How Can You Enjoy Dubai on a Budget?

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Inspiring Dubai

Dubai is compared with hedonism, lavishness, and exorbitance. This futuristic city emits immense power, gigantic engineering feats and squandering of wealth, it can still be highly entertaining for everyone. Well, Dubai is not all about richness; it can also be enjoyed on a budget with cheap Dubai flights.

Inspiring Dubai
Inspiring Dubai

One level of the city does cater to the wealthy and the famous, but there is much more contentment than expenditure. After the 2010 recession, things have come down a lot, making Dubai quite affordable, even the Dubai Shopping Festival can bag you inexpensive things.

Frankly speaking, Dubai is a city of contrasts, where lavishness and simplicity rub shoulders with each other. On one side where brick and stones dwell, on the other side glass skyscrapers also dot the city. It is only when you step into the city and face these amazing contrasts, discovering Dubai gets easier, unveils the amazing people and cultural features behind this desert gem.

Budget airfares

Your first search for travelling to Dubai will naturally be flights to Dubai. Well, if you can get this, you have just hit the jackpot. Frankly speaking, air travel to Duba is cheap and the city is easily connected with budget Dubai holiday. From Europe, KLM, Alitalia, Emirates are quite cheap.

Fun-filled activities 

Have you ever experienced skydiving at level zero and skiing in the city of deserts? Well, Dubai has it all. There are numerous kooky things to see, do, and experience. With Dubai flights, you can enjoy grand vistas of the city and yet, soak up the city on a tight budget.

On one hand, where some beaches are open to the public and are free, others might cost you anything between $10-$15 and offer amenities such as BBQs, gardens and lavish bathrooms.

If you do not wish to pay the entry fee, just admire the building and capture the finest shots with your DSLR. You can also capture the illuminated building after dusk and marvel at the fountain.

Another popular attraction is the 7-star hotel Burj al Arab. Getting in might not be possible without paying. The alternative is to admire the building from the beach next to it. Hence, it’s a double scoop – the building and the beach. Hope you take some time out from your Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 fun and enjoy other things too.

Transportation in Dubai

Transportation in Dubai
Transportation in Dubai

Usually, five modes of transportation operating in Dubai – metro, buses, taxis, rented car, and boats known as an abra. The metro is amazing. It is new, ultra-modern, and inexpensive. You can obtain a pass for $3.8 and reach anywhere in the city.

The buses and the metro share the same travel card/pass and even reach places that the metro cannot. Taxis are quite affordable and petrol prices are low in Dubai. Taxis are plentiful and getting around is easy and comfortable with the AC on.

If you wish to explore other sister cities such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, it is suggested that you hire a car and use it for exploring several places in and around Dubai. With a rented car, you can also carry drinks and other eatables if you are heading towards the desert.

Abras are boats that you can use while crossing from one side to the other. They approximately cost AED1 and are one of the most thrilling experiences in Dubai. You are not far from such thrill and entertainment. Book cheap Dubai deals from Crystal Travel and take the journey of your lifetime.

Food & Drinks

Visitors can enjoy fancy restaurants and plenty of inexpensive food in Dubai. With numerous communities, one will surely find and enjoy assorted food in the city. Just think and name the dish, it will be on your plate.

If you do not like a particular food or a restaurant, there are surplus options, which are inexpensive. The rule of thumb is – if you are in areas where maximum people are Asian, things will be less expensive, and you will find several other affordable options. In Dubai, more expensive does not mean that it’s better, even the cheapest of things can be worth it.

If you are in search of some authentic dishes, Dubai and Deira remain the top-class places to savour them. You can sample a full-plated Indian meal for a few pounds, eat a portion of fried rice at a cafeteria, and dig right into a local delicacy. Shawarma is a unique delicacy in the city and you can sample them only during the evenings.

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