolate fills the air. From Christmas songs to snowy days, the winter season improves with each passing moment. Flying to the UK this festive season is just the perfect choice.
The most fantastic aspect of Christmas is the markets in many locations that provide many gorgeous presents, decor items, and eatables to ensure that you do not miss out on the festive joy.

Nothing like walking around Christmas markets in the UK and warming yourself with mulled wine and melting chocolate churros when the weather turns chilly. At Christmas markets, there’s usually something for everyone, including decor and gift booths, activities like ice skating, and lots of food and drink.

We’ve listed the most fabulous Christmas markets in the UK and rated them as ‘best for’. So, if you’re seeking great cuisine or the nicest ice skating rink, you’ll immediately know where to go.

1. Birmingham Christmas market 

About Birmingham– 

Birmingham is one of the most “ green ” cities in the United Kingdom, and it is recognized across the world as the “Magic City” because of its rapid expansion in the iron and steel sectors. Here, heavy metal work is to be expected. Aside from that, Birmingham has a lovely atmosphere, particularly around Christmas. 

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market– 

With over 80 alpine-style stalls extending over the city center, the Birmingham market is the largest true German market outside of Austria or Germany.
You’ll find wonderful decorations, handcrafted products, and delightful wooden toys for youngsters if you’re seeking last-minute Christmas gifts. The main reason to go, though, is for the food and drink. Stalls selling traditional German fare and sweet aromas flood Victoria Square with the most wonderful Christmas fragrance. When the weather becomes chilly, a cup of hot chocolate or a mug of strong gluhwein will keep you warm. The refreshment sellers are the market’s focal point, where most people go to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Things to do in the Market— 

  • Enjoy Mulled wine
  • Take a Carousel ride
  • Listen to Carols and Christmas Songs
  • Shop your favourite items

2. Edinburgh Christmas market

About Edinburgh – 

In the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is a popular tourist attraction. It is the capital of Scotland and home to a number of tourist attractions. A trip here is undoubtedly worthwhile, given the diversity of things to do and see. The bulk of the structures in Old Town have remained mostly untouched over time. This area of town is brimming with fascinating mediaeval artefacts. The mediaeval architecture of Edinburgh contributes to the celebratory mood. Edinburgh is a perfect getaway for christmas

Edinburgh Christmas market —

Following the outbreak, the Christmas market will be illuminated this year. This year’s Christmas market will be placed in East Princes Street Gardens from November 25th to January 3rd. Expect arts and crafts, as well as food and drink stalls highlighting native Scottish items, and hope for a white Christmas from the northern city.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Enjoy a Ferris wheel ride
  • Hog onto Burger
  • Dram some whiskey
  • Get your aesthetic pictures for insta

3. London Christmas market 

About London— 

London is Europe’s most visited city. It’s no wonder that London is high on many people’s trip lists: the town was built by the Romans and has prospered for ages.
Today, London is one of the world’s most varied cities, with a rich history and some of the world’s most spectacular cultures. It’s challenging to be bored in London, which has some of the greatest art, entertainment, shopping, cuisine, and history in the world. One of the most compelling reasons to visit London over the holiday season. It is difficult to ignore the breathtaking grandeur and the festive atmosphere that exists throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas Market

Merry Christmas (the summer is done)! When photographs of couples and groups of friends enjoying Hyde Park Winter Wonderland begin to circulate on social media, you know Christmas is near. This massive Christmas market features an ice rink, an ice kingdom, a large wheel among other rides, an ice slide, an ice sculpting studio, and other food and drink vendors. Winter Wonderland, Leicester Square Christmas Market, South Bank Christmas Market, Kingston Christmas Market, Selfridges Christmas Market, and Maltby Christmas Market are some of the prominent Christmas Markets in London that I am looking forward to seeing.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Participate in crafty workshops
  • Sing Carols
  • Explore the food
  • Enjoy live performances

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4. Manchester Christmas market

Manchester is a thriving metropolitan hub with great nightlife, arts, and culture. The city is bordered by farmland and the stunning Pennine mountains, giving it an ideal base for exploring the country’s wilder regions. Manchester has a long history and is influential in many sectors, including music, science, and transportation. It has the world’s first intercity passenger train station as well as a flourishing cultural environment. However, meandering around the streets of Manchester during the Christmas season is an entirely other experience.

Manchester Christmas market— 

Manchester’s Christmas markets stretch practically the whole length of the city center, from Victoria to Deansgate, and include The Winter Gardens in Piccadilly Gardens. But if you’ve been to Manchester, you’ll know that it’s a walking city, and with a German hotdog and mulled wine in hand, you’ll have plenty of energy to see it all.
The Christmas markets are open from November 12th to December 22nd, however, The Winter Gardens are open a bit later, until January 3rd. There are several pubs, food stalls, artisan vendors, and a stage with live music and DJs.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Enjoy Street Theatre
  • Get amazed by the magician’s performance
  • Drool over international cuisines
  • Explore the different stalls

5. The Beautiful Christmas Market of Bath. 

Bath is not just one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom due to its stunning architecture, but it is even more appealing and atmospheric during winter vacations. Bath is called because of the warm mineral springs that run through the limestone. This limestone, quarried across the city, is an integral component of Bath’s identity and has a beautiful honey-gold tone. It is not an exaggeration to state that this wonderful city will make you fall in love with itself during the Christmas season when everything is decked up in red, white, and green with gorgeous lights all around.

Bath Christmas Market—

Bath’s Christmas Market wraps around the town centre, on the streets, and in the little squares surrounding Bath Cathedral. There are several booths where individual manufacturers may offer their wares. Everything is available here, from stunning handcrafted presents and tree decorations to the most delectable cuisine and mulled wine. The town’s streets and most notable structures are also illuminated. The Victorian merry-go-round, which welcomes children and adults to have a ride on a horse or in one of the carriages, is the market’s primary attraction.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Get your hands on handmade products
  • Explore different chalets
  • Ice Skate at Royal Crescent
  • Hog on to wood fire pizzas and pies

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With this we come to the end of the blog, hope these 5 Christmas Markets will light up your lives and shower you and your family with festive love.  Sing the carols, enjoy the Christmas cakes and feel the festivity around you. Happy Holidays.

Seven Best Mediterranean Places to visit in Spring 2022

The Mediterranean sea encompasses a large area across three continents. Many great civilisations were born and died along its coast, as a result, it has a rich history and diverse cultural scene. That is not all, thanks to the geography and the land surrounding the Mediterranean, it is a hotspot for tourists with lots to offer. From laid-back countryside holidays to beach vacations, travel to the Mediterranean and explore its boundless beauty.

And with the Spring season approaching, the region has its own glow with sparkling azure seas, lush green mountains, long stretches of golden and white sand; the Mediterranean becomes absolutely picturesque. To help you plan your perfect trip to the Mediterranean, here are seven of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean in Spring.

1 – Tunis, Tunisia

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Tunis surrounded by hills, Tunis is a laid-back capital city of Tunisia. The city has a perfect blend of ancient and metropolitan vibes. Many travellers head to Tunis to seek the sun and the Mediterranean beaches. La Goulette and the coastal village of Sidi Bou offer a lot of beach and water activities, places where you can relax while sampling local cuisines and admiring the Mediterranean.

Tunis has more to offer other than its beaches, the centre of the city houses the ancient Medina that has more than 700 monuments including Al-Zaytuna Mosque and The Bey’s Palace. Another noteworthy attraction is the remnants of ancient Carthage – once a famous city of the Phoenicians, now scattered across the Bay of Tunis. The Bardo National Museum showcasing the world’s most important mosaic collections and numerous treasures found at ancient sites in Tunisia attracts thousands to its floor.

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2 – Positano, Italy

Positano is a place with scenic vistas, art history, and delicious food. Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is famous for its cliffside pale houses and its pristine beaches which directly overlook the deep blue sea. Marina Grande Beach, Spiaggia Grande, and Laurito Beach are some of the best beaches in the town.

There are also many marine activities to get your heart pumping. You can go paddle boarding and kayaking along the coastline. The clear, blue water means you get great views of marine creatures while snorkelling. The Amalfi Coast and the surrounding mountains are filled with trails that showcase various stunning views from the cliff.

Positano has some of the most affordable hotels and restaurants with delicious delicacies. With so many attractions for its visitors, Positano is probably one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean.

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3 – Santorini, Greece

Surrounded by the turquoise water of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is cluttered with colourful cliffs and miles of basked sands. Known as the ‘Supermodel of Greece’, Santorini is a horse-shoe-shaped island, formed from the remains of a volcanic crater. It is not surprising why Santorini Greece is one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean. 

One of the most important attractions here is to spend an evening in Oia, a town on the west rim of the caldera to have an uninterrupted view of the sunset. The 9- km trail from Oia to Fira is one of the most scenic treks in the world. The towns of Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Akrotiri present an olde vibe with stunning views. The wines of Santorini are world-famous and you should not forget to sample the wine and visit the vineyards. Beautiful beaches like the Black Beach, Vlychada Beach, and Red Beach are must-visits. And, do not forget about the mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisines.

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4 – Valletta, Malta

Valletta is going to be amongst the firsts on the list if you are looking for the best place to visit in the Mediterranean. Blessed with the balmy Mediterranean climate, delicious cuisines, and dazzling nightlife scene, Valletta is one of the biggest harbours in Europe facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Surrounded by one of the mightiest fortifications around the globe, Valletta has ample things to do and plenty of stories to tell. The Baroque architecture of Valletta, its church domes, wooden balconies, and limestone streets make the whole city picturesque. At Wuestenwind’s beach, you will find vintage beach houses lining up with boats. The view from Wuestenwind’s beach across the bay is truly majestical. 

Fort Riscasoli and Fort St. Angelo are also must-visit places. In case you get hungry while strolling through the corners of this Mediterranean paradise, pick up a ricotta-cheese or mushy-pea-filled pastry or any local cuisines.

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5 – Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Bay of Kotor is one of the most underrated places in the Mediterranean, unknown to many. The Bay area has a unique combination of sandy beaches, mountain scenery, and well-preserved medieval towns. Also known as Boka Kotorska or simply Boka looks like any other bay in the Mediterranean but as you move into it, you will spectacular landscape, sea meandering along the coastal mountains.

Kotor, the largest town in the bay is set at the foot of a sheer cliff receives many visitors at its harbour. Kotor proudly boasts its cobbled alleyways, hidden piazzas, and stunning architecture. The view from the fortified walls of Kotor is stunning. Perast is another must-visit village in the Bay area with plenty of scenic routes and chapels. Boka has many towns, hamlets preserved from the medieval age. This brings many history and architecture enthusiasts to its shores. To add more to it, the perfect Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect destination for hiking, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities throughout the year.

6 – Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is the largest island of Spain’s Balearic Island Archipelago. One of the main reasons to visit this island is its collection of impressive white sand beaches along crystal waters. The island includes destinations like Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera, which has been an ideal place for all ages of travellers. Mallorca has been one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean for decades.

The main attraction of the island is its capital city, Palma de Mallorca. Palma is a cosmopolitan city with historical structures and a beautiful stretch of coastline. From the Old Quarter, fish market to the Jewish Quarter, and the magnificent waterfront of Catherdral de la Seu, Palm is going to leave you spellbound.

Mallorca in Spain is an island with stunning beaches & coves, various boating stations, scenic towns with breathtaking vistas, delicious gastronomy, and a social scene to rival the world. You are not gonna regret it.

7 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Since the success of the famous TV show Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik has become one of the best places to visit in the Mediterranean. The city famous for its massive ancient walls is filled with narrow cobblestone paths, medieval houses, and classy restaurants.

Located in southern Croatia facing the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik has evolved into a hotspot for beach lovers, culture enthusiasts, and island seekers. From sailing across the sea, sampling Croatian sweets, and strolling the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Old Town to a guided tour for GOT fans, luxury lodging, and local wines, there is always something to do and see in Dubrovnik. 

St. Dominika Street and Minceta Tower Fort Lovrijenac are among the top attractions in the city. Mainly due to its stunning view and secondly, as it was a filming site for GOT. A trip to Gornji Ugao is another major activity for visitors. In addition to all the attractions, do not forget to sample the local cheese or meat dishes.

9 best International places to enjoy Ice and Snow

As the temperature is starting to drop, it is the perfect time to plan a holiday filled with ice and snow. The winter holidays offer all the magic and thrill to enjoy nature to the fullest. From gorgeous scenery to cosy places to snuggle. With thick snow to stomp through to majestic peaks to ski. The winter season seems to make places shine at their brightest, and that is why we take a look at nine of the best international places that are more beautiful once winter is at its peak, these are just a few of many places to enjoy Ice and Snow in this winter season:

1 – Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the most popular national parks of Alaska. A region where mountains meet ice and ocean, a place where you can experience the ice age. This region was chiseled during the last ice age. Ice activities have created the fjords and ragged mountains.

60 % of the park is covered with ice and snow and just on the edge of the park sits a gigantic 936-square-mile Harding Icefield. Countless tidewater carved the glaciers of this massive icefield to form stunning fjords.

Kenai Fjords National Park offers many adventurous and leisure activities to the tourists, including Kayaking, camping, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, boat tours, and more. You can also see the Northern Lights if you visit in the winter.

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2 – Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

With easy walking trails, boardwalks suspended over the peacock blue lakes, stunning viewpoints, Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is one of those places that you have to visit. 

There are 16 different levels of lakes that tumble into each other, connected through a series of stunning waterfalls. 

The lakes themselves are simply majestic, filled with crystal clear water that changes colour as the sun passes only to preserve a bright turquoise appearance, resulting in something that challenges the imagination: especially when the falls freeze over. With four different hiking trails, many routes, stunning viewpoints, and bonny waterfalls, this place offers a lot for its visitors.

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3 – Lofoten Islands, Norway

Just off Norway’s northwestern coast, the Lofoten Islands have clear blue waters matching that of the Mediterranean, craggy mountains that remind us of Iceland, and enough edgy museums and fishing villages to challenge any Scandinavian hot spot. 

The Lofoten Islands have some of the most stunning surroundings in the world. A place where majestic mountains meet bright white sandy beaches, fishing villages can be spotted on the shorelines, and hiking trails can be seen throughout the majestic landscape.

Play among the waves or join a wildlife safari to watch creatures play in the waves. Have fun on the beaches in the summer under the midnight sun or catch the northern lights in the winters. Hike through the mountains or try your luck catching the fish. Lofoten Islands will not disappoint. With plenty of wilderness still untouched, Lofoten Islands is the place to visit if you love the outdoors and nature.

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4 – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the southern hemisphere’s most astonishing icy regions. Torres del Paine is an adventure playground of towering proportions. A countryside with thrusting granite pillars, turquoise lakes dabbed with icebergs, and glaciers embracing rugged mountainsides. 

Torres del Paine is the perfect place to enjoy ice and snow. The park’s snow-capped mountains and sizable glaciers are about as magnificent as it gets. Torres del Paine’s main attractions are its numerous trekking trails through frozen landscapes. Although the weather here is unpredictable, the summer months of December to February are the best time to visit Torres del Paine National Park with plenty of sunshine and clear blue sky.

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5 – Switzerland

Yes the whole country, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy ice and snow. Doesn’t matter when you visit, Switzerland is picture-perfect with expansive greenery, urban cities, and spaces for fresh air. Surrounded by the Alps, Switzerland is small but hosts incredible mountain peaks, misty lakes, and ancient wonders dotting the countryside. This country offers innumerable outdoor adventures with urban spots to explore. During winters, Switzerland becomes a genuine wonderland, with snowy ski slopes, frozen lakes, and the most luxurious resort towns. The best way to experience the Swiss Alps in winter is to ride on the Glacier Express, the iconic red train known as one of the slowest express trains.

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6 – Gokayama, Japan

Tiny villages of thatched-roof houses covered in snow that perfectly complements the mountainous background at a distance, Gokayama’s beauty cannot be resisted. Gokayama is a scenic region in southwestern Toyama, Japan, comprising 40 small villages, out of which Ainokura and Suganuma are registered as World Heritage Sites.

This area of Japan is as peaceful as it can get. In these villages, Japanese traditions are preserved, practiced, and even shared with tourists wishing to experience the local culture. In the winter, Gokayama experiences dense, heavy snowfalls, and these harsh conditions led to the development of the region’s unique gassho-zukuri houses (A-shaped huts). There are numerous viewpoints and serene spots throughout the region to witness the true beauty of nature and enjoy the snow.

7 – Banff National Park, Canada

Easily one of the most beautiful winter fairylands in Canada, Banff National Park sits in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and is home to some of the spectacular scenery and wildlife. Snow-capped peaks, sparkling glaciers, and vast scenery are just a few that attract tourists to Banff National Park. The main attraction of Banff National Park is glacial Lake Louise, which looks even more spectacular once it freezes over.

There are numerous opportunities for adventure, so choose your sport: Ski down Mount Norquay, trek to the Hoodoos (free-standing limestone pillars), climb up the face of Stoney Squaw Mountain, or bike along Healy Creek.

8 – Nepal

The Nepalese Himalayas are amongst the world’s most remote and untouched destinations. Rock formations and vibrant stupas, as well as unfathomable vistas of jagged mountains, define the sky-high country. Nepal is a land where divines mingle with mortals. There are magnificent temples, monasteries, and historical monuments at every turn. Home to eight of the fourteen tallest mountains including the iconic Mount Everest. There is no place better to enjoy the snow and ice than the country of Nepal.

With the prosperous Terai plains on the foothills of the Himalayas, South of Nepal offers a chain of wild national parks, home exotic bird species, and comb the jungles for rhinos, tigers, and crocodiles. Nepal offers a great variety of activities including mountaineering, safaris, and rafting.

9 – Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal in the Siberia region of Russia is not only the world’s deepest lake (1,637m), but it’s also the oldest (25 million years old) and largest by volume. In winters, the lake freezes into a snowy paradise transforming the lake into the largest ice skating rink with spiked ice caves surrounding it. 

Fearless tourists visit the lake to dive into the crystal clear water underneath a metre-thick ice during winters. This lake is also home to the planet’s only freshwater seal. Ice fishing also draws many tourists to this picturesque place. Lake Baikal is one of those places to enjoy ice and snow throughout the year.

We generally associate getaways with the sun, warm weather, sand beneath our feet, and a cool gentle breeze. Vacations do not, however, have to be enjoyed in a warm tropical climate. Numerous cold-weather destinations are breathtaking in and of themselves. While we encourage you to visit these places, we won’t criticise you if you want to walk around some winter wonderlands from the warmth of your (warm) computer.

10 Best Places Around The Globe to Fly Away on New Year’s Eve

Bidding adieu to the old year and welcoming the New Year makes everyone ecstatic. It’s that time of the year when you reminisce the fondest memories you’ve spent with your loved ones, leaving the sad ones behind forever. It’s also the perfect time to unite with your friends, family, and relatives to celebrate New Year Eve at one of the top destinations in the world.

So, whether you are planning to party all night in the best clubs or witness some of the most spectacular fireworks or have a fine dining experience in the middle of the sea, here is a list of top places to visit on New Year for an unforgettable celebration.


A beautiful destination for the New Year celebration, Sydney displays one of the best fireworks in the world on New Year Eve. As it is the first major city to hit midnight, after Auckland, the New Year celebration in Sydney becomes even more special. The best things to do at New Year in Sydney have to be reserving a table at a restaurant with a harbor view and booking a cruise in Sydney Harbour.

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If you are still wondering where to go on New Year, you should stop right away because visiting Amsterdam would be a fantastic idea. From fireworks illuminating the sky to cozy rooftop parties and people from different countries jamming at street parties, this place provides you with a plethora of choices to dance to the year away. Apart from great parties, you get the chance to gorge on Oliebollen (deep-fried dough balls) along with champagne on New Year Eve, as this Dutch New Year tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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The party life gets even real in Las Vegas on New Year Eve with its lively nightclubs, events, mind-blowing fireworks, casinos, and much more. If you are a party animal and want to have unlimited fun with your bunch of crazy people on New Year 2022, you should start planning it out now. Don’t miss out to witness the eye-catching fireworks, live concerts, and light shows along the Las Vegas Strip.

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Bangkok, Thailand

The biggest New Year countdown in Bangkok takes place in front of the city’s biggest shopping mall, Central World. It’s the place where both local and international artists perform on a big stage and there is a huge screen at the mall for the display of the countdown. What’s more impressive is the fireworks at Central World Plaza which is the longest in Thailand, lasting for about 15 minutes. So, don’t get stuck with ‘where to go on New Year” when you have Bangkok on the list.

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Rio De Janeiro

New Year celebration in Rio De Janerio is beautifully different from other places in the world. It’s all about a magical night full of life, fireworks display, delicious food, and live concerts by Brazillian artists. Your heart fills with glee when you see thousands of people dressed in white (as it is said, white brings good luck in the New Year) gathering at Copacabana Beach for a New Year carnival. Surely, it is one of the best things to do at New Year.

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The “city of dreams,” Dubai displays one of the most expensive and elaborate fireworks in the world you will ever see in your life. As the clock strikes 12, a number of extravagant and dazzling fireworks explode into a rainbow of colours in the sky. On such a lit New Year’s Eve in Dubai, it feels surreal to witness fireworks at the city’s iconic landmarks; Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Global Village, etc.


London makes it to the list of one of the best places to visit on New Year with family, friends, and loved ones. Book an NYE cruise with views of fireworks or visit the towering London Eye and take a spin with your loved ones or catch an abundance of fun activities around the Thames River. So, if you haven’t made any plans yet on how to celebrate this New Year, you must pick London as your New Year travel destination.


This New Year, get your family and friends together for a colorful and exciting New Year celebration in Paris. Go for a traditional French dinner with your loved ones or attend the Champs-Elysees Festivities. This place is the center of the New Year Eve party in Paris that starts around 9 p.m., and you get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower with its sparkling display at midnight. You can also find several attractive spots to dine and dance here.


You all know the ball drop over Times Square in Manhattan, New York is one of the world’s most iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thousands of people gather to watch the ball slowly dropping at the countdown at midnight. The celebrations begin by lighting and lifting the ball on the rooftop of Times Square followed by the distribution of New Year themed props like hats and glasses among the crowd to ring in the New Year with a bang.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a perfect place to visit on New Year for all because you can find all types of entertainment here, from live music to jamming sessions and circus performances to cruise parties and much more. If you are with your friends, the ideal plan would be to go to a street party on Long Street in the city center. For a perfect New Year celebration with family, you should go to a concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens.

These incredible destinations will ensure you the ultimate New Year Celebration full of merry-making moments, and that’s what you all wish for on a New Year Eve, right? Yes, we all do! If you want to do some exciting things on New Year while you are at one of these beautiful destinations, search New Year celebrations around me on the internet, and you will find a plethora of choices to make your New Year celebrations even more remarkable.

Why remote working is the hottest travel trend for 2021/22

It’s estimated that by 2028 over 70% of office professionals are going to be working from the comforts of their homes, meaning staycations and longer overseas holidays are on the cards for those happy to sacrifice a few hours on the beach to work remotely, instead. Or, if you’re keen to make up for lost time (who isn’t?) there is another way to upgrade your current desk views from your street, to swathes of sand and endless seas…

Digital nomadics rejoice, as the balmy island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean has recently launched a ‘Work In Nature’ (WIN) scheme, allowing tourists to relocate to its tropical shores for up to 18 months to work and live remotely on the island. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well you better believe it, because it’s an actual thing.

Ok, what’s the catch?

Wanderlusts can apply for a single visa for $800 or whisk the while family away for $1,200, with children provided access to local schools under a ‘family bundle’. However, candidates must have the expectation of earning at least $50,000 to help support themselves or their families during their time on the isle. As part of your WIN visa, you’ll receive modern healthcare facilities and a chance to volunteer in NGO (non-governmental) programmes while you’re here.

Now we’ve cleared up the rules and regs, let’s skip to the important part – how you can spend your lunch break…

1 – Lazy beach afternoons

The Caribbean islands are famous for hosting some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, and Dominica certainly stays true to this claim. From black-sand stretches to beaches that back onto stunning National Parks, you’ll find a welcoming spot to sink your toes into for an hour or two. Mero, Pointe Baptiste and Hampstead are a few of our favourites to lounge on.

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2- Watersports

Dominica is a haven for watersports fans, with a host of splash-tastic activities available to try your hand at. Discover thriving underwater coral gardens when you swim and snorkel in Dominica’s transparent waters, with a host of colourful reefs teeming with tropical marine life. The Champagne Reef got its name from the bubbling waters rising from the volcanic thermal springs at the bottom of the ocean, and is one of the best spots for diving. Its rainbow-coloured aquatic fauna and creature sightings including octopus, trumpet fish, hawksbill turtles and seahorses put it at the top of many divers’ bucket lists.

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3 – Nature Hikes

Stretch your legs after all that time at your desk with some of the isles beautiful natural hiking trails. You’ll pass awe-inspiring waterfalls, boiling volcanic lakes and hidden corners of the island you never knew existed when you explore what’s nicknamed The Nature Island. The trails can be a little rocky, but difficulty levels are moderate, and a tour guide is recommended. A few of the best trails include Jaco Steps, Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge and Waitukubuli National Trail.

4 – Go Whale Watching

Did you know that Dominica is the only country in the world where sperm whales reside all year long? Hop on a boat excursion and discover what beautiful marine creatures lie beneath the calm turquoise Caribbean Sea, with over 20 species to discover. Keep your eyes peeled for the likes of false killer whales, pygmy whales and humpbacks among other species – it’s worth noting that sightings are most common between November and March.

5 – Boiling Lake

Crowned as one of the most popular attractions in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, is the murky bubbling waters of the boiling lake nestled a three-hour-hike deep in the lush forest. Caused by a crack in the earth allowing hot gases to vent from molten lava, the temperature in the centre of this cauldron-like lake reaches heights of 92°C – now that’s toasty! While we don’t advise you take a dip, it’s well worth a visit.

Best Winter Sun Destinations to Visit around the World

Eager for a splash of winter sun? We don’t blame you. Escape grey skies and woolly jumpers for warmer weather in some of the world’s most exotic destinations in 2022. If you’ve been wondering where is hot in January, we’ve handpicked a list of some of the best places for year-round sun so you can start packing your suitcase for 2022.

1- The Maldives


Say goodbye to the gloomy dark skies and welcome the bright sunshine in the unmatched beauty of the Maldives. With over 1190 islands in the Maldives archipelago (185 uninhabited), there’s an abundance of paradise isles to unwind on. Stay in a luxurious Water Villa, get active with watersports, pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments and indulge in world-class food from the finest restaurants. Wherever you stay, you’ll have an unforgettable time in the Maldives.

Best time to visit: November – April

Average Temperature: 29.9°C

Top Attractions: Meeru island, Maafushi, Ari Atoll.

2- Malaysia

Full of luxurious hotels and resorts, Malaysia offers an enchanting escape in Southeast Asia. Whether you want to explore the incredible wildlife, admire skyscrapers in the bustling city, or relax on a white-sand beach, no two days are the same in this gorgeous destination. With almost 900 islands, water adventures, beach resorts and innovative cities, there really is something for everybody in this corner of the world.

Best time to visit: December – April

Average Temperature: 27°C

Top Attractions: Batu caves, Mount Kinabalu, Perhentian islands.

3- South Africa

South Africa makes for a perfect coastal escape in the winter months, with the best beaches, wildlife and adventure sports available to lap up. If you like to surf, you’ll be in for a treat as this part of the Atlantic experiences fantastic waves all year round. Or, if national parks and wildlife is your thing, head to Kruger National Park for an iconic safari experience or admires famous Table Mountain National Park. South Africa is one of the best winter holiday destinations for its diversity.

Best time to visit: December – February

Average Temperature: 28°C

Top Attractions: Cape of good hope, Robben Island, Boulders beach.

4- Thailand

Verdant forests, stunning islands, and paradise-worthy beaches, Thailand is one of the most popular places to spend your January holidays. Hop from island to island and discover all this incredible destination has to offer, from its beautiful animal sanctuary to lush forests, eclectic nightlife, drool-worthy street food and much more. Go rock climbing, discover hidden lagoons, scuba dive or spend a day with the elephants all while soaking up the toasty whether – the list is endless.

Best time to visit: December – February

Average Temperature: 31 – 34°C

Top Attractions: The grand palace, Railay beach, Similan islands.

5- Barbados

A tropical climate blesses Barbados throughout the year, making it a perfect destination for any month or season. However, if you wish to experience the dry season of Barbados then January is the best month to do so. Mouth-watering dishes, swimming with the turtles and lots of well-earned lazy afternoons can be spent here with your loved ones.

Best time to visit: December – April

Average Temperature: 29°C

Top Attractions: Harrison’s cave, Carlisle bay, Animal flower cave.

6- Dubai

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, Dubai certainly has the wow-factor. Perfect to visit in January, you’ll be met by an abundance of things to see and do here – from shopping in city-sized malls to attending cultural events, taking part in adventure sports and wandering exotic souks – there really is no end to the entertainment. This world-class destination isn’t short of luxurious resorts either, so you’ll be sure to stay in style while you’re here. The summer warmth is quite unbearable in Dubai, but the winter months are the most pleasant times to explore the place.

Best time to visit: November – April

Average Temperature: 26°C

Top Attractions: The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai safari.

7- Sri Lanka

Golden beaches and blue skies calls are what you can expect on holidays to Sri Lanka, a perfect winter escapade this season. Aside from picture-perfect beaches, history lovers can also spot some amazing UNESCO world heritage sites with olde-worlde ruins to discover. With amazing views from different cliffs, enchanting fortresses and breathtaking temples, this Sri Lankan holiday might be all that you have been waiting for.

Best time to visit: November – February

Average Temperature: 27°C

Top Attractions: Sigiriya fortress, Yala national park, Galle Dutch fort.

8- Cyprus

Cyprus may not be far-flung or exotic as our other featured destinations, but it certainly brings the heat. The sun shines for almost the entire year here, (approximately 340 days) and it’s one of the warmest places to visit in the Mediterranean. Whisk the family away to a landscape of beautiful beaches, rich history and lush forests, each of which sure to help you forget about the drizzly weather back home. Cyprus can offer you both unspoiled natural beauty and atmospheric streets, so you can have a holiday that’s as laid-back or lively as you wish.

Best time to visit: November – February

Average Temperature: 23°C

Top Attractions: Tombs of the kings, Nissi beach, Coral bay.

9- Laos

Laos serves up spiritual and cultural vibes to visitors that wish to explore this corner of Southeast Asia. You’ll discover intricate ancient temples, cascading waterfalls, verdant jungles brimming with Gibbons and plenty of adventure sports – from kayaking to white-water rafting, zip line experiences and more.

If you like to shop, there’s plenty of market stalls oozing spilling with handmade arts and crafts for those all-important keepsakes.

Best time to visit: December – March

Average Temperature: 27°C – 29°C

Top Attractions: Phousi hill, Kuang Si waterfall, Wat Xiengthong.

10- Morocco

You are going to the right place if cultural beauty, bustling street markets, opulent buildings and intricately handcrafted ceramics is what you’re after. Morocco has a mild temperature in the winter months making it a perfect sunshine destination to beat the chills. There’s plenty for you to see within its cobbled streets, from colourful belly dancers and snake charmers to intimate shops selling unique souvenirs. One of the best destinations to put on your bucket list.

Best time to visit: November – March

Average Temperature: 20°C

Top Attractions: Bahia palace, Ouzoud falls, Koutoubia.

11- Egypt

The winter months in Egypt are certainly toastier than in the UK, with average highs of 19°C in Cairo and 22°C in a popular tourist resort, Sharm El Sheikh. Prepare to be enchanted by your visits to Cairo, Giza, Sphinx, Luxor, Aswan and more amazing places the country holds. You’ll notice ancient buildings, monuments and pastimes in abundance when you visit this interesting destination, with ornate carvings, statues and sculptures around every corner. Prefer a little R&R while you’re away? The luxury hotel resorts lining the Red Sea are sure to satisfy sun-seekers…

Best time to visit: December – February

Average Temperature: 19°C – 22°C

Top Attractions: Great Sphinx of Giza, Karnak, The Egyptian museum.

12. Vietnam

Vietnam experiences warm weather in January, with average temperatures of 26°C in the south, 23°C in the central regions and a cooler (and more comfortable) 18°C in the north. Discover the vibrant cities including Hoi An, Hue and Ho Chin Minh City, with their rich history and bustling atmosphere – or, go more rural and visit Halong Bay with its turquoise waters or verdant Cat Ba Island and you’ll feel a million miles from home.

Best time to visit: November – February

Average Temperature: 25°C

Top Attractions: Chu chi tunnel, Temple of literature, Ha Long bay.

13- Mexico

The perfect destination for exploring white-sand beaches, ancient Mayan architecture and an underwater world of exotic marine life – Mexico holidays are a fantastic option if you want an all-round sunshine escape in January. This sunny winter holiday destination is well-suited to those who enjoy being close to nature, love to adventure and lap up their fair share of buzzing nightlife and tasty food. Whether it’s cenote swimming, scuba diving, or simply lounging on Cancun beach that you’re looking forward to most, your Mexico holiday won’t disappoint.

Best time to visit: November – April

Average Temperature: 25°C – 27°C

Top Attractions: Tulum, Xcaret park, Pyramid of the sun.

14- Myanmar

Myanmar is generally a humid destination, but during the winter months, the climate becomes dry and a little cooler, making it a perfect stop for you. Typically there are fewer visitors around this time, so you won’t be overwhelmed by large crowds. You can admire the spectacular ancient sights, temples and amazing natural wonders at your leisure – ahh bliss.

Best time to visit: November – February

Average Temperature: 21°C – 24°C

Top Attractions: Inle Lake, Sule Pagoda, Ananda temple.

15- Oman

Oman’s diverse landscapes can be best experienced when the summer desert heat gets over-shadowed by pleasant winter temperatures. A scintillating sea breeze is going to embrace you when you’re exploring what this Middle Eastern gem has to offer, from its valleys and ravines to swaying palm trees and clear waters…

Best time to visit: October – April

Average Temperature: 26°C

Top Attractions: Jebel Shams, Wadi Ash Shab, Nizwa fort

So, there we have it, our list of the best places to visit in winter around the world. Call our experts at Crystal Travel and let us help you plan your trip this upcoming January 2022, for less.