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10 Most Amazing Waterfalls in Philippines

Are you fanatic about waterfalls? Or love to explore nature at its best? If yes, then your search ends here. The Philippines will suffice your need to the fullest and will leave you craving for more. It is indeed true that nature has bestowed us with so much that we can never payback. The least we can do is to just go to the wilderness of nature and admire its raw beauty while losing ourselves in its embrace.

One of nature’s marvels is in the form of waterfalls and the Philippines has those in abundance. So, what keeps you waiting? Just book your flights to Philippines and gear up for some waterfall hopping.

To mention a few from the long-long list these famous waterfalls in the Philippines will definitely drive you crazy!



To reach here, book cheap flights to Manila and go to Puerto Galera, which is known for its pristine beaches. Tamaraw means “buffalo” in English. Tamaraw Falls is a beautiful 423-foot spectacular sight. Few mini-falls traverse each other and join into one majestic waterfall. These falls are easily accessible down the road from Puerto Galera’s beach resorts. The Tamaraw Falls has located 13km from Puerto Galera which is 40 min. drive via a jeepney, a private van, a motorbike or a tricycle.


Alalum Falls is 128 feet high. They are located in Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon and their enchanting sight could be viewed by the passersby on Sarje National Highway. Visiting Alalum Falls is equivalent to visiting a paradise. The magnetic 45 meters of cascading water is flanked by lush green trees, shrubs and wild flowers. Alalum falls is easily accessible from Sumilao, an area surrounding the waterfalls.



Mimbalot falls is one of the famous and unique waterfalls in LLigan City, Mintanao. These falls are mostly visited for a superb backdrop for pictures. The scenario of these waterfalls is truly breathtaking. As the cascading water splits into various streams of downpours, it creates an amazing sight to behold in the eyes. The beauty of this waterfall will tempt you to jump and swim under the falls but don’t try this as it could be dangerous. Instead, enjoy the cool splashes of water in the pool basins. You can even go for trekking and zip-lining here. Being a part of Lligan Paradise Resort and Eco Park, these waterfalls also offer ample adventure opportunities like Kayaking, Tubing, Horse-back riding, Cliff-Swinging, riding the cable car etc.


Limunsudan Falls is another gem from Lligan City’s treasure. These falls are the second largest in the Philippines. It cascades in two steps and the scenic backdrop of waterfalls is so astounding that visitors actually feel like they are stepping into the set of an adventure movie. Limunsudan Falls lie along Bayong River, 55 km away from the proper city. Reaching these falls situated in a remote village of Limunsudan is indeed a mystical adventure in itself. You will reach here by trekking for 2-3 days on foot from Barangay Rongongon. Arriving at Limsudan, you will be greeted by the tribal group of the village where rituals will be performed for your safety to visit this waterfall as this waterfall is worshipped and considered sacred by them. The not so easy accessibility of these falls gives ample opportunities to the visitors to explore this nature’s masterpiece in tranquillity.



The Tinago Falls are 73 meters and to reach them one has to climb a 500 step staircase. These falls gives you the liberty of jumping right into the blue waters as it is completely safe to do so. People also enjoy a picnic by these falls. You can even ride a raft along the flowing water for a small fee and enjoy the falling water on your skin.



La Union is the place which is popular among surfers because of its exotic beaches and absorbing waves. Tangadan Falls lies in Amontoc, San Gabriel, La Union which is just a 20 min drive from San Juan. It is basically a mountainous region. It will require a one or two hours trekking to reach these falls but the whole path is scenic and you may also need a guide. These falls are 50 ft high and look very impressive against a backdrop of semi-white formations of limestone. The waters of the fall are cold and refreshing and many people relish swimming to relax the muscles that got tensed from trekking to the destination of these falls.


Aligwagwag Falls are the highest waterfalls in the Philippines. The one over another series of more than a hundred falls makes up a height of 340 meters. This enormous waterfall is regarded as the most amazing in Mindano as they resemble a staircase that goes to heaven. Aliwagwag Falls is located in a secured landscape in Barangay Aliwagwag, Cateel, in the east coast province of Davao. These are the most visited natural wonder in devour and also the home to the Sawaganum fish. You can even opt to hike down the river to get a clearer and closer experience with the falls.



The mesmerizing Kawasan Falls is the most far-famed waterfall in Cebu. You can book your flights to Cebu and can reach the place by hiking for 30 minutes through the mountains of Badian. Kawasan Falls is a three-step waterfall that flows down into a crystal clear pool of turquoise water. One can easily swim here or just float on a bamboo raft to experience the magic of these falls as they are situated deep in the rainforest. The tallest of the three tiers of waterfalls is 40 meters high. This place is most densely populated by the tourists and the falls also have a surrounding commercialized area with numerous shops, stores and restaurants.



Maria Cristina Falls is popularly known as one of the most imposing waterfalls. It is famous among others and also mentioned in the children’s books. These falls are found in highlands of Mindano. This 98-meter tall waterfall is the main source of electric power of Lligan city. Maria Christina actually twins as the waterfalls split into two identical falls by a rock. One can visit Maria Christina only on Sundays and holidays when the hydroelectric plant remains closed for an hour. NAPOCOR has recently developed National Power Nature Park in the surroundings of this park. The Park offers opportunities for fun and thrill like zip-lining, bridge-jumping, canyoneering, rock climbing etc



While visiting the amazing waterfalls in the Philippines, do not forget, the Seven Falls, Lake Sebu. The Seven Falls has a beauty so majestic that one would be lured to visit again and again. The two of the seven falls are most easily accessible with Hikong Alo, being the earliest to reach. Falls 3, 4, 5 could be viewed from highest zip lines in Southeast Asia. As you will be 180 meters up in the air you will get an enthralling view of paradise below. At the entrance of the falls, you will find souvenir shops that sell local items of the place. Visit seven falls for the best zipline experience of your life.