Top 5 Astounding Places To Visit In Singapore

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Singapore—a place which has futuristic wonders with sky-reaching towers is quite ahead of its time. There are many remarkable destinations to hang around in Singapore. The country has well structured modern complexes with delightful dining spots, and swanky hotels.

It offers a vibrant nightlife for you to enjoy with the fun-loving friends. So don’t miss that beat when you are off to that exhausting schedule. Besides from an electronic modern world image, Singapore has got the nature paths ease away everyone’s heart. For the budget travellers, it serves as an excellent place, as it provides that great level of activities to do along with beautiful sights.

Nothing is there that you cannot get in this place, which includes small binge plazas, alluring parks and those affordable shopping hub. So, plan a trip to Singapore.

Here we have 5 best places to visit in Singapore. Let’s  tick your bucket list off.

5 – Singapore  Flyer

Singapore  Flyer

Why not view Singapore from the top. Just  imagine, getting a bird-eye view of the whole city. Make arrangements for where you’ll stopover, or better yet, live in the moment and watch the sun set (If you happen to visit during sun downing). It is Asia’s gigantic wheel that lies above the ground. 

View the insider look of the technology behind the wheel with Singapore’s history and progress. This ride will definitely brush up on your knowledge and this makes the place as one of the top attractions for the young generation. During your city tour, make sure to stop by this location for a breathtaking view of the F1 course, Gardens by the Bay, and views of the skyline as well as areas of Malaysia and Indonesia.

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4 – Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens - Places to visit in Singapore

Linger around the Botanic gardens of Singapore. This location is filled with lush green vistas that rejuvenates your soul. Botanic garden is one f the best places to visit in Singapore for the nature lovers. Exotic and rare vegetation spreads all over. You can see Singapore’s national flower, the orchids and star attraction. 

Several lakes in the botanic gardens are home to many ducks and swans. An ideal destination for having an experience of splendid mother nature. Unwind yourself while listening to the birds’ sound, wind, trees, and swans. People visit this park to keep themselves away from the noise of the city.

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3 – ChinaTown

ChinaTown - Best place to visit in Singapore

In the centre of the bustling market, China Town is always buzzing with activity. If you do not visit China Town during your Singapore vacation, you are missing out. This bustling location is famed for its authentic Chinese cuisine, brilliant red lanterns, and vivid stores selling souvenirs and traditional Chinese goods around every corner. 

Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and Buddha Tooth Relic temple are quite famous and worth a visit. Both temples are the main attractions of China town and don’t miss out the visit to Thian Hock Keng. It is one of the most colourful and oldest Chinese temple.

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2 – Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay - One of the place to visit in Singapore

Without a doubt, this location inspires a lot of admiration and is one of the best places to visit for any traveller. Gardens by the Bay will take you to a quirky world. For all the right reasons. It serves as the home to many incredible super tree grove, which looks lovely in the night.

Get that feeling of relief by seeing the variety of attractions—the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which gives the onlookers a beautiful eye popping vista. The bay complex includes middle, south and east bays. It gives a promenade to walk and you can also grab a bite with coffee. 

1 – Little India and Arab Street

Little India and Arab Street

These are the prominent destinations that give a majestic experience. You will have an unravelled experience of moving from the modern metropolis to a zone i.e. haven with the stores, cafes and historical mosques. The Arab Street along with the vintage architecture, shopping hubs, and true Arabian food, makes a wonderful atmosphere.

It gives a slew of shopping places, cafes with Indian cuisines, and temples such as Sri Veeramakaliamman—the most known Hindu temple in the area. These mark as the best places to visit in Singapore when you want to cut yourself off from the hubbub of the city.

Apart from these 5 best places to visit in Singapore there are other attractions that will take your heart to the country—Pulau Ubin, Orchard Road, Sentosa, and more. Hope you will enjoy touring the country now!

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