Most Amazing Places to Visit and Things to do in Cebu

Cebu is recognized as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines with lots of famous places in Cebu alone. Rubbing shoulders with Manila, this amazing city is truly an enchanting Filipino hub filled with throngs of attractions, excitement, and thrill.

Right from avant-garde attractions, historic landmarks, food and adventure, there are things that need an entire lifetime to experience in Cebu. Whether you are a foodie, fitness junkie or a historian, there are activities and excitement to keep you on your toes. So, first-timers, you better watch out!

So, if you’re wondering what are the best things to do in Cebu, we have an amazing list of the best things to do and places to visit, just you need to your flights to Cebu and explore it. Where do we begin?

Best Places to visit in Cebu

1. Cebu Westown Lagoon


Hey, you’ve got kids travelling with you? Do not miss out this mind-blowing, man-made attraction in the city. The Cebu Westown Lagoon is the place your kids will love. There is a kids pool, impressive water park and gazebo is this enchanting oasis. While your kids play, you can relax in a Jacuzzi or enjoy sliding down the water slides.

2. Terrazas de Flores in Busay, Cebu

Admire the jaw-dropping beauty and the astounding floral arrangements at Terrazas de Flores in Busay, Cebu. Enjoy a stroll, take pictures, and inhale the soothing fresh air. Do not forget to pamper your taste buds with mouth-watering snacks at the cosy cafe right in the garden.

3. The Cube

The Cube is rapidly becoming a people’s favourite. Just stand underneath this massive structure and let your camera do the talking. The Cube stands as a symbol of strength and stability. It opens every day from 5-7pm. The best part is – if rearranged, the cube forms the word ‘Cebu’.

4. Temple of Leah


This majestic temple is built in Busay. It draws numerous of visitors every day from all over with cheap flights to Cebu to admire the design and the surrounding aura. Thanks to its amazing views and the Greek-inspired architecture.

5. Mount Babag

All you trekkers and adventure lovers tighten your laces and belts before hiking up the magnificent Mount Babag. No wonder, this is a true playground for seasoned trekkers and hikers.

6. Lantaw

If hunger strikes head towards one of the most famous places in Cebu – Lantaw Floating Restaurant located in Cordova and pamper your taste buds with a variety of dishes. Additionally, the charming Lantaw boasts a soul-pleasing atmosphere and appealing views of the sea and city. After a luscious lunch, you can advance towards 10,000 Roses and take in the captivating ambience. Do not forget to take abundant pictures of the roses.

7. Explore Larsian

Resurrect your palette with appetizing Larsian snacks in Fuente, Cebu. The Tuslob Buwa is also a people’s favorite that offers you lip-smacking street food and satisfies your gastronomic cravings.

8. Go to Tisa

To experience the eventual food fiesta in Cebu, you need to book flights to Cebu, make your way to Barangay Tisa and tickle your taste buds. Foods that you must try include Siomai, steamed rice, siopao, batchoy, inasal manok, pancit canton and a whole lot more.

With its endless outdoor activities and abundant landscapes, Cebu promises the best times unlike any. This city caters to everyone. Whether you are a newcomer or a returning visitor, this wonderful Filipino city has no shortage of things to do.

Best Things to do in Cebu

1. Do an Island Tour


Just remember the name ‘Malapascua’. This unique spot got its name from the Spaniards who sailed into this island and made their settlement. Malapascua is a popular destination famous for diving and snorkelling. If you wish to see a variety of sharks, then you are at the right location. Hire a small boat and enjoy a trip around the island to explore the top-class spots.

2. Take in the sunset at Mactan


Situated close to the Cebu International Airport, the Mactan City is renowned for its beaches and stunning sunsets. Every time you visit this spot, you surely will be astounded. Gaze down the horizon to spot secluded beaches with high-adrenaline watersports and underwater activities. Enjoy western and eastern flavours at one of the themed restaurants in the city.

3. Camp at the mountains


With foreign and locals, Cebu is an admired and loved city. Whether you are looking for beach relaxation or a mountain experience, it has all. Apart from the beaches, if you are looking for some mountaintop experience and camping, Osmena Peak and the magical islands of Cebu are the best.

The Sirao Peak is one of the best choices that let you take up a challenge with a refreshing swim in the Kabang Falls. Mount Naupa also calls all ardent climbers to test their skills and admire the amazing countryside.

4. Visit the famous Kawasan Falls


The Kasawan Falls is an illustrious natural wonder that tempts visitors to not only marvel at the sight but also lure them to various activities. The waterfall is just 95 miles from the main Cebu city. You need to trek for an hour to reach the beautiful waterfall. Abiding in a secluded lush forest, the waterfalls offers the absolute thrill and sight like none other. It is truly the perfect paradise away from the chaotic city life. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cebu.

5. Visit the stunning Aguinid Falls


The beautiful Aguinid Falls offers plenty of water compositions and strange rock formations to get you awe-inspired. Located 100 miles away from Cebu City, this unusual wonder is a must-see attraction. You can easily climb the falls with the stairs towards the walls.

6. Visit Osmena Peak


The Osmena Peak is situated on one of the highest mountains in Cebu. The rugged structure and beauty draw people towards it. Rubbing shoulders with Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Osmena Peak is a great spot for camping too. Embark on an early morning trek and pass through grassy hills and thriving vegetable farms. As you walk up, the landscape begins to change, allowing you to admire the foggy surroundings and enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding.

7. Visit Moalboal

Visiting Moalboal will remove all the cares of your daily life. The main pull of Moalboal is its thrilling marine life. Enjoy snorkelling with other trained drivers that flock to this place from all over the world. Explore Panagsama Beach before taking to the warm waters of the ocean and relish a traditional lunch comprising of seafood varieties.

These are truly amazing reasons that make Cebu one of the most sought after tourist destination. If you are booking flights to Manila for your next venture, make sure you do not miss out this place. Whether you are planning a family getaway or a honeymoon, Cebu is the idyllic choice to build unforgettable moments.

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