7 trends that will change the way we travel after Coronavirus

Last Updated on May 6, 2021 by Darrif William

Since the world’s destinations closed their doors to tourists in early 2020, we’ve been left wondering what travel will look like after COVID-19? While we’re hopeful that overseas travel will resume in a similar way to before the virus, there are undoubtedly a few trends set to influence the tourism industry moving forwards.

Let’s take a look at what our holidays could look like…

1. Holidays on Home Turf

Whether you’re working from home and want to upgrade your desk view for the week, or you’re taking annual leave for that well-earned trip – you won’t have to travel too far, as we’re exploring what’s on our doorstep now more than ever. That’s right, staycation bookings have soared throughout lockdown with more and more people taking the opportunity to experience all that the UK has to offer – spoiler alert: there’s a lot more beauty in our back gardens than you might think!

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2. Let’s get sustainable

Sustainable travelhas become a hot topicin recent years, with a strong focus on how we can reduce carbon footprint with eco-friendly products and methods of transport, too. Since lockdown began, one of the few highlights was that we watched the environment slowly begin to heal; with less pollution (due to less people), brighter skies, cleaner waters and more wildlife roaming freely. While some of these positives may only be temporary, it’s time to make a conscious effort and make small sustainable changes that will have a big impact on the planet – starting with a few easy travel swaps. Unsure where to start? Read our dedicated blog and get clued up on the eco-friendly trends to adopt before you travel next.

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3. Flexible Bookings

One thing that many airlines have now implemented due to COVID-19 is flexible booking policies. Having the freedom to book your flights with the option to change the date, destination, or cancel the trip entirely gives traveler’s huge confidence when considering their next holiday. This is a trend we hope will remain for the foreseeable…

4. Meaningful Bucket List Trips

We believe another top trend that the travel industry is going to see is a surge in planning more meaningful escapes – those bucket list trips we’ve been dreaming of. The last year has prompted us to do more of the things we love and make the most of our free time with family, so whether you’ve always wanted to experience the Northern Lights or witness the world’s most beautiful creatures on an AfricanSafari tour, these once-in-lifetime trips are going to fast track their way into our calendars.

5. Working Holidays

Why take a week-long break in order to rush home for work, when you can travel for a fortnight and check off a few emails here and there, too? Lockdown has revolutionized the way we work, with many remote offices around the world innovatively crafted from kitchen tables and a pile of cookbooks to prop up your laptop (or is that just us?!). Since Barbados announced its 12-month remote working scheme, more and more travel lovers are opening up to the idea of working while away and saving those all-important annual leave days at the same time! Working with a beach view wouldn’t be so bad, right?

6. Have you read the rules?

For many, the possibility of a holiday is very exciting – although we should bear in mind that we are still a long way from achieving normalcy, despitemaking positive steps to get there. When planning your next holiday, be sure to read the safety rules and requirements that are issued by the local government and worldwide, so you can stay clued up no matter where you’re heading to. Every destination is dealing with the conditions separately, so be sure to do your research!

7. Bring On The Family Reunion

With Easter, Christmas and New Year being a no-go last year (and half of this year), as soon as travel is permitted, we’re sure there will be a flurry of fabulous family reunions! Whether it’s booking a big trip abroad for some quality time in the sun, or squeezing around a table for a big celebratory feast – we’re sure to see a rise in group travel, gatherings and events.

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