Best Hiking Destinations in England

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“Hiking is not escapism; it’s realism. The people who choose to spend time outdoors are not running away from anything; we are returning to where we belong” – Jennifer Pharr Davis

Hiking is like living a thousand moments in a span of hours. While England has plenty of hiking options, Western England and Northern England touching Scotland have breathtaking suggestions to hike to the highlands and wild. In this write-up, I will cover the most prominent, picturesque, and pleasant-to-eyes hiking options for my readers. So, pack your bags because we are about to climb to heavenly storytelling!

The Isle of Skye, The Quiraing :
Quairang is a beautiful yet bizarre kind of land formation in the north of Skye making it a popular attraction not only to hikers or nature lovers but to geologists and scientists. Being one of the best hiking spots in England, Quairang is best experienced when it is actually walked. The myriad vistas will enchant your mind with their breathtaking beauty.

The Isle of Skye, The Quiraing
Old Man of Storr and Cathedral Rock with the Storr Lochs in the background

Scafell Pike, Lake District:
One of the best hiking destinations in England is Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England. It is so popular that it remains crowdy all hiking season. There are multiple routes to hike to the tallest natural landscape in England. While most of the crowd climbs through the route Westdale, a handful of adventurous spirits like to push themselves through the North side, beginning in Seathwaite. Known as the “Corridor Route”, this nine-mile trail is worth an effort.

Scafell Pike, Lake District

West Highland Way, Glasgow to the Highlands:
The extremely spectacular and astonishing hiking trail in England with Waterfall is the West Highland Way, a journey from Glasgow to the Highlands. The beauty of West Highland Way can’t be contained in words. Movies like Harry Potter and Victor Frankenstein are filmed here. One of the toughest but most wonderful & rewarding sections of this entire trail is Kingshouse to Fort Williams (a 22 mile of sheer magic).

West Highland Way, Glasgow to the Highlands

Hadrian’s Wall Path:
Emperor Hadrian and his bewildering army of 15,000 men have erected something of a marvel by themselves. This picturesque route spans from lush green fields to city streets to highlands and to the Roman forts that dotted its way. The entire stretch is about 84 miles and boy, there is an unmissable charm in walking this snake way. Soak up all the history and culture on the way as you absorb the fresh air and brilliant scenes on the trail.

Hadrian’s Wall Path

Snowdonia National Park, Wales:
Snowdonia is yet another best place to go for a hike in the UK. Being another peak in the list, I would recommend you see it through the prism of a challenge rather than just another hike. Though we talked about the peak, the entire national park is worth an exploration. I’ve been here multiple times, and this place is definitely one of the best hiking destinations in and around England.

Snowdonia National Park, Wales
Snowdonia National Park in Northern Wales taken in June 2018

Despite the fact that hiking tests stamina and health in you, it is one of the most fulfilling outdoor activities to practice and cultivate one’s interest. Hiking is like keeping your heart healthy, eyes pretty, and soul enriched!

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