The perfect destinations for your 2021 Easter holiday

Spring is a beautiful time to travel thanks to its pleasant weather, sunshine and blooming flowers – with plenty of destinations around the world ideal for celebrating the Easter Holidays. Whether you want to stay close to home or hop on a far-flung flight, we’ve got a list of our favourite places sure to pique your interest for 2021 escapes.

1 – Florida

If you’re after splash-tastic fun, Florida is the best place to go with your family at Easter time. Brimming with world-famous theme parks and water parks, there’s an abundance of exciting things to do with the kids – including meeting the Easter bunny at Magic Kingdom, or spotting an Easter Bunny hopping through the crowds at the parade. In addition, the temperatures are mild during April so it’s a great time to visit the beaches or explore the parks without feeling too hot!

2 – Moscow

What if we told you that you could celebrate Easter twice? If you head to Moscow, you can enjoy Easter activities a week or two later according to the Gregorian calendar, which means you’re in for a double celebration! You can visit one of the most stunning churches with orthodox values allowing you to enjoy the festivities on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, which continues all night long.

3 – Copenhagen

If you are in the mood for some family fun during the Easter holidays, then you can head to Copenhagen. There are amazing amusement parks with thrilling rides and attractions that are sure to entertain those big and small. The most interesting activity that you can enjoy is participating in an Easter egg hunt or, for adults, sampling the annual Easter beer!

4 – Amsterdam

The charm of Amsterdam lives in its canals, cobbles and culture, which runs deep into the roots of the city. A perfect blend of new and old provides you with many things to do on Easter Monday, from a bike tour to a leisurely canal ride or a museum tour, there won’t be a single boring moment while on holidays in Amsterdam. In spring, it’s the perfect time of year to admire the colourful tulips (the city’s national flower), ornate centuries-oldbuildings and manicured garden spaces on your Easter holiday.

5 – Krakow

Krakow is one of the best places to visit for Easter Monday because, just like Christmas, Easter is also celebrated with a lot of merriment and vigour. You’re going to love the deliciousfood and the markets, which are culturally embellished to mark the celebrations. The hustle and bustle of the main square, RynekGlowny,is ideal if you like a lively scene, especially if you want to mingle with the locals, too.

6 – Paris

Spring makes this already enchanting city bloom in full swing, withcolourful flowers popping up in parks and the natural beautyof the city in full glory. There’s plenty of chocolate to go around in this city, Easter Eggs or otherwise, so you can certainly satisfy your sweet tooth on your travels. Tick off the tourist landmarks, dine in an al-fresco restaurant and wander the cobbled streets in the sunshine.

7 – Sicily

Consider yourself a festival fanatic? Sicily has a whole host of fun-loving festivals and events availablethroughout the island during the Easter season, including Gli Incappucciati, I Diavulazzi di Pasqua and more. Sicily also happens to be one of the best locations for sightseeing and getting lost in the ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes, view from cliffs and more. What’s not to love?

8 – Berlin

Typically, the Easter holidaysare a peak time for tourists visiting to celebrate a week of sun, but luckily for you, not so much in Berlin. The temperature is lovely in April and the city’s landmarks and attractions will have fewer crowds. There are a plenty of fun attractionsto enjoy during Easter in Berlin, including Easter Knights festival, a historic market with food stalls, performers and more – so you won’t be missing out!

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Christmas Celebration

How is the festive period likely to be different this year?

Christmas is upon us and amidst the pandemic, the festive season is going to look a little different this year. Families are encouraged to celebrate within their households in their local area only, to ensure the safety of loved ones and others you may come in contact with throughout this period.

Celebrating Christmas at Home
Celebrating Christmas at Home

1- Christmas Bubbles

It is possible to celebrate Christmas this year by forming Christmas Bubbles. However, with the new lockdown rules implemented as of midnight on Saturday 19th December, these bubbles are only acceptable in certain tiers.

  • Tier 4 is prohibited to form bubbles or mix with other households
  • Tier 3 can form a bubble of three households on Christmas Day only.
  • The members of these bubbles can mix and enjoy in each other’s houses, a place of worship or in an outdoor public space or garden. Also, the bubble member’s list should be fixed as no swapping is allowed.
  • If you have children returning from university, they are automatically considered as a part of your household.
  • Other children who are not at university but are spread across the nation cannot form a bubble with their parents and must stick to their local areas.

2- Online celebrations

Online weddings, meetings and family reunions played a major part of 2020 with regards to both business and personal gatherings (hands up if you did one too many zoom quizzes?). Since there are restrictions on throwing a big party this year, zoom parties will most likely be the way forward – so be sure to have that WiFi working!

3- Communal gatherings

Currently, places of worship including churches will remain open even in the Tier 4 areas. This relaxation may however be reviewed for safety reasons, so it’s advised that, if you can, to attend church services online.

4- Online Christmas shopping

All major retail stores are likely to remain closed, so online shopping for gifts and essentials is probable. With this comes the possibility of popular items (Your Christmas Turkey) out of stock, so be sure to get online and buy as soon as possible with social distanced delivery.

Here’s to wishing you all a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Guide to Dubai Expo 2020: Everything You Need to Know About This Mega Global Event

Dubai is set to be the first country in the Middle East to host a World Expo event. Starting in October 2020, this will be a celebration of human brilliance, innovation and achievement. A total of 192 countries will be participating and millions of visitors from across the globe are expected to descend on the UAE for this event. It will be your chance to experience the best of art, culture, technology and invention from different corners of the world and set in motion new thoughts and ideas that will impact our lives in the coming years. Every major city across the globe can be easily reached from Dubai, making it a major hub and the perfect hosting nation for the Expo 2020. Dubai will be putting on quite the show, come at the end of 2020. There are three main sub-themes to the event: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Dubai expo 2020 will commence on 20th October 2020 and will end on 10th April 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the Dubai Expo 2020.

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What is Expo 2020?


Expo 2020 Dubai is a world fair or mega international event to showcase and explore the ideas and achievements of nations all around the world. It is a platform where people from every corner of the world come together, connect and share ideas, learn and innovate. A festival is a mega event in terms of size, scale and visitors, promoting progress and innovation. It is also a place where you can come, learn and have fun. Dubai Expo 2020 is the first World Expo to be hosted by an Arab nation and first ever to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region.

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Where in Dubai is the Expo Being Held?

The Expo 2020 site is located in Dubai South, close to Al Maktoum International Airport. It is spread over 4.38 square kilometres of area and has four main entrances. Dubai South holds numerous high-profile exhibitions and events, but Dubai Expo 2020, undoubtedly will be its crowning glory. The Dubai Metro route 2020 will be transferring 46,000 passengers per hour to and from the Expo site in under 16 minutes from Dubai Marina.

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How Can You Reach the Site?


You can reach the Expo site by car in 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai or you can take Dubai Metro to reach the Dubai Metro Station dedicated to Expo 2020 on the route 2020 line.

 Site Opening Hours

  • Weekdays: 9 am-1 am
  • Weekends and special days: 10 am-2 am

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What to Do at the Expo 2020 Dubai?


There will be a variety of things to dazzle you, from music, technology and architecture to gastronomy and entertainment. Get to know Rashid and Latifa, the Expo 2020 Dubai mascots as they embark on an exciting new journey led by Salama the Ghaf tree. A day is not enough to discover the magic of the largest event ever held in the Arab world. This will be a journey where you’ll get to visit 192 different countries and learn all about their history and culture.

Start your day at the Al Wasl Plaza and admire the artwork and interactive installations from local and international artists. You’ll find cutting-edge architecture at every turn including the world’s biggest 360-degree projection surface on the steel dome and the all-natural Opportunity Pavilion made from 2,500 tonnes of stone and 111 km of rope. Enjoy live shows, from operas to pop-up theatres, flash mobs to sports events and enough to make you keep coming back here. For tech enthusiasts, there is a whole new world waiting with autonomous vehicles, robotics, augmented reality and space explorations.

If you’ve seen enough of the Expo 2020 from the ground, get a bird’s eye view of the place from the top of the rotating observation tower. You’ll find Arab-style vistas throughout the site with desert scenes, palm groves, jasmine trees and wadi figs. When tired of all the explorations, sit under the shaded canopies of the Ghaf tree, which is also the national tree of the UAE.

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What to Eat at the Expo 2020?


There are over 200-plus ways to treat your taste buds at the Expo 2020 with food offerings from Dubai and the 190 participating nations, joining this global mega event. Taste dishes from every corner of the world with a variety of options – from street food, haute cuisine and family-friendly meals to sustainable dining and unique culinary dishes prepared from locally-sourced produce that promotes wellness.

You can expect to see the food of all shapes and sizes with cultural influences from around the planet, suiting different budgets. There will be over 200 different restaurants celebrating more than 50 different cuisines from every part of the world.

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Can Kids Visit the Expo Site?

Yes, you can take children to the Expo site. There are two parks – Al Forsan and Jubilee – where children can play.

How to Buy Tickets for Expo 2020?

Tickets will go on sale in April 2020 and you can buy tickets through the Expo 2020 website and at the Expo 2020 gates during the event. However, monthly and season passes are available right now. So if you’re planning to visit Dubai during the Expo 2020, you can easily buy your passes from the website.

How Much are the Tickets?

To access this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll have to shell out Dh120 (USD 33) for a single-day entry ticket, whereas a three-day pass is priced at Dh260 (USD 71) and can be used on any three days during the 173 days of the Expo.

Children under the age of five and seniors over 65 years have free access to the Expo. Youngsters from 6 to 17 years of age and students of any age will receive a 50 per cent discount on the ticket. People of determination or those with special needs will be granted complimentary access, with their carers entering for half price.

Where to Stay for the World Exhibition in Dubai?


It’s a good idea to stay in a hotel that is close to a metro station if you are visiting Dubai during Expo 2020 so that you can directly access the Expo 2020 Pavilion using the metro. This 6-month mega event will be from October 20, 2020, till 10 April 2021, and over 25 million visitors are expected to visit. There are more than 200 international participants, including 190 nations, businesses, non-government organisations and educational institutions. It is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity where you’ll get to witness the most exciting technology projects and innovations that are happening around the world. The theme of Expo 2020 is “connecting minds, creating the future” and it will attract some of the smartest minds in the world to Dubai. It would be a good idea to have long term accommodation and rent an apartment in Dubai during this period to take full advantage of the Expo 2020.

Is There Any Dress Code for Visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai?

There is no dress code for visitors. Any light, casual and comfortable clothing keeping in mind the sunny weather of the UAE is good. However, you might need slightly warmer clothes such as a jumper during the winter in December and January, or in a place of powerful air conditioning (for example, a cinema or a hotel lobby). Avoid revealing clothes when out in public especially in family-friendly environments such as malls and restaurants and cover your head when you enter a place of worship. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

A Spotlight on the 42nd Vancouver International Wine Festival 2020

Celebrating its 42nd anniversary, the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2020 runs from February 22 to March 1. It features wine from 15 countries and over 160 different wineries. This year, the focus is on France and about 42 wineries from 10 different wine-growing regions are participating in the festival and the spotlight is on rose wine. The key attraction at the Vancouver International Wine Festival being held at Vancouver Convention Centre is the Tasting Room, which features over 750 wines and food.

 About the Wine Festival

One of the oldest and largest wine events in the world, the VanWineFest is a coveted annual wine affair that brings together wine enthusiasts and experienced sommeliers from all over the world. Voted the ‘#1 Food, Wine & Hospitality Event in Canada’ since the last five years in a row by New York’s BizBash, it offers wine experiences, promote the wine industry and raise funds for Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Theatre.

From humble beginnings in 1979, the festival has grown to become Canada’s best and most prestigious wine show. The festival features some 50 events each year, of which about 40 are open to the public and another dozen or so for people in wine-related and hospitality industries. Around 150+ wineries serve over 1,500 types of wines throughout the festival. To give an idea about the scale of the festival, about 45,000 wine bottles are opened and/or purchased annually at the event.

With a striking slogan – ‘The Wine World is Here’, each year the festival focuses on various wine-growing regions in the world. In 2017, it was Canada, in 2018, the featured region was the Iberian Peninsula and in 2019, it was California. In 2020, the year is for France.

2020 Festival Wines & Wineries

Countries participating in this Wine Festival include:

France (43), Canada (33), Italy (24), USA (17), Spain (9), Australia (7), Portugal (6), New Zealand (5), Argentina (4), Croatia (4), Germany (4), Chile (3), Romania (2) and Uruguay (1).

Moreover, a few Sake (rice wine) makers from Japan are also participating this year.

Admission Prices

Tickets to events are on sale and the Vancouver International Wine Festival ticket price ranges from about $40 to $450. Prices include wine and food during the event. Additionally, tips, taxes and service charges are also included in the price.

Other Events at the Festival

The 9-day wine festival features several events including the grand Bacchanalia Dinner, Trade Days Seminar, International Tastings, wine parties & dinners and much more.

Seven out of the nine days of the festival are open to the general public. All nine days, including the first two, are open to participants in the wine and hospitality industry.

Relish a fancy 5-course dinner with wine, live music and dancing.

Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

How to reach:

Board Skytrain Train – 980 – Canada Line Skytrain at the platform sign ‘Canada Line To Waterfront’. Deboard at Waterfront Station Northbound. Head northwest on W Cordova Station toward Howe Station. Turn right at Howe Station. The Vancouver Convention Centre is straight ahead at 1055 Canada Place.

The dates for the other events are:

Bacchanalia Dinner + Auction – February 22, 2020

Trade Days Seminar – February 26 to 28, 2020

The Tasting Room – February 27 to February 29, 2020


The average temperature you’ll face in February would be between -11.0°C and -2.2°C. So, make sure you’re warm enough to tackle the cold.

Presently, the Vancouver Wine Festival draws some of the iconic industries from all over the globe and is strongly distinguished as the continent’s primary wine event and among the oldest and best wine festivals in the world.

This is a wonderful prospect to meet and greet sommeliers, winemakers, owners and senior representatives from wineries around the globe. For either the proficient wine lover or the beginner, the grand festival has something to please every taste and wallet.

Top Christmas Markets in Europe To Make Your Festive Season Memorable

There’s nothing as grand and lively as a European Christmas. If you’re there from late November through the New Year, it’s easy to see why. All around Europe, Christmas markets have started to open and this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the festive spirit. Don’t miss the luscious barbecue or a hot, pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Follow the aroma of mulled wine, seasonal cookies and gingerbread; buy glistening gifts, linger around food stands and shop for seasonal items. Just put it all together and revel in the Christmas spirit with these top Christmas markets in Europe that are worth visiting.

1. Resselpark, Vienna


Vienna, the capital of Austria has numerous Christmas markets popular as ‘Christkindlmarkt’ spread all over the city. The name ‘Christkindlmarkt’ is derived from the traditional Christmas culture. And among the Christmas markets, the one at Resselpark is the best. It is full of rides and other adventure activities for children and young people. It gets dark quite early and taking walks around the Resselpark Christmas market is what Viennese people love to do. Revel in the aroma of baked items, sip on delicious mulled wine, shop for wonderful gifts, watch jugglers and street magicians at their best and cherish the festive atmosphere.

Best time: 22 November 2019 – 05 January 2020

How to reach: Situated in Karlsplatz, this magnificent spot can be reached either by subway (Karlsplatz station) or via Operngasse Street.

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2. Havel’s Market, Prague

Havel’s Market, Prague

Visitors come from everywhere to experience the Christmas markets in Prague, especially Havel’s Christmas Market. Prague Old Town Square Havelska is the location of this large market. It’s situated between the Old Town Hall and Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Some exceptional items that are available here during Christmas are handmade ornaments, toys, holiday decorations, traditional cookies, tablecloths, Frankincense and the Czech Christmas potpourri called purpura. Some other products on sale are Czech wooden puppets, artistries, clothing decorations, scented candles and handmade soap. Taste hot wine, grog and warm honey liquor called medovina as they come in handy in the cold climate. Czech Christmas carols add to the festive atmosphere. After dark, the market is lit up gorgeously. The key event at the market is a special musical night and light ceremony on the Christmas tree, which is frequently repeated as visitors settle down.

Best time: 30 November 2019 – 6 January 2020

How to reach:  If you are at Prague’s central district, you can take Bus 55A and 56A.

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3. Piazza Navona Market, Rome


With the Christmas flavour in full-swing and the Eternal City already floodlit in cheerful displays, what better time to sip coffee and pick up various gifts at one of the many markets happening during November and December in Rome. Wander through the stately Piazza Navona as you pause between local hawkers offering sweets, chestnuts, artisanal crafts and artwork. You are sure to be amused by the festive holiday rides, nativity scene and live performers, all of which are surrounding the architectural beauty of Bernini’s Quattro Fiumi, Saint Agnese Church and Palazzo Pamphili. Wait until twilight as the Piazza market glows majestically with the crowd slowly setting in. Escape to this famous spot for a chance to show off your skill on the ice rink. And don’t forget to witness the traditional Christmas concert and performance, packed with more than 50,000 people, also featuring food from various Italian regions, artisan works and hand-crafted gifts.

Best Time: 01 December 2019 – 06 January 2020

How to reach: To reach this market, just walk to the Termini Station and from there, take Bus Number 64 or Bus Number 40. Stop at Vittorio Emanuele. Just a few minutes’ walk and you have arrived!

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4. Nyhavn’s Christmas Market, Copenhagen


If there’s one thing that can stir up the Christmas spirit amidst Denmark’s cold, wind-swept atmosphere, it’s Nyhavn’s Christmas market and central Kongens Nytorv. Offering abundant gift options with pungent aromas of cinnamon-infused mulled wine and roasted almonds, visitors have the prospect of enjoying the best goodies while savouring a glass of hot liquor along the way. The market has ample festive events running up to the 25th for those in need of early festive inspiration. The harbour front provides an iconic setting to select your holiday gifts with the option to soak up the winter feel by strolling along its cobbled walkways. Grab your camera and a cup of something warm as the canal captures the ideal winter-time shot of the city.

Best time: 08 November 2019 – 23 December 2019

How to reach: Take the city metro from Nyhavn and walk down for 5 minutes till you reach the market.

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5. Main Market Square, Krakow


Where better to soak up a slice of Christmas joy than in Poland? Take a break at one of the season’s most popular highlights – Krakow Christmas fair on the main market square. According to the Irish Times, Krakow Christmas Market is one of the top ten Christmas markets in Europe. One cannot imagine how beautiful Krakow Christmas Market becomes during this season. Situated on the Main Market Square and the Old Town’s centre, the decorated wooden booths of the Main Square Christmas market offer a selection of gifts, delicacies and brews that are best enjoyed out in the cold air while exploring all the best that Krakow has to offer. If you’re planning an extraordinary December holiday, consider Krakow as a budding destination – certainly, it has much more to offer than the Christmas market but the festival event takes the city’s unique atmosphere to the next level.

Best time: 30 November – 26 December 2019

How to reach: Main Market Square is right in the heart of Krakow, a 10-minute walk from the city’s main train station. Being a walkable area, the square is only accessible by foot or on a bike.

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6. Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin


Who doesn’t love Berlin? The German capital is worthy when it comes to enjoying the last two months of the year when the city turns into a real-life Christmas-fairy-tale. There are roughly 80 Christmas markets spread out all over the city but the historical Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market is quite famous and one of the most beautiful to behold. From gifts, souvenirs to the best waffles and more, immerse yourself in the magic of the festive season. Witness glassblowers, basket weavers, jugglers, handicraft makers, winter delicacies and origami art during Advent. The market transforms into a small city with copious exhibitors and stands as well as more than 1,000 fairy lights providing a cosy ambience. The nostalgic Christmas market has an impressive array of artisans, amusement rides and traditional culinary delights such as roasted almonds and a variety of cakes.  

Best time: 25 November – 26 December 2019

How to reach: The market is located in front of the Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt and can be reached by foot from several stations like Stadtmitte and Franzosische Straße.

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7. Museumplein, Amsterdam


Witness festivities in the Dutch capital. Each year, Amsterdam’s Museumplein transforms into a charming Christmas village with an ice rink, live entertainment, market stalls and plenty of festive food and drink to keep you warm. Take a spin on the ice or play some human bowling at this spectacular event. Warm-up with mulled wine and Dutch Doughnuts, find the perfect gifts for friends and family and just take in all the festive charm of the city. The Ice Village is a traditional Dutch Christmas market in the centre of Amsterdam, right by the huge ice rink at Museumplein. If you fancy a spot of ice skating and warming yourself up with hot mulled wine and Dutch Christmas foods, this is the market for you. The atmospheric market will be glowing with lit up trees and dazzling lights and you can glide on the ice with the stunning Rijksmuseum as your backdrop.

Best time: 16 November 2019 – 02 February 2019

How to reach: You can get to Museumplein by Bus, Light Rail, Train or Metro. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby – Bus – 142, Bus – 170, Bus – 197

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8. Vorosmarty Square Market, Budapest


Budapest has smaller and bigger Christmas Markets that have been attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and are the most spectacular. The most beautiful, oldest and internationally acclaimed Budapest Christmas fair is the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square in the heart of the city. The winter festival in Vorosmarty is celebrating its 21st year in 2019 and every year surpasses the previous one in terms of size and activities. The festive Christmas markets showcase young and old talents of Hungary, who master in glass-blowing, knitting, wood carving, candle making, pottery, leather & shoe trade. Moreover, enjoy 3D projection light show, street food on Zrinyi and Sas Streets, roasted chestnuts, plum juice with cinnamon, hot chocolate, mulled wine, spit cake and much more.

Best time: 08 November 2019 – 01 January 2020

How to reach: The centrally located Vorosmarty Square is unmissable since it lies in the inner city of Budapest (district V.), at just a few minutes’ walk from the Danube.

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So, what makes many of the Christmas markets enticing and outstanding in Europe is that there is a real focus to preserve authentic European folk art, traditions and offer really good quality handicrafts. The above ones are voted the best Christmas markets in Europe that truly ignite the Christmas atmosphere. It’s nothing but pure holiday magic, mixed with spectacle.

Black Friday 2020 – Top Destinations to Shop Till You Drop

Black Friday 2020 is here! A great opportunity to shop for things of your choice at unbelievable prices. With almost everything available on incredible deals and discounts, there is no better time to shop. We have handpicked certain top-notch destinations where you can avail huge discounts and deals on this Black Friday.

1- New York, United States of America


New York is probably the best place to spend your holiday during the Black Friday season. Being the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year, you surely don’t want to miss the huge discounts and deals available. Below are some of the stores to look out for best Black Friday Deals in New York City.

Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave, New York) – Discounts on high-end designer items Prada sneakers, Lisa Perry dresses, Givenchy Leather and more.

Bergdorf Goodman (754 5th Ave, New York) – Big deals on popular brands. Bergdorf Goodman also offers free morning snacks to shoppers.

Bloomingdale’s (1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and Lexington Ave, New York)– New Yorkers call it “Bloomies” and it offers discounts up to 50 per cent on your every purchase.

Century 21 (21 Dey Street, New York) – Rock bottom prices on high-end designer products like jeans and jackets attract crowds in hundreds.

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2- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab

Black Friday in Dubai means jaw-dropping discounts on a wide range of items, branded accessories and apparels. This Black Friday, online stores and malls have already announced special deals for shoppers. Here are the best spots to go on a shopping spree in Dubai.

Robinsons (Dubai Festival City Mall)  Heavy discounts on men’s and women’s apparels, beauty accessories and home décor.

Debenhams (Dubai Mall) – Rock bottom prices on beauty accessories, handbags, shoe, lingerie and more.

Muji (The Dubai Mall) – Perfect place to avail bargains on household goods, apparel and food.

Salam Studio (Dubai Outlet Mall) – Local department store offering discounts on local and international brands like Roberto Cavalli, Betsey Johnson, Missoni and more.

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3- Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has Singles’ Day, their version of Black Friday celebrated every year on November 11. Still, the American shopping day has managed to garner a lot of attention. Stores across Hong Kong both local and international offer incredible deals and discounts to pounce on. Below are the popular shopping spots to visit on Black Friday in Hong Kong.

DJI Store (Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Jaffe Rd) – 30% off on everything.

IFC Mall (8 Finance St., Central, Hong Kong) – Swanky retail complex featuring high-end clothing stores and tech shops, all offering massive Black Friday discounts.

Times Square (1 Matheson St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) – A massive mall, which is the perfect place to shop and find incredible deals on a range of famous brands and accessories.

Grana (1F, Tin Fung Industrial Mansion, 63 Wong Chuk Hang Rd.) – 50% off Italian Merino.

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4- Singapore


Black Friday in Singapore gets tough competition from Chinese Singles’ Day, as both falls in November. But fret not as, like any other city in the world, this shopping festival has become a huge event with luxury stores offering discounts on a wide range of products. In Singapore, you can visit these stores on Black Friday.

Robinsons the Heeren (260 Orchard Rd.) – Great place to shop in Singapore especially during Black Friday, as shops inside the mall offer huge discounts on a plethora of products.

Paragon Shopping Centre (290 Orchard Rd.) – This popular mall is full of shops featuring international designer retailers and offers a chance to grab hefty discounts on a range of products.

Vivo City (1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore) – The biggest shopping mall hosting international brands and local shops, which provides a chance to avail rock bottom prices on every purchase.

The Shoppes (Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Ave.) – Shop for all kinds of stuff ranging from apparels to electronic items at rock bottom prices.

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5- Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Black Friday in Australia has gained significant popularity. The Land Down Under has started to celebrate yet another American tradition. In Sydney, both online stores and malls offer a plethora of deals on Black Friday. But for those who specifically like to shop offline, here are the stores to visit.

David Jones (310 Bourke St., Melbourne VIC 3000) – Avail discounts on a range of designer clothes, bags, accessories and more.

Mayer (Westfield Sydney, NSW) – You can bargain heavy on beauty accessories, toys, clothes, entertainment and men and women apparels.

JB HI-FI (Australia Fair Shopping Centre) – Here, you can purchase electronics, gadgets, mobile phones and JB Hi-Fi on incredible discounts.

Big W Pagewood (152 Bunnerong Rd, Pagewood NSW) – Rock bottom prices on both board and electronic games.

Bing Lee (9 Abdon Cl, Bennetts Green NSW) – Unbelievable discounts on electronic appliances.

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6- Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Retailors in New Zealand are geared up for Black Friday. Stores across Auckland will be offering 30 to 50 per cent discount on a range of products. The shopping festival is now on par with Boxing Day in terms of spending. Below are some of the stores that you can visit to catch up with big deals.

Farmers New Lynn (Lynnmall Shopping Centre, New Lynn) – Absolutely incredible store to get handsome discounts on beauty products, women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, toys and homeware.

The Warehouse Auckland (21 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD) – Get massive Black Friday Sale with huge discounts on toys, TV’s, clothing, jewellery, manchester, electronics and much more.

Harvey Norman (20-54 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington) – New Zealand’s foremost retail chain offers discounts on electronics and kitchen appliances.

Ballentynes Fashion Central (Kilbirnie, Wellington) – Avail huge Black Friday deals on a range of women’s clothes at Ballentynes.

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7- Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Black Friday storm will result in a spending spree across South Africa. Stores will offer heavy discounts on a range of products. The city of Cape Town is also prepared for the biggest shopping event of the year. Online shops and stores in Cape Town lure buyers with discounts that can go up to 90 per cent. Here are some of the hot spots to visit this Black Friday.

Canal Walk Shopping Centre: The largest mall in Cape Town with over 400 stores, both local and international brands, offers discounts on various products.

V&A Waterfront (19 Dock Rd) – Popular shopping address in Cape Town with over 450 stores to bargain on a wide range of merchandise.

Cavendish Square (1 Dreyer St, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708) – An award-winning shopping centre with more than 180 stores to bargain on the latest fashion and accessories.

Cybercellar (37 Manhattan St, Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town) – Taste some of the finest wine, beer and spirits and avail up to 58 per cent discount.

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Save the day and be sure to get the best deals. Expect bigger and better discounts to kick start the holiday shopping season. Black Friday 2019 offers a great opportunity to upgrade your home, tech and wardrobe without burning the pocket.

Europe’s 15 Most Festive Cities to Spend Christmas

No one celebrates Christmas as Europe does. The country is awash with Christmas markets, decorated churches, the aroma of gingerbread and mulled wine and a lot of fiestas. If you’ve not decided where to go for Christmas celebration in Europe, this is the time to plan a getaway with your family or friends. To make your choice easy, we have listed out 15 best destinations in Europe where you can celebrate Christmas to make your holiday a memorable affair.

1- Copenhagen, Denmark


Nobody celebrates Christmas quite like the Scandinavians. In December, the Danish capital transforms into a huge Christmas card. Copenhagen represents the concept of hygge during Christmas – a special feeling of a cosy home, nice people around you and a relaxed and happy atmosphere. One of the finest Christmas customs in Copenhagen is the annual Saint Lucy’s Kayak Parade. Several kayaks are decorated with Christmas trees and twinkling lights as they sail across the city harbour through the canals.

Take a stroll through Tivoli. Being the oldest amusement park in the world, it is the best place for children and adults with likings for decorations, sweets and lots of rides! Another fun-filled activity in Copenhagen is ice skating.

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2- Amsterdam, NetherlandS


Amsterdam is the most popular place to visit in Europe in Christmas. The Dutch truly know how to celebrate Christmas and in Amsterdam, the Christmas spirit travels through each waterway, road and square. In Dam Square, a 20-meter-tall tree is decorated with 3km of lights and you’ll witness carollers, jugglers and artists to keep you occupied. In and around Amsterdam, there are Christmas markets to gratify all tastes, whether shopping or eating.

During the Amsterdam light show, where lights illuminate the waterways, your Amsterdam twilight cruise will be significantly more fantastic. Additionally, you can visit Amsterdam’s Ice Village in Museumplein, where you can go ice skating, buy Christmas novelties and eat and drink the best Dutch delicacies.

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3- Paris, France


One of the best places to visit during Christmas in Europe, Paris brings alive the Christmas artistry, style and gastronomy. The well-known markets buzz with shopping, live choir and several events during this time. The marketplaces are packed with appealing chalets that complement the Christmas atmosphere.

You will be overwhelmed by various Christmas art and decoration items available at these markets. The food is heavenly and the normal French cheddar, wine and champagne are boastfully included in the food courts. Furthermore, the sparkling city view at dusk will give you some remarkable memories.

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4- Prague, Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas in Europe. The destination has an interesting history filled with annual traditions that draw tourists every year. Moreover, Gothic architecture adds to the Christmas zest. Your day begins with a snow-covered city on a cold wintry morning but it gets merrier when you start looking at Prague’s impressive bistros for the best cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the city.

From noon, the biggest Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square start filling up with people. And from dusk, the celebrations begin with a grand feast while a huge Christmas tree gets decorated. The markets are full of irresistible wonders, vintage souvenirs and the best delicacies. Visitors to Prague can also enjoy live nativity scenes, ice skating, and other Czech Christmas traditions throughout December.

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5- Rome, Italy


Christmas in Rome is about light shows, rituals and shopping. The Eternal City is the best place to witness Christmas flair. Since Rome is significant to the Christian faith, Christmas is an interesting time to visit the city. But Christmas in Rome is much more than traditional elements and the nativity scenes.

Apart from the endless Christmas lights at Via del Corso, there’s a whole different world to experience! Vendors in their colourful clothes line up the lively squares at Campo de’ Fiori, where you can purchase baked goodies and handcrafted items. Explore decorated cafes and restaurants. Likewise, there’s a beautiful Christmas market in Piazza Navona. It’s not loaded with sellers but you can still find treasures and treats for everyone.

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6- Krakow, Poland


Voted as the best city to celebrate Christmas two years in a row, Krakow is the next on the list. Krakow’s Christmas fairs were once Poland’s best-kept secret but now it entices tourists from all over. During this time of the season, each alcove and corner of the city is decorated lavishly with outdoor entertainment and more.

The festive spirit, markets and enthusiasm are the ones that astound tourists. Plus, world-class DJs and classical concerts throughout the day will keep everybody’s spirit high. Do not forget to stop by the tasty treats lined up on the side lanes and you can even choose your choice of themed entertainment.

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7- Barcelona, Spain


Unbelievable but true, Barcelona offers much more Christmas romance than one can imagine. Saturated with celebrations during Christmas, the regions around the churches witness an influx of visitors. The whole city looks like little heaven of hues and lights, celebratory sounds and mount-watering aroma. Foodies and party lovers will cherish this spot.

All through the celebration season, food vendors draw endless crowd towards potato fritters, printen or gingerbread, Christmas cakes and rolls – all line up the boulevards. You will even locate some exceptionally pretty artful souvenirs at the colourful stalls. There’s even a part devoted to ‘Las Sardana’, where locals perform the folk dance in the street and relish epicurean delights to their heart’s content.

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8- Vienna, Austria


Considered as one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe, Vienna in Austria is known for exquisiteness and style that it carries while observing Christmas. It feels like paradise when you’re are in Vienna during this time. The squares are loaded up with brilliant Christmas delicacies, bistros with unique eateries and twinkling lights beautifying the city’s architecture.

You can enjoy naturally prepared dishes and bakery items at Vienna’s Christkindlmarkt, try ice-skating in Rathausplatz, visit the Snow Globe Museum or be a part of the fantastic Christmas concerts. In case you’re keen on visiting some other season, make a point to indulge in Christmas gaiety while visiting Vienna!

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9- Budapest, Hungary


Given the chance that you are in Hungary throughout the Christmas occasion, make sure you visit the Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival that happens at Vorosmarty Square. This will be a different experience for you. The magnificent square situated at the core of Budapest turns into a joyful space adorned with wooden stalls, customary snacks and platforms for neighbourhood entertainment.

If you are a foodie, we suggest you taste the honey cakes and biscuits made out of traditional Budapest ingredients and the glimmering mulled wine. The aroma of these goodies will lure you into the market square.

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10- Brussels, Belgium


Christmas in Brussels is bold and over-the-top. Chocolates, coffee, mountains of cakes & pastries and world-famous concerts take the centre stage. The Christmas market goes on for over a month at the Grand Place, the Place de la Monnaie, the Marche aux Poissons and the Place Sainte-Catherine. The market brims with charming little stalls that offer traditional art and craft items, European treats, endless chocolates, a festive area with rides and an ice dome for some skating.

But the showstopper is the monstrous Christmas tree decorated by the light and sound show. No wonder, Brussels would probably be one the best spots to spend your Christmas holidays.

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11- Berlin, Germany


Christmas in Berlin is memorable. The city is festive, fun-filled and historical and there are exciting things to do for first-timers. Christmas markets are the top reason that draws visitors in Berlin. Among the many, Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market is great because of its position between two gigantic churches. Find anything from hot drinks and beer to gluhwine, meats, candy, pretzels and more.

Next in the line are Alexanderplatz market that has an ice skating rink, Ferris wheel, scores of stalls with endless food and drinks and the tiny Potsdammer Platz market. The park here has memorials and historical information about the city as well as a zoo, trees, trails and beautiful landscapes.

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12- Venice, Italy


Christmas in Venice is cold, quiet and gorgeous. The canals, gondolas, piazzas and architecture are lit up with Christmas decorations. The streets are less crowded and locals doing their Christmas shopping – the holidays make for a fantastic time to visit. Festive songs are performed at special concerts in churches and piazzas throughout December and church bells resound all day on Christmas Day from the famous bell tower at St. Mark’s.

Spend Christmas in Venice and you’re promised a marvellous culinary experience. It is customary for Venetians to relish a multi-course fish dinner on the Christmas Eve. And not to forget, no Christmas holiday in Venice is complete without a trip to the Island of Murano. The island transforms into a riot of colourful lights and glass decorations. There is even an enormous Christmas tree made totally of Murano glass, which is not to be missed.

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13- Bern, Switzerland


Nothing speaks Christmas like the glacial winter wonderland of Switzerland. The feel of Bern’s medieval old town decked out in golden lights is overwhelming in Europe. There are, obviously, incredible Christmas markets, a lot of calm bistros where you can sip up on hot cocoa and enjoy endless shopping if your Christmas list is long enough.

When you initially land in Bern, go for a guided stroll through the 800-year-old city to get familiar with Bern’s top attractions such as the 12th-century Clock Tower and the Gothic Basilica. However, for the best winter action in Bern, hit the hills of Gurten for some sledging activity you’ll ever witness.

14- Algarve, Portugal


Spending Christmas in the Algarve is a fantastic way to enjoy the festive season. It’s more sandy beaches than snow-covered windscreens. Whether you want to know more about Portuguese Christmas customs or merely hoping to escape the UK winter, it’s a wonderful alternative Christmas and there’s surely something for the entire family to enjoy. A lovely atmosphere hovers over the city.

Loule, the brand new shopping destination is the talk of the town. Many of the streets on the Algarve are decorated with Christmas trees and lighting. Witness non-stop events and attractions every December – from Christmas parades and festive concerts to handcrafted nativity scenes. There’ll be fun guaranteed for the whole family with mesmerizing ballet performances. Head to Faro and get a chance to show off skating skills on the ice rinks and spend a fantastic day at Zoo de Lagos.

15- Reykjavik, Iceland


While it may look like a tiny city with not much going on, Reykjavik is one of the best places in Europe for celebrating Christmas with your loved ones who do not mind the cold temperature. Though December is the darkest time of the year in Iceland, the dark days are lit up with countless Christmas lights. The edge of the world truly turns into a hub of joy and friendliness during Christmas time and every bit of it is lit up with festive lights. The streets are filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods and the sound of Christmas carols echoing from the houses!

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If you want to experience Europe exceptionally, definitely consider soaking up the Christmas spirit in one of the cities of your choice this December.

Top 15 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around the World

The year-end is drawing nearer and closer. So it’s time to ponder how you’ll spend New Year’s Eve and welcome 2020, especially if you’re a globetrotter. Since in addition to the fact that flight and holiday bookings sell out right on time, yet the sooner you book things like flights, hotels and tours, the less you’ll pay! So, where should you be this time when the clock strikes 12 on 31st midnight? What are the best places to observe New Year’s Eve 2020?

From exhilarating beach parties to the most sensational fireworks, here are our suggestions of 15 best places to celebrate New Year in style.



Sydney is considered one of the top cities for New Year’s Eve for its area, culture and fireworks. Of course, it is the top festive-oriented city to welcome the New Year and the world rushes to witness the splendour. Sydney’s official fireworks ceremony takes place at 9 pm and later at midnight.

The year-end festival is among the greatest that showcases light and firecrackers when the clock strikes midnight. Moreover, the roaring crowd stirs up a sense of enthusiasm to welcome the New Year. Millions throng to appreciate the waterfront celebrations that incorporate fantastic aerobatic displays and indigenous fireworks. Look out for events like harbourside fiestas to welcome 2020.

Where Should You Be: Sydney Harbour, Royal Botanic Garden, Darling Harbour, The Star.

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Rio de Janeiro is everyone’s first pick for various reasons – football, carnival, samba, bossa nova, Balneario beaches, Spanish food and more. You can appreciate the gaiety on Copacabana and Ipanema shores with around 2 million others at midnight.

The core activity takes place on Copacabana Beach. The 2.5-mile stretch will get vibrant with all sorts of activities, from live performances to an amazing firecrackers show. You’ll need to arrive promptly at night to occupy a decent spot. Head towards lifeguard stations 5 and 6 as it’ll be a lot calmer. It’s believed that wearing all white brings good luck for the year ahead. So don’t hesitate to join the party. Your gleaming new white outfit is probably going to get soaked in alcohol.

Where Should You Be: Copacabana Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Buzios, Ipanema

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It’s freezing at the Russian capital but this world-class city displays one of the most visually enchanting settings for New Year’s Eve celebration. Unbelievable, but true, New Year festivities should be something that no one has experienced before. The appealing vibes of Moscow are worth soaking up. The lively crowd, amazing fireworks at Kremlin, colourful dancers, famous spots such as Red Square and Cathedrals are decorated with lights.

Additionally, the New Year in Moscow would be incomplete if one does not witness Sokolniki Park Sergiyev Posad or Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. The best bars to attend the New Year events in Moscow are – Bar Belka, GQ Bar and Kino.

Where Should You Be: Red Square, Gorky Park, Sokolniki Park, Tverskaya Ulitsa, The Muzeon Park of Arts, Balchug Kempinski Hotel, Vorontsovsky Park

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Hong Kong has a charisma that is beyond words. However, as you may expect, spots can get occupied leaving you without even the slightest idea of where to go. The major firecracker show is at Victoria Harbor, where it’s accompanied by music, laser show and lights to make a one of a kind year-end treat.

However, if you head to the harbour, you’ll never get a decent see. Rather, head to a nearby hotel or resort with a decent housetop bar. Hotel Icon or Star Ferry Pier (Tsim Sha Tsui) is ideal to encounter the best of New Year’s Eve celebrations. You could also be at the Wooloomooloo Prime steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui. Make sure to be on the 21st floor where you can admire a phenomenal show from a cafe with a tasty menu for sure!

Where Should You Be: Victoria Harbour, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Shenzhen, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kee Club at Wellington St, Duddell’s at Central, Ozone Bar in West Kowloon and The Pawn in Wan Chai

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New York is prominent worldwide for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, festive parties, dinners, concerts and much more. It is a world-class destination to attend one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties. From Lincoln Center to music halls in the Lower East Side, witness great concerts and shows on New Year’s Eve.

You’ll get the chance to appreciate world-class entertainers, remarkable neon lights and the acclaimed ball drop in Times Square. Whether you’re looking for a grand party, an intimate dinner or a change of scenery, check out a variety of ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebration in The Big Apple.

Where Should You Be: Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, Prospect Park, Bryant Park, Union Square, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Square, and the South Street Seaport.

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Next, we make a trip to South Africa and the delightful city of Cape Town. For New Year’s Eve, you can’t go anyplace other than the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. The performance and midnight firecracker show are world-famous, and there are numerous phenomenal spots to eat, move and have the best time of your life.

However, the fun doesn’t stop on New Year itself. Festivities proceed onto second January as well and a huge number of partygoers head to the coastal areas and thousands more head downtown to watch 10,000 entertainers perform at the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival. Young people dance or drink the night away at various clubs and bars. You can experience an elegant evening aboard a yacht in formal attire and gaze at the starry sky.

Where Should You Be: V&A Waterfront, Signal Hill, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Table Bay Harbor

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No European city parties like Berlin. There is an assortment of underground bars and clubs you could visit in Berlin. Frequently known as the city of hedonistic parties, you could head down the Party Mile, a 1.5m stretch of bars, tents, food and even musical concerts. This is the place you’ll discover a chock-full of activities, with 1,000,000 individuals eating, drinking and making merry until 3 am.

The streets ignite in a frenzied outburst of sound, colour and energy. There’ll be no shortage of live DJs, food & drinks and of course, firecrackers. As firework shows fill the streets, the real show will astound visitors at Brandenburg Gate. As the clock strikes midnight, one of the city’s most iconic sights, along with streets around the city, light up in a spectacular display.

Where Should You Be: Brandenburg Gate, Spreepalais Alexanderplatz, Kino International, Academie Lounge Potsdamer Platz, Kulturbrauerei, Spreespeicher Berlin.

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You may not quickly consider Bangkok as being one of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, yet this city is the party capital of Asia. Local people and expats in Bangkok do not miss any chance to gather for a gala time.

The focal point of their festival is a grand gathering in Central World Square, where party lovers meet up to appreciate live shows and the light effects, just as the fabulous firecrackers show that enlightens the riverside at midnight. Like New York’s Times Square, Central World likewise has a glamorous ball drop when midnight strikes, electrifying the atmosphere.

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Having just four hours of sunshine in late December, the visitors and locals in Reykjavik realize how to gather like nobody else, making the northernmost capital additionally one of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The festival begins with a network of campfires, which in turn keeps them warm and stirs up a feeling of bidding the old year goodbye and welcoming the New Year.

Young people, with their instruments, assemble around the fire to sing and sparkle up the atmosphere, while firecrackers light up the entire city. Half an hour before midnight, when even the TV shows get over, the fireworks begin for real and the communities go crazy as the sky lights up. The official firecrackers show begins at midnight, and it’s not to be missed! Oskjuhlíð hill is the best place to watch fireworks where the lights brighten up the entire Icelandic capital.

Where Should You Be: Oskjuhlíð Hill, Hallgrímskirkja church, Kópavogur, Ægisíða street, Valhúsahæð hill

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations in the United States. The world’s gambling and casino capital welcome more than one million visitors’ year-end, and 2020 is going to be something far more grandeur. Most of the casinos and resorts are full to celebrate the New Year.

Las Vegas Strip may just be the best New Year’s Eve party of your life. The city will also have spectacular fireworks, musical concerts and dance shows. Fireworks take place at Stratosphere Tower, Treasure Island, Venetian, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Aria, and MGM Grand. If you’re on the hunt for a good meal, head towards STK, Carlos ‘n Charlie, Rivea, Carbonne, Fowl and several others.

Where Should You Be: The Strip, Aria, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood Resort, Stratosphere, TI and The Venetian.

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Dubai is one of the fastest developing travel destinations in the world. This desert gem was not a well-known destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But in the last five years, Dubai is fetching a large number of visitors to the city during every festival, especially during the New Year. One cannot probably think of New Year celebrations than from the very footsteps of Burj Khalifa.

Other popular places that mark the celebration include Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Waterfront, Deira Island and more. The city hosts a majestic display of lights drawing millions of spectators from the four corners of the globe. With extravagant posh & pomp, musical fountain, concerts, magic shows and endless shopping, Dubai certainly knows how to entertain people and welcome the New Year.

Where Should You Be: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Souk Al Bahar, Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, The Pointe, Kite Beach

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End 2019 with a party you’ll not soon forget! Get your party hats on in one of the most advanced cities in the world. With grand parties and events happening all over the world, there’s something for everyone in The Lion City. Being a popular tourist destination, Singapore has a unique way of welcoming the New Year. No wonder, it is one of the best places to visit in New Year around the World.

The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown returns, to boost up the New Year with fireworks spectacles igniting the night sky alongside a horde of sensational activities on the streets. Revellers can expect a feast of amazing food, exciting activities and live performances by some of the city’s most adored entertainers.

Where Should You Be: Siloso Beach, The Civic District, Esplanade, Wave House, Sky 22 & Urbana, The Promontory, Propeller Rooftop Bar

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If you’re lucky to be in Paris over New Year holidays, the City of Lights offers endless year-end options. Capture fireworks at The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Disneyland Paris. These are the most popular tourist attractions to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve and relish street food. We suggest you take your spot early at the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks. Other renowned spots include – boating in Seine River, Montparnasse Area, Champs-Elysées and Bellevilloise.

Where Should You Be: Light Show at Eiffle Tower, Ice Kube Bar, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde, Notre Dame Cathedral, Trocadero, Disneyland, 58 Tour Eiffel, Moulin Rouge

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Begin your New Year celebration in Hawaii by greeting the people with ‘Hau’oli Makahiki Hou’, which means Happy New Year. The year-end events in Hawaii are opposite to those happening in the colder regions. It’s purely tropical and takes place in the balmy climate. Experience a mix of celebrations and excitement under the moonlit ocean. Relish special dining, fabulous firework displays and midnight spectacle.

Hilton Waikoloa Village is the place to be. Enjoy an upscale dinner with live music and a midnight countdown with famous DJs. Tropical drink and champagne cocktails are available all night, including a champagne toast and balloon drop at midnight. The next place – Ala Moana Beach Park is Hawaii’s 100-acre park with over a half-mile of beach and is the popular place for New Year picnics, barbecues and celebrations.

Where Should You Be: Waikiki, Hilton Waikoloa Village, KapohoKine’s, Fairmont Orchid, Poipu Beach Park



New Year is coming and no one does it better than Madrid, the capital city of Spain. This city never sleeps but parties all night long. Enjoy the New Year by being a part of Spanish and Latin American New Year tradition of eating ‘twelve grapes’ as the clock strikes 12 in the night, announcing the arrival of the New Year.

If you’re more of a city slicker, Puerta del Sol on New Year will be unforgettable. Party with complete strangers and indulge in food and drinks throughout the night. If you’re not a fan of the dance floor, head uphill towards Templo de Debod or Teatro Kapital to experience a traditional greet. Not only the capital but the Spanish suburbs lack no enthusiasm when it comes to year-end gaiety.

Where Should You Be: Puerta del Sol, Templo de Debod, Teatro Kapital, Joy Eslava, Joy

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Time flies fast, and we’re approaching the end of another year. Honouring the New Year is one of the traditions cherished worldwide with just every city celebrating differently. Maybe you are busy making resolutions or planning a family union to welcome 2020. We’ve narrowed the list to help you find where to go in New Year in the world and admire fantastic fireworks, lavish parties, food & dance, and the spectacular scenery.

Plan it well and head right into the revelry!

25 Most Popular Fairs and Festivals in Dubai

Dubai needs no introduction, being a millennial city, it attracts tourists from all over the world. The city has become a popular destination where celebration and enjoyment never ends. This is merely due to the fact that numerous festivals and events adorn Dubai’s yearly calendar. These events and fairs in Dubai beguile participants from across the globe. In this, we are going to cover Dubai’s famous 25 festivals you must attend when holidaying in the city.

1. Dubai World Cup


The Dubai World Cup is a horse racing events organised annually at the famous Meydan Racecourse. The race considered to be the world’s richest race with prize money of US $35 million. With the presence of the world’s best breed horses, trainers and jockeys the thrilling race takes place at the racecourse. Boosting world-class facilities along with electrifying ambience the race attracts both locals and tourists.

Date: Saturday 30 March
Location: Meydan Racecourse
Duration: 1Day

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2. Middle East Film and Comic Con


Abbreviated as MEFCC, the annual event takes place in the month of April. It features games,  cosplay, quizzes, competitions, and film screenings. It is one of the most popular events in Dubai to attract people of all ages. The event offers a great platform for budding Emirates to expose themselves to the word of comics, gaming and animation. Popular Hollywood stars also make an appearance which alludes more visitors.

Date: 11 – 13 APRIL 2019
Location:  Dubai World Trade Center
Duration: 3 Days

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3. Swim the Burj


The iconic hotel Burj Al Arab in the month of April gears itself for ‘Swim the Burj’ event. Competition is open for all people above the age of 16 years, and participants can compete in two different categories 1,600 meters and 800 meters swimming race. Again, an interesting event attracting locals and tourists. The event offers a great chance to watch participants swimming on the backdrop of the hotel.

Date: 12 April 2019
Location: Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Duration: 1 Day

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4. Arab Fashion Week


Started in the year 2015, the Arab Fashion Week supported by the Arab Fashion Council today has become the world’s only Ready-Couture fashion event. The event showcases designers from across the world and region that also includes 22 Arab League countries. Since its inception, the four-day event is in pursuit of joining the elite list of foreign fashion week events.

Date: 24 – 28 April 2019
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre
Duration: 3 Days

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5. Al Gaffal Dhow Race


The Al Gaffal Dhow Race is one of the most prominent watersports show of Dubai. It is annual event glorifying the old commercial activity of pearl diving. Dhows are indigenous traditional boats that were used by the native fishermen in the past for peal diving. People who take part in this event are mostly Emiratis and for them participating in the event is a matter of national pride.

Date: 27 April 2019
Location: Dubai
Duration: 1 Day

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6. Dubai Summer Surprise


The Dubai Summer Surprise is a month-long event offering visitors a range of attractions. Commonly known as the DSS, the sole aim of this event is to encourage people to visit Dubai during the offseason. The month-long event is divided into three events food, art, adventure and nature. Modhesh a life-size yellow mascot represents the festival helps in attracting the younger generation.

Date: 21 Jun – 3 Aug 2019
Location:  Dubai
Duration: 06 Weeks

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7. Dubai Fitness Challenge


The Dubai Fitness Challenge inaugurated by HH. Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai in 2017. The month-long event encourages locals and visitors to take part in 30 minutes of exercise every day to lead a healthier lifestyle. The free fitness classes which take place daily turns the city into a fitness enthusiast.

Date: 26 October to 24 November 2018
Location: Dubai
Duration: 28 Days

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8. Dubai Design Week


Since its inception in the year 2015, Dubai Design Week has become an annual festival in Dubai with a sole aim to promote design and creativity in the region. It features over 250 exhibitions, workshops and talks that are all free for the visitors to attend. The Dubai Design Week builds an ecosystem for the global design community and local talent to interact and expose themselves to the outside world.

Date: 11-16 November 2019
Location: Dubai
Duration: 6 Days

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9. National Day Festival


National Day is an annual celebration celebrating the merger of seven emirate states into one nation known as the United Arab Emirates. The festival marked by car rallies, fireworks, dance shows and various activities taking place all over the Emirates. Heritage Villages are set up across the UAE to celebrate the event in a more traditional way.  Arguably, it is one of the top festivals in Dubai locals awaits eagerly to celebrate.

Date: 2 December
Location: UAE
Duration: 1Day

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10. Dubai Rugby Sevens


The Dubai Rugby Sevens originated in the year 1970, an annual social event held at The Seven Stadium in Dubai. A total of 300 teams compete to take part in the prestigious tournament. Gear yourself to be the part of the three-day carnival and enjoy the crazy weekend. Apart, from the game, the event also features various other attraction keeping visitors engaged.

5 December–7 December 2019
Location: The Sevens, United Arab Emirates
Duration: 03 Days

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11. Dubai International Content Market


The Dubai International Content Market held in Dubai every year offers a platform where people can network, buy, sell, co-produce, finance and distribute entertainment content across the spectrum. It is the prominent content and entertainment market festival in the MENA region. It ferments ecosystem for professional in the field of media, internet and content to interact and do business.

Date: 9-10 December 2019
Location: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai
Duration: 2 Days

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12. Taste of Dubai


The Dubai Festival of Taste is an annual food festival held at the famous Dubai Media City. The festival beguiles food lovers in which famous and top chefs from across the globe come together and prepare delicious dishes for numerous events. It also gives tips on cooking and how to make it presentable. Sure, the Festival of Taste is one of the topmost food fairs in Dubai.

Yet to be announced
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

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13. Dubai Shopping Festival


The Dubai Shopping Festival by far is one of the most awaited shopping festivals. Being a shopper’s paradise, the festival attracts tourists and shopping enthusiasts from all over the globe. The shopper’s delight takes place in the month of January and involves virtually every shop in Dubai, offering great deals and discounts on an array of products. Also, various concerts, children’s entertainment and shows adorn the month-long shopping extravaganza.

Date: To be announced soon
Entire Dubai City
Duration: 1Month

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14. Dubai International Film Festival


Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is the premiere film festival in Middle-East. The festival has attracted famous Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman, George Clooney and prominent members from the global film fraternity. It also inspires young independent filmmakers and art-house cinema to get a larger recognition from the audience.

Date: To be announce
Location: The Sevens, United Arab Emirate

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15. Dubai Bake Festival


Dubai Bake Festival offers locals and tourists to take part in one of the most awaiting baking events in the region. An annual festival held at the Green Park in Dubai Investments Park offers visitors to take part in various baking workshops and activities. People here can also buy the latest baking tools and can also sample delicious baked goods.

Date: Yet to be announced
Location: Dubai
6 Days

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16. Emirates Airline Festival of Literature


The Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature an annual festival held in Dubai, U.A.E. It features a whopping 250 sessions and various events, which include master classes, poetry reading, panel discussions and interactive workshops. The festival also conducts a special workshop for children to encourage local talents. Plus, visitors also get a golden chance to meet famous authors.

Date: To be announced soon
Location: InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City
Duration: 2 Days

17. Dubai Desert Classic


Dubai Desert Classic since its inception in the year 1989 has gained worldwide recognition. In this event, renowned golfers from all over the world take part to win hefty prize money. Emirates Golf Club hosts this prestigious event attracting tourists to enjoy the great game. The golf event has propelled Dubai as one of the prominent venues to play the game.

Date: 23rd – 26th January 2020
Location: Emirates Golf Club Dubai
Duration: 4Days

18. Dubai Marathon


If you are a fitness freak then Dubai Marathon is for you. It is a charitable event that takes place in the month of January to February. Dubai Marathon is an open event in which a person can take part by submitting a small fee. The event is divided into three parts to include a wide number of participants. The first is a 3km run, second 10 km and third 50 km marathon. The winner of every marathon gets a hefty prize.

Date: 24 – 27 January
Location: Emirates Golf Club
Duration: 4 Days

19. The Bride Show


The Bride Show a premier lifestyle and weeding annual event take place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The show attracts more than 300 exhibitors consisting of fashion designers, cosmetologists, hairstylists and wedding planners. Several international brands take part in the mage event, other show includes cookery, marriage guidance and more.

Date: 5- 8 February 2020.
Location:  Dubai World Trade Centre
Duration: 4Days

20. Dubai Tennis Championships


Another world-class event, Dubai Tennis Championships attracts best tennis players with likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and many. Aviation Club serves as the venue of Dubai Open with championship consisting of ATP and WTA. It is one of the top events in Dubai and acts as a centrifugal force attracting tourists from across the globe. The Dubai Tennis Championships gives a fantastic chance to attend and watch your favourite players.

Date: Sunday, 17 February and ended on Saturday, 23 February
Location: Aviation Club Tennis Centre
Duration: 7 Days

21. Dubai International Jazz Festival


Dubai International Jazz Festival gives you another reason to visit this incredible city. It is an annual festival held at the Dubai Media City and attracts tourists from every spectrum. The warm ambience along with electrifying setting makes it a must-attend event. Famous celebrities to take part in this event are Toto, Jamie Cullum, Stanley Jordon and more.

Date: Wednesday 20 February and Friday 22 February
Location: Dubai Media City / DMC Amphitheatre
Duration: 3 Days

22. Dubai International Boat Show


Dubai International Boat Show an annual event and Middle-East’s biggest boating and lifestyle show. The event has a wide range of outdoor adventure to attract visitors from across the spectrum. Different collections of boats, yachts and more from over 40 countries take part in the event. Other attractions include watersports villages, incredible sea toys, fly board championship and the lists goes on.

Date: 10 -14 March, 2020
Location: Dubai
Duration: 5Days

23. Sikka Art Fair


The SIKKA Art Fair is a flagship initiative of Dubai art season held every year. The event supports the Emirati artists and offers a platform to showcase their talent. This trade fair in Dubai conducts various discourse and diverse programmes which includes all the audience. Live music, interactive workshops, art films along with fascinating art attracts both locals and visitors.

16-24 March 2019
Location: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood
Duration: 9 Days

24. Art Dubai


Art Dubai fair which held every year in the month of March in Dubai entices artists from the region and world. Since its inception in the year 2007, the art festival attracts significant visitors which is increasing with every year. The fair sees a congregation of regional and international curators, collectors and patrons. It has undoubtedly become the major event for any art connoisseur to visit.

Date: 20 Mar – 23 Mar
Location: Madinat Jumeirah
Duration: 4 Days

25. Dubai Kizomba Beach Festival


Gear yourself for an unforgettable and electrifying beach festival in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. The beach festival held at stunning Bin Majid beach resort situated at Ras Al Khaimah. The venue, 50 minutes away from Dubai includes workshops, animation and various theme parties. Party all day and night and relax at the beach.

Date: 21 March 2019
Location: Courtyard by Marriott Al Barsha, Dubai
Duration: 1Day

This Valentine’s Day – Take Your Love to These Top 20 Romantic Destinations

Love and romance – the only thing everyone dies for. A day you’re waiting for – being cozy with your sweetheart, partying beyond the wee hours and spending quality time. Nothing can be better than lovely seclusion on Valentine’s Day. You’ll surely save adorable souvenir. The world seems more beautiful if you are with your loved ones. Imagine some romantic places across the world that take you away from your routine and fill you with the dash of shared memories.

Valentine’s inebriation arrives, get ready to take your darling away to the places of your dreams. It’s high time to plan for your fancied journey and celebrations if you haven’t done so. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve come with the top 20 Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in the world. Keep scrolling and find where you disappear this Valentine.

1. Paris, France:

Paris, France
Paris, France

The city of love, Paris undoubtedly tops any list of romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day. Heaven for ‘Les amoureux’ walking through Eiffel Tower or Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral holding an each-others hand and dancing around. Indulge in the cafe culture of the city beholding glittery lights. Mesmeric voyage to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe and other tourist stoppers will bring romance in your life.

Couple tips: Full of aww moments – nothing can be more romantic than looking in eyes of your love under the Eiffel Tower at night.

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2. Verona, Italy:


If you’re in love – must have heard of Romeo and Juliet. This true image of love from Shakespeare’s creation belongs to Verona, Italy. Close to Venice, it’s a medieval old town beautifully positioned in the bendy Adige River. Taste Italy’s signature eateries and explore Lake Garda, Arena di Verona and Piazza Delle Erbe, Verona serve adoration. Be the guest at Casa di Giulietta – 14th-century residence known as Juliet’s House.

Couple tips: Spend quality time with your beau across this historic city square where large-scale concerts and opera performances fuel romance in the air.

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3. Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Romance is not always tranquil and intimate, sometimes it’s wild, thrilling and heart racing. Even you are on your honeymoon or recreating those moments – jump from 111m Victoria Falls Bridge holding the hand of your partner. If you’re to propose someone, do the same – beautiful waterfall and racing heart-beat will vigour her to fall in love with you forever. Catch cheap flights to Victoria Falls and relish the thrill that you felt on meeting her for the first time.

Couple tips: Visit a stunning waterfall, trails throughout and witness a beautiful rainbow. Hug your partner and share warm kisses.

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4. Venice, Italy:

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

It is said, there are no roads but canals in the city of bridges – over 100 small islands in the Adriatic Sea’s lagoon from Venice. It’s a maritime city in Veneto, Italy. Walkthrough landmark basilica, a cathedral with gilded domes, a gothic-style palace and museums of the city. Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Burano are some of the major gateways alluring fellas of all ages.

Couple tips: Sooth across historic attractions and gorgeous canals – gain experiences you must have on your romantic date.

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5. Vienna, Austria:

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria

The Imperial city and imperial romantic indeed, Vienna is Austria’s capital. There’s no better place than Vienna for falling in love. Haul on horse-carriage across the snow holding your love in your arms. Situated on the Danube River, the city carries an artistic and intellectual legacy. Come to the majestic appearance of the city, it is home to iconic Imperial palaces and contemporary buildings including but not limited to Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg, Belvedere, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Witness mesmeric baroque palaces with opulent interiors and museums, historic palaces with art collections, and medieval places in the capital of culture.

Couple tips: Haul on horse-carriage across the snow holding your love in your arms.

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6. Jervis Bay, Australia:

Jervis Bay, Australia
Jervis Bay, Australia

Looking for a dream gateway to take your valentine to? Take her to the beaches having whitest sand and share a lovely kiss. Catch your cheap flight to Sydney and drive for just 2 hours and 30 minutes. You’ll feel like paradise on the earth across a 102-square kilometre stretched oceanic bay in New South Wales, Australia. Its villages define real luxury. Beaches, gardens, camping and bushwalks will be your best Valentine voyage and a life-long celebration. Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay National Park, Greenpatch Point, Booderee National Park and Botanic Gardens are must-visit places.

Couple Tips: Take an open-air shower, explore flora and fauna and spend your quality time at paperback camps.

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7. Sintra, Portugal:

Sintra, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal

A resort town in Portugal, Sintra is heaven lies between the sea and the mountains. Experience Romanticism in its true virtue – visit Sintra, the capital of romance. The city radiates a romantic sensation to an amative that takes them beyond the realistic arena. It’s them place admired by amorous writers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. If you’re fed up with cosmopolitan culture, come and lose in the atmosphere of flourishing nature, sumptuous cuisine and regal heritage.

Couple tips: Celebrate the romantic spirit and emotions within you. Visit Pena Palace, Cabo da Roca, Castle of the Moors, and Quinta da Regaleira.

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8. Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana is known as Green Capital because of abundant green spaces. Capacious Tivoli Park takes visitors close to nature. The meandering Ljubljanica River divides the old city centre and commercial nucleus of the city. Ljubljanica, Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana Castle and Tromostovje attract lovebirds from across the globe. Explore modern art paintings and sculptures in significant exhibitions and museums.

Couple tips: Enjoy kayaking, take selfies on Dragon Bridge featuring famous dragon statues, and sooth at the medieval fortress.

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9. Florence, Italy:

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy

Encapsulating renaissance art and architecture in Italy, Florence is the home to the magnum opus of alluring artworks. Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and Palazzo Vecchio are some of the major attractions of the city offering tranquility to the lovebirds from across the globe. It is the capital of the country’s Tuscany region. In short, the city can be defined as the framework of a resurgence, romance, world-class art and sumptuous cuisine.

Couple tips: Explore art museums and jewellery shops, walk on the medieval stone bridge holding hands of your partner and raconteur your loved one looking into her eyes.

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10. Santorini, Greece:

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

An island in the Aegean Sea, Santorini actually defines why it is called the capital of romance. One of the favourite honeymoon destinations in the world, the city is nestled with beaches and picturesque landscapes. Its rocky beach surrounded by red hills allows you to propose your better half in an impressive and exciting fashion. Imerovigli, Akrotiri, Santorini caldera and Red beach are major tourist stoppers. A concoction of thrill and romance, Santorini placates its guests with love.

Couple tips: Celebrate your companionship in multi-coloured cliffs, dazzling light, and picture-perfect landscape eternalised by famous poets and painters.

11. Wellington, New Zealand:

Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Are you a foodie or your sweetheart loves savouring new cuisine? Wellington is foodie’s delights. Take the flight to Wellington and visit the home to the world’s best restaurants. Your trip to New Zealand’s capital is incomplete without visiting Wellington Botanic Garden, Zealandia, Wellington Cable Car, and Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Take a ride to Space Place with your valentine from on a Cable Car and witness the planetarium show on Greek mythology’s famous romances.

Couple tips: Take your Valentine to a candle dinner and taste the world’s famous cuisine. Visit Wellington’s ‘love lock’ bridge and add a lock of your lover’s name.

12. Rome, Italy:

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

An eternal city for Eternal Love. Take her to the era of Roman glory witnessing colonial monuments and colossal relics of Rome. Chirpy air and splendid cuisine give reasons to celebrate your love in Rome. Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and more others that narrate reminiscence of Rome, the third most visited city of entire Europe.  The city caters to lustrous cuisine with warmth to wayfarers.

Couple tips: Take a pause in the excavated heart of the Roman Empire and elaborate your wish for a warm cuddle and eternal ‘esprit de corps’.

13. Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

Since the Middle Ages, Prague has been one of the most beautiful cities known as the crown of the world. With iconic Old Town Square, the Czech Republic’s capital is home to some colourful baroque buildings. There are plenty of reasons that fill you with romantic vigour. Iconic structure with mesmeric views, historic castle complexes and national treasures allure lovebirds from every corner of the world. Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, the astronomical clock, and St. Vitus Cathedral are some major tourist attractions.

Couple tips: Witness beautiful evening at the Charles Bridge, go for churches’ music recitals, taste luxury food and red wines in elegant fusion restaurants.

14. Bruges, Belgium:

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium

Imagine a romantic dinner with your dearly loved in a fabulous atmosphere. It’s not a dream anymore, and reserve your dining table at Markt, a popular central plaza in Bruges especially famous for dreamy dinner. Don’t worry about transportation – Bruges is close to Brussels, the capital of Belgium (just 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive) Walk across cobbled streets snuggling your partner, explore medieval buildings and canals, the city is known for. You can ask blessings from divine relic for nurturing love in your relationship at spiritual churches and pilgrimages.

Couple tips: Explore Michelangelo art, visit various spiritual churches and pilgrimages and of course purpose your soul-mate at 83m tower with panoramic views of the city.

15. The Maldives:

The Maldives
The Maldives

Do you believe in paradise? Come to the Maldives and lose in heavenly romance in a romantic archipelago. A south Indian country located in the Indian Ocean having 26 ring-shaped atolls and thousands of coral islands. Maafushi, Ari Atoll, Hulhumalé and Kuramathi are some must-visit places if you are on your romantic date. It has numerous easy-going island for water sports, a natural atoll having 105 islands, artificial island including beaches, resorts, villas, and more. Its capital Malé is home to modern shops, a fish markets, and elegant restaurants.

Couple tips: Spend time in overwater bungalows with your soul mate, muffle white-sand on your body while basking on stunning beaches and diving into the turquoise sea with crystal-clear water.

16. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

Witness a fascinating spectacle on your romantic date in Hungary’s capital Budapest. Iconic Buda Castle and world-famous monuments attract millions of tourists to the city and serve them a romantic atmosphere in vintage looks. Having a rich tradition, it’s a definite place worth visiting. Situated on the River Danube, the city offers a majestic aura of historic heritage including Buda Castle, Hungarian Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion and Hősök tere.

Couple tips: Enjoy nightlife cuddling your beau, share warm hugs and kisses.

17. Kauai, Hawaii:

Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii

Located in the Central Pacific, Kauai is a Hawaiian island and world-famous hiking destination. Featured in various Hollywood films, this island is popular as ‘the Garden Isle’. It will come as no surprise if you ask for a re-visit after being at Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, Waimea Canyon State Park, Kalalau Trail, Hanalei Bay and other major destinations in Kauai. Witness vast tropical landscape having the prosperity of opulent breathtaking islands.

Couple Tips: Shout your mate’s name from towering sea cliffs and the Kalalau Trail. Witness impressive gorge with canyon views. Enjoy Camping, cliff jumping and trail running, along with long, scenic beach and mountain galleries.

18. Carmel, California:

Carmel, California
Carmel, California

A home to serenity, Carmel is renowned for libraries and museums. It’s a beautiful beach town in California’s Monterey Peninsula comprising picture-perfect seaside places for romantic outings. Explore surfing destinations like including the Carmel River State Beach, Scenic Bluff Path, historic Carmel Mission and others. Catch flights to Los Angeles (the nearest airport of Carmel) and witness the atmosphere of love holding your better half in your arms. An adorable destination for scuba diving, Carmel-by-the-Sea can be our next honeymoon dream.

Couple Tips: Enjoy the companionship of your soul-mate in fairytale cottages observing beautiful galleries.

19. Ko Tao, Thailand:

Ko Tao, Thailand
Ko Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao stands for scuba diving, the island caters to a romantic tropical getaway to its guests on relaxing beaches with lantern-lit restaurants. Dive shops, restaurants, and nightspots of Thailand and their world-class hospitality will leave you spellbound. Exhibiting tropical coral reefs, the island is simply aquatic heaven calling you for a thrilling romance. This place has always more to offer that visitor’s expectation – John-Suwan Viewpoint, Sai RI Beach, Mae Haad Pier and Nang Yuan Island are some major tourist stoppers.

Couple Tips: Go for jungle trail and enjoy scenic views. Unwind quiet beaches and experience snorkelling and scuba diving as a couple. Its beachline sunset view is beyond revelation.

20. Cinque Terre, Italy:

Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

Across the Mediterranean, the Cinque Terre symbolises ultimate preserved natural ranges and centuries-old seaside villages. A warm hug from your partner witnessing the hypnotic view of colourful houses and picturesque vineyards initiates sensations within you. Home to some beautiful beaches and iconic churches including the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the city has plenty of vistas to make your Valentine’s Day more special. Do have blessings from religious shrines with a famous wooden statue.

Couple tips: First visit Gothic churches, then go to beaches and embrace your mate muffling white sand on your body.

It’s all about spending some quality time with your loved one whom you care about the most. Hope this writing caters to your searches for the perfect Valentine’s Day voyage.