Top 10 New UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Add to Your Bucket List in 2020

For the past 43 years, UNESCO meets annually to evaluate the list of places that will be added to the organisation’s coveted list of World Heritage Sites. A place or structure can secure its place on the list if it has great natural, cultural or historical significance and it is no surprise that travellers fly in to explore the ‘planet’s most extraordinary places’. This year, UNESCO has selected over 29 such natural and cultural wonders, recognised for their value to humanity. From Babylon in Iraq to Jaipur city in Rajasthan, here are our top 10 picks of the newest UNESCO World Heritage sites across the globe.

1- VatnajOkull National Park, Iceland


Covering over 14 per cent of Iceland’s territory, about 14,141 sq. km of total area, Vatnajökull National Park is not only home to one of the largest glaciers in the world but also holds two active volcanoes. A popular place to explore ice caves, you can experience here the breath-taking vistas of Svartifoss, Dettifoss and Selfoss waterfalls, frozen rivers and herds of reindeer around Mt. Snæfell, which lends a magical quality to the entire region. This park also served as a filming location for the early seasons of Game of Thrones. The national park contains 10 central volcanoes, eight of which are subglacial. You can explore these geological wonders through cave tours, glacial hikes and jeep safari.

Best time to visit: May to September is the ideal time to visit Vatnajökull National Park, when the days are long and warm with dry weather making it great for hiking.

How to reach: The Park is only 4 hours’ drive from Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. You can rent a car or a campervan. If you prefer public transport, take one of the twice-daily summer bus services, connecting Reykjavík and Skaftafell via the Ring Road and stop at the park.

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2- Jaipur City, India


The walled city of Jaipur is one of the most colourful cities in the world and a part of India’s famous Golden triangle. The city is not only renowned for its peachy-pink coloured buildings, but also the interiors of the houses, shops, restaurants and hotels which are also a kaleidoscope of colours. Founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II, it is believed to be the first planned city in India and second Indian city after Ahemdabad to feature on the prestigious list. Built according to a grid layout interpreted in the light of Vedic architecture, the city’s layout, vibrant streets, temples and large public squares or chaupars have put Jaipur on UNESCO’s map. It was designed to be a commercial capital and has maintained its local commercial and artisanal traditions to this day.

Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit Jaipur is during the winter months from November to March, when the days are sunny but nights are cold. It is also the peak of tourist season in Jaipur.

How to reach: Take a 1-hour flight or 4-hour drive from New Delhi, the capital of India. Jaipur is well-connected with all big cities in India. Sanganer Airport serves the Pink City.

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3- Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, China


Dating back to 5,300 years, the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City covering an area of 14.3 square kilometres in the northwest of in Hangzhou, was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list this year. It is considered as an important representation of early urban civilization based on rice cultivation in late Neolithic China. The heritage site includes four areas – the Yaoshan Site, the High-dam at the Mouth of the Valley, Low-dam on the Plain and the area of City Site. The city ruins with palace and altar remain, 11 early-stage dams and high-level cemetery sites showcases the contributions made by the Yangtze River Basin to the origins of Chinese civilisation. According to archaeological research, the Neolithic civilisation is believed to have lasted for about 1,000 years and got ended 4,300 years ago. 

Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit Liangzhu City is during spring (March-May) & autumn (September-mid November), when the weather is mild and perfect for exploration and outdoor activities

How to reach: Take a 2-hour flight to Hangzhou from Beijing. From the downtown area in Hangzhou, you can take bus line 313 or line 348 to reach the park. You can also take a taxi which can cost you about CNY100. The park is open from 9:00 – 17:00 and the last entry is at 16:00.

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 4- Babylon, Iraq


Nearly 3,000 years ago, Babylon was one of the most important cities in the ancient world. It was ruled by Nebuchadnezzar, whom we know from the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Christianity and Judaism. It was home to striking city walls gates, palaces and temples, of which ruins of some are still visible. Babylon is also associated with one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens that has inspired artistic and religious culture universally. Today, the city isn’t in great condition with many of its ruins left unexcavated and damaged due to the conflict in the region but UNESCO World Heritage tag comes with a dose of hope and restoration aid so that further damage can be avoided.

Best time to visit: March to May (Spring) or September to October (Autumn) are the ideal months for visiting Babylon, away from the scorching heat and the winter chills.

How to reach: Located 85 km south of Baghdad, it takes about 3-4 hours approx. by road to reach Babylon. You can rent a car to reach this new UNESCO World Heritage site.

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 5- Bagan, Myanmar


Located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River, Bagan is Myanmar’s answer to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and is due to grow in popularity for tourists in 2020 and beyond. It was the capital of the ancient Burmese empire and features a stunning range of Buddhist art and architecture. With numerous 13th- and 15th-century Buddhist temples, monasteries, stupas and places of pilgrimage, it testifies to the once-powerful Bagan Empire. Visitors can get the best views at sunrise by taking a hot air balloon ride and witness hundreds of architectural treasures as far as the eye can reach.

Best time to visit: Bagan is hot most of the year and hence, the best time to visit is from November to February with mild weather and an average temperature of 30 C.

How to reach: Bagan is an 80-minute flight travel away from Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. After reaching Nyaung U airport in Bagan, hop on a cab and you’ll reach Old Bagan in 10 minutes.

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6- Bom Jesus do Braga Sanctuary, Braga, Portugal


Located on the slopes of Mount Espinho, overlooking the town of Braga in the far north of Portugal, Bom Jesus do Braga Sanctuary is a Baroque-style Catholic Sacri Monti or sacred mountain, built over 600 years. It is home to one of the most iconic examples of 17th-century Baroque architecture with a series of chapels housing sculptures evoking the Passion of Christ, along with fountains, allegorical sculptures and formal gardens. Visitors need to climb up the 577 steps to reach the cathedral at the top that some pilgrims tend to complete on their knees. The church itself is beautiful and the zig-zagging steps known as the Via Crucis is the highlight of the entire property, recognised by UNESCO in 2019.

Best time to visit: August to September is the ideal time to visit Braga, when the weather is quite warm and pleasant.

How to reach: Take a 1-hour train journey from Porto or opt for shuttle buses operated by Getbus costing €8 to reach Bom Jesus do Braga Sanctuary.

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 7- Hills of Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, Italy


Located in north-eastern Italy, the Prosecco region of Italy is noteworthy for its winegrowing landscape, where grapes are grown for sparkling wine. It is characterised by ‘hogback’ hills, where Italians in the 17th century planted small plots of vines on the hills’ terraces, creating a checkerboard pattern over the terrain that has been shaped and adapted by man for centuries. Visitors can go on a scenic road trip to the Prosecco Road that is lined by over three dozen vineyards while tasting and drinking your way through the region.

Best time to visit: April to June is a wonderful time to visit the newly recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, when the weather is pleasant and not too hot.

How to reach: Take a 1-hour train ride from Venice. You can book a tasting tour with a guide to visit these renowned vineyards.

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8- Mounded Tombs of Ancient Japan


Located on a plateau above the Osaka Plain, these are 49 ancient tombs, dating back from the 3rd to the 6th century. The mounds come in different shapes and sizes and are believed to be meant for members of the elite with the largest tomb in Japan named after Emperor Nintoku. With elaborate design forms of keyhole, scallop, square or circle, these are decorated with paving stones and clay figures. Out of a total of 160,000, these 49 kofuns have been selected in Japan that forms the richest material representation of the Kofun period (3rd to 6th century CE). It demonstrates the social class differences of that period with the evidence of a highly sophisticated funerary system.

Best time to visit: Autumn (October-November) and spring (March-May) are the two best times to visit Mounded Tombs of Ancient Japan in Osaka, when the weather is mild and pleasant for an outdoor exploration.

How to reach: Opt for a 2 hours 30 minutes train ride from Tokyo. Take the JR Hanwa line to Mozu station from where it is only10 minute walk away.

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 9- Risco Caido and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria, Spain


Located in the centre of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, the Risco Caido comprises cliffs, ravines and volcanic formations. It has been recognized for its pre-Hispanic cave dwellings, where those who lived on the island before the 15th century created granaries, cisterns and homes on the mountains themselves. The pre-Hispanic culture evolved in isolation, from the arrival of North African Berbers, until the first Spanish settlers in the 15th century. The highlights of the region are two sacred temples in mountain cavities where seasonal ceremonies were held by the inhabitants. These temples are thought to belong to the cult of star and Mother Earth.

Best time to visit: Spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit Risco Caido, when the weather is warm and comfortable.

How to reach: Take a direct flight to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from the UK. The Risco Caido cave complex is not open to the public currently but you can walk up to Roque Bentayga and visit the fascinating on-site.

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 10- Plain of Jars, Laos


Located on a plateau called Xiengkhouang in central Laos, the Plain of Jars got its name from the tubular-shaped megalithic stone jars that were used for funerary practices during the Iron Age. With over 2,100, this property comprises large carved stone jars, shards, lids, tombstones and funerary objects dating from 500 BCE to 500 CE. These jars and related elements are the most prominent surviving evidence of the Iron Age civilization that created and used them until it disappeared around 500 CE.

Best time to visit: October to April is the ideal time for a visit, when the weather is warm and dry throughout.

How to reach: An 8-hour bus ride from the capital city, Luang Prabang will take you to this newly recognized UNESCO heritage site.

The world heritage sites of UNESCO are worth visiting as each is considered to be of immense cultural and natural importance. To be of “outstanding universal value to humanity”, as defined by UNESCO, each heritage site is unique and tells a thousand stories about its past. So which of these gems are top of your list to visit in 2020?

Top Christmas Markets in Europe To Make Your Festive Season Memorable

There’s nothing as grand and lively as a European Christmas. If you’re there from late November through the New Year, it’s easy to see why. All around Europe, Christmas markets have started to open and this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the festive spirit. Don’t miss the luscious barbecue or a hot, pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Follow the aroma of mulled wine, seasonal cookies and gingerbread; buy glistening gifts, linger around food stands and shop for seasonal items. Just put it all together and revel in the Christmas spirit with these top Christmas markets in Europe that are worth visiting.

1. Resselpark, Vienna

Resselpark, Vienna
Resselpark, Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria has numerous Christmas markets popular as ‘Christkindlmarkt’ spread all over the city. The name ‘Christkindlmarkt’ is derived from the traditional Christmas culture. And among the Christmas markets, the one at Resselpark is the best. It is full of rides and other adventure activities for children and young people. It gets dark quite early and taking walks around the Resselpark Christmas market is what Viennese people love to do. Revel in the aroma of baked items, sip on delicious mulled wine, shop for wonderful gifts, watch jugglers and street magicians at their best and cherish the festive atmosphere.

Best time: 22 November 2019 – 05 January 2020

How to reach: Situated in Karlsplatz, this magnificent spot can be reached either by subway (Karlsplatz station) or via Operngasse Street.

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2. Havel’s Market, Prague

Havel’s Market, Prague
Havel’s Market, Prague

Visitors come from everywhere to experience the Christmas markets in Prague, especially Havel’s Christmas Market. Prague Old Town Square Havelska is the location of this large market. It’s situated between the Old Town Hall and Church of Our Lady before Tyn. Some exceptional items that are available here during Christmas are handmade ornaments, toys, holiday decorations, traditional cookies, tablecloths, Frankincense and the Czech Christmas potpourri called purpura. Some other products on sale are Czech wooden puppets, artistries, clothing decorations, scented candles and handmade soap. Taste hot wine, grog and warm honey liquor called medovina as they come in handy in the cold climate. Czech Christmas carols add to the festive atmosphere. After dark, the market is lit up gorgeously. The key event at the market is a special musical night and light ceremony on the Christmas tree, which is frequently repeated as visitors settle down.

Best time: 30 November 2019 – 6 January 2020

How to reach:  If you are at Prague’s central district, you can take Bus 55A and 56A.

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3. Piazza Navona Market, Rome

Piazza Navona Market, Rome
Piazza Navona Market, Rome

With the Christmas flavour in full-swing and the Eternal City already floodlit in cheerful displays, what better time to sip coffee and pick up various gifts at one of the many markets happening during November and December in Rome. Wander through the stately Piazza Navona as you pause between local hawkers offering sweets, chestnuts, artisanal crafts and artwork. You are sure to be amused by the festive holiday rides, nativity scene and live performers, all of which are surrounding the architectural beauty of Bernini’s Quattro Fiumi, Saint Agnese Church and Palazzo Pamphili. Wait until twilight as the Piazza market glows majestically with the crowd slowly setting in. Escape to this famous spot for a chance to show off your skill on the ice rink. And don’t forget to witness the traditional Christmas concert and performance, packed with more than 50,000 people, also featuring food from various Italian regions, artisan works and hand-crafted gifts.

Best Time: 01 December 2019 – 06 January 2020

How to reach: To reach this market, just walk to the Termini Station and from there, take Bus Number 64 or Bus Number 40. Stop at Vittorio Emanuele. Just a few minutes’ walk and you have arrived!

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4. Nyhavn’s Christmas Market, Copenhagen

Nyhavn’s Christmas market, Copenhagen
Nyhavn’s Christmas Market, Copenhagen

If there’s one thing that can stir up the Christmas spirit amidst Denmark’s cold, wind-swept atmosphere, it’s Nyhavn’s Christmas market and central Kongens Nytorv. Offering abundant gift options with pungent aromas of cinnamon-infused mulled wine and roasted almonds, visitors have the prospect of enjoying the best goodies while savouring a glass of hot liquor along the way. The market has ample festive events running up to the 25th for those in need of early festive inspiration. The harbour front provides an iconic setting to select your holiday gifts with the option to soak up the winter feel by strolling along its cobbled walkways. Grab your camera and a cup of something warm as the canal captures the ideal winter-time shot of the city.

Best time: 08 November 2019 – 23 December 2019

How to reach: Take the city metro from Nyhavn and walk down for 5 minutes till you reach the market.

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5. Main Market Square, Krakow

Main Market Square, Krakow
Main Market Square, Krakow

Where better to soak up a slice of Christmas joy than in Poland? Take a break at one of the season’s most popular highlights – Krakow Christmas fair on the main market square. According to the Irish Times, Krakow Christmas Market is one of the top ten Christmas markets in Europe. One cannot imagine how beautiful Krakow Christmas Market becomes during this season. Situated on the Main Market Square and the Old Town’s centre, the decorated wooden booths of the Main Square Christmas market offer a selection of gifts, delicacies and brews that are best enjoyed out in the cold air while exploring all the best that Krakow has to offer. If you’re planning an extraordinary December holiday, consider Krakow as a budding destination – certainly, it has much more to offer than the Christmas market but the festival event takes the city’s unique atmosphere to the next level.

Best time: 30 November – 26 December 2019

How to reach: Main Market Square is right in the heart of Krakow, a 10-minute walk from the city’s main train station. Being a walkable area, the square is only accessible by foot or on a bike.

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6. Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market, Berlin

Who doesn’t love Berlin? The German capital is worthy when it comes to enjoying the last two months of the year when the city turns into a real-life Christmas-fairy-tale. There are roughly 80 Christmas markets spread out all over the city but the historical Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market is quite famous and one of the most beautiful to behold. From gifts, souvenirs to the best waffles and more, immerse yourself in the magic of the festive season. Witness glassblowers, basket weavers, jugglers, handicraft makers, winter delicacies and origami art during Advent. The market transforms into a small city with copious exhibitors and stands as well as more than 1,000 fairy lights providing a cosy ambience. The nostalgic Christmas market has an impressive array of artisans, amusement rides and traditional culinary delights such as roasted almonds and a variety of cakes.  

Best time: 25 November – 26 December 2019

How to reach: The market is located in front of the Konzerthaus on the Gendarmenmarkt and can be reached by foot from several stations like Stadtmitte and Franzosische Straße.

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7. Museumplein, Amsterdam

Christmas in Museumplein

Witness festivities in the Dutch capital. Each year, Amsterdam’s Museumplein transforms into a charming Christmas village with an ice rink, live entertainment, market stalls and plenty of festive food and drink to keep you warm. Take a spin on the ice or play some human bowling at this spectacular event. Warm-up with mulled wine and Dutch Doughnuts, find the perfect gifts for friends and family and just take in all the festive charm of the city. The Ice Village is a traditional Dutch Christmas market in the centre of Amsterdam, right by the huge ice rink at Museumplein. If you fancy a spot of ice skating and warming yourself up with hot mulled wine and Dutch Christmas foods, this is the market for you. The atmospheric market will be glowing with lit up trees and dazzling lights and you can glide on the ice with the stunning Rijksmuseum as your backdrop.

Best time: 16 November 2019 – 02 February 2019

How to reach: You can get to Museumplein by Bus, Light Rail, Train or Metro. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby – Bus – 142, Bus – 170, Bus – 197

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8. Vorosmarty Square Market, Budapest

Vorosmarty Square Market, Budapest
Vorosmarty Square Market, Budapest

Budapest has smaller and bigger Christmas Markets that have been attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and are the most spectacular. The most beautiful, oldest and internationally acclaimed Budapest Christmas fair is the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square in the heart of the city. The winter festival in Vorosmarty is celebrating its 21st year in 2019 and every year surpasses the previous one in terms of size and activities. The festive Christmas markets showcase young and old talents of Hungary, who master in glass-blowing, knitting, wood carving, candle making, pottery, leather & shoe trade. Moreover, enjoy 3D projection light show, street food on Zrinyi and Sas Streets, roasted chestnuts, plum juice with cinnamon, hot chocolate, mulled wine, spit cake and much more.

Best time: 08 November 2019 – 01 January 2020

How to reach: The centrally located Vorosmarty Square is unmissable since it lies in the inner city of Budapest (district V.), at just a few minutes’ walk from the Danube.

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So, what makes many of the Christmas markets enticing and outstanding in Europe is that there is a real focus to preserve authentic European folk art, traditions and offer really good quality handicrafts. The above ones are voted the best Christmas markets in Europe that truly ignite the Christmas atmosphere. It’s nothing but pure holiday magic, mixed with spectacle.

Black Friday 2020 – Top Destinations to Shop Till You Drop

Black Friday 2020 is here! A great opportunity to shop for things of your choice at unbelievable prices. With almost everything available on incredible deals and discounts, there is no better time to shop. We have handpicked certain top-notch destinations where you can avail huge discounts and deals on this Black Friday.

1- New York, United States of America


New York is probably the best place to spend your holiday during the Black Friday season. Being the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year, you surely don’t want to miss the huge discounts and deals available. Below are some of the stores to look out for best Black Friday Deals in New York City.

Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave, New York) – Discounts on high-end designer items Prada sneakers, Lisa Perry dresses, Givenchy Leather and more.

Bergdorf Goodman (754 5th Ave, New York) – Big deals on popular brands. Bergdorf Goodman also offers free morning snacks to shoppers.

Bloomingdale’s (1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and Lexington Ave, New York)– New Yorkers call it “Bloomies” and it offers discounts up to 50 per cent on your every purchase.

Century 21 (21 Dey Street, New York) – Rock bottom prices on high-end designer products like jeans and jackets attract crowds in hundreds.

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2- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab

Black Friday in Dubai means jaw-dropping discounts on a wide range of items, branded accessories and apparels. This Black Friday, online stores and malls have already announced special deals for shoppers. Here are the best spots to go on a shopping spree in Dubai.

Robinsons (Dubai Festival City Mall)  Heavy discounts on men’s and women’s apparels, beauty accessories and home décor.

Debenhams (Dubai Mall) – Rock bottom prices on beauty accessories, handbags, shoe, lingerie and more.

Muji (The Dubai Mall) – Perfect place to avail bargains on household goods, apparel and food.

Salam Studio (Dubai Outlet Mall) – Local department store offering discounts on local and international brands like Roberto Cavalli, Betsey Johnson, Missoni and more.

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3- Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has Singles’ Day, their version of Black Friday celebrated every year on November 11. Still, the American shopping day has managed to garner a lot of attention. Stores across Hong Kong both local and international offer incredible deals and discounts to pounce on. Below are the popular shopping spots to visit on Black Friday in Hong Kong.

DJI Store (Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Jaffe Rd) – 30% off on everything.

IFC Mall (8 Finance St., Central, Hong Kong) – Swanky retail complex featuring high-end clothing stores and tech shops, all offering massive Black Friday discounts.

Times Square (1 Matheson St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) – A massive mall, which is the perfect place to shop and find incredible deals on a range of famous brands and accessories.

Grana (1F, Tin Fung Industrial Mansion, 63 Wong Chuk Hang Rd.) – 50% off Italian Merino.

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4- Singapore


Black Friday in Singapore gets tough competition from Chinese Singles’ Day, as both falls in November. But fret not as, like any other city in the world, this shopping festival has become a huge event with luxury stores offering discounts on a wide range of products. In Singapore, you can visit these stores on Black Friday.

Robinsons the Heeren (260 Orchard Rd.) – Great place to shop in Singapore especially during Black Friday, as shops inside the mall offer huge discounts on a plethora of products.

Paragon Shopping Centre (290 Orchard Rd.) – This popular mall is full of shops featuring international designer retailers and offers a chance to grab hefty discounts on a range of products.

Vivo City (1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore) – The biggest shopping mall hosting international brands and local shops, which provides a chance to avail rock bottom prices on every purchase.

The Shoppes (Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Ave.) – Shop for all kinds of stuff ranging from apparels to electronic items at rock bottom prices.

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5- Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Black Friday in Australia has gained significant popularity. The Land Down Under has started to celebrate yet another American tradition. In Sydney, both online stores and malls offer a plethora of deals on Black Friday. But for those who specifically like to shop offline, here are the stores to visit.

David Jones (310 Bourke St., Melbourne VIC 3000) – Avail discounts on a range of designer clothes, bags, accessories and more.

Mayer (Westfield Sydney, NSW) – You can bargain heavy on beauty accessories, toys, clothes, entertainment and men and women apparels.

JB HI-FI (Australia Fair Shopping Centre) – Here, you can purchase electronics, gadgets, mobile phones and JB Hi-Fi on incredible discounts.

Big W Pagewood (152 Bunnerong Rd, Pagewood NSW) – Rock bottom prices on both board and electronic games.

Bing Lee (9 Abdon Cl, Bennetts Green NSW) – Unbelievable discounts on electronic appliances.

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6- Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Retailors in New Zealand are geared up for Black Friday. Stores across Auckland will be offering 30 to 50 per cent discount on a range of products. The shopping festival is now on par with Boxing Day in terms of spending. Below are some of the stores that you can visit to catch up with big deals.

Farmers New Lynn (Lynnmall Shopping Centre, New Lynn) – Absolutely incredible store to get handsome discounts on beauty products, women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, toys and homeware.

The Warehouse Auckland (21 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD) – Get massive Black Friday Sale with huge discounts on toys, TV’s, clothing, jewellery, manchester, electronics and much more.

Harvey Norman (20-54 Mount Wellington Highway, Mount Wellington) – New Zealand’s foremost retail chain offers discounts on electronics and kitchen appliances.

Ballentynes Fashion Central (Kilbirnie, Wellington) – Avail huge Black Friday deals on a range of women’s clothes at Ballentynes.

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7- Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Black Friday storm will result in a spending spree across South Africa. Stores will offer heavy discounts on a range of products. The city of Cape Town is also prepared for the biggest shopping event of the year. Online shops and stores in Cape Town lure buyers with discounts that can go up to 90 per cent. Here are some of the hot spots to visit this Black Friday.

Canal Walk Shopping Centre: The largest mall in Cape Town with over 400 stores, both local and international brands, offers discounts on various products.

V&A Waterfront (19 Dock Rd) – Popular shopping address in Cape Town with over 450 stores to bargain on a wide range of merchandise.

Cavendish Square (1 Dreyer St, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708) – An award-winning shopping centre with more than 180 stores to bargain on the latest fashion and accessories.

Cybercellar (37 Manhattan St, Boquinar Industrial Area, Cape Town) – Taste some of the finest wine, beer and spirits and avail up to 58 per cent discount.

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Save the day and be sure to get the best deals. Expect bigger and better discounts to kick start the holiday shopping season. Black Friday 2019 offers a great opportunity to upgrade your home, tech and wardrobe without burning the pocket.

10 Must-See Destinations In and Around New Zealand’s North and South Island

From spectacular glaciers and pretty beaches to stunning waterfalls and magnificent mountains, New Zealand is the place with unspoiled natural landscapes and adventure-filled spots. Get ready for the hugest national parks, rich Maori culture and world-class surfing & skiing opportunities. It is one destination that’s on the bucket list of every adventure enthusiast but with so many choices, it can be hard to decide where to go and what to explore when you visit. So, here we are, to save the day or shall we say the trip! Take a look at our top picks of the 10 best places to visit in New Zealand and make sure you include each one of these spots in your itinerary.

1 – Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

A coastal paradise, it is home to the iconic Abel Tasman Coast Track, one of nine Great Walks in the country and sits right at the north-western tip of the South Island. It is the smallest national park in the country but perfect for adventure and relaxation. You can go hiking or try kayaking in the blue waters and its surrounding coves. If lucky, you might even spot dolphins here on your South Island tour in New Zealand.

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2 – Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui

Home to one of the most popular beaches in the country, Mount Maunganui is definitely a must-visit place if you’re passing through the Bay of Plenty region. From the base of the Mount, you’ll see long unending stretches of white sand surf beach. Relax on the beaches, spend time at one of the many cafes or swim in the clear blue waters of Pilot Bay. This is also a great place to just sit and watch the people.

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3 – Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island

With beautiful vineyards, stunning beaches and olive groves, Waiheke Island is an incredibly popular destination located just 40-minute ferry ride away from downtown Auckland. In terms of landscape and experience, it is definitely a world away. The island is quite bigger than what it seems with plenty of activities that can be covered on a single day trip.

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4 – Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo

One of New Zealand’s North Island top attractions, Lake Taupo was created by a volcanic eruption that occurred about 26,500 years ago. Head to encounter the country’s largest lake. Visit the Craters of the Moon to see the evidence of the birth of this lake in the geysers, steaming craters and boiling mud pools. Since it is a popular stopover for adventurers and water sports enthusiasts, mark it in your list of things to do in New Zealand’s North Island. Huka Falls located here is also worth seeing on your visit to this part of New Zealand.

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5 – Hokitika Gorge

Hokitika Gorge

Located in the South Island’s West Coast region, Hokitika Gorge draws plenty of travellers with its picture-perfect setting, blue water and lush greenery. The remarkable turquoise tinge that you see in the water here is not visible anywhere else in the world. From the car park, you have to walk along a trail to reach a small viewing platform to witness the gorge in all its glory. With breath-taking glacial waters, rock stilt and plankton, Hokitika Gorge invites nature lovers. Add it to your list of things to do in New Zealand’s South Island.

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6 – Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

If glacier hiking is on your bucket list, travel to Franz Josef Glacier during your visit to New Zealand. One of the best-known glaciers, it is a sought-after place by adventure-enthusiasts who want to get on the ice. The steepest in the country, it was first explored in 1865 by geologist Julius Von Haast, who named the glacier after the Austrian emperor. While you’re in the region, take your time out to visit its famous neighbour, the longest and fastest-moving Fox Glacier.

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7 – Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island

The largest and most seaward of the Hauraki Gulf islands in the Auckland region, it is one of the magical places to visit in New Zealand. Since not easily accessible, tourists do not make much effort to reach this sixth-largest island. However, a trip to here is worthy enough to make your New Zealand holiday a memorable one. Take a 4-hour ferry ride or a 30-minute flight to witness the picture-perfect sandy beaches, secret waterfalls and natural hot springs amidst the lush greenery.

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8 – Matapouri


One of the top-rated tourist locations in New Zealand, Matapouris is just a 40-minute drive away from Whangarei. At Matapouri, you will find hidden emerald pools named “The Mermaid Pools” that are perfect for swimming and diving. However, be cautious of high tides as waves may crash the rocks at the high speed and could be dangerous. Taking a dip at one of these mermaid pools is a must-do thing in New Zealand’s North Island.

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9 – Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls

The most photogenic waterfalls in New Zealand, tourists rush to Whangarei Falls to click photographs. Stay here for a while and to experience more spectacular views, climb behind the falls. You can also drive to Whangarei Heads and the Bream Head Scenic Reserve for hiking and panoramic coastal and harbour views. Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds and be cautious while climbing over the slippery rocks!

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10 – Mount Cook

Mount Cook

The highest mountain in the country, Mount Cook helped Sir Edmund Hillary to develop his climbing skills to conquest the Mt. Everest. A paradise on earth, you need to visit to believe how beautiful it is. Take the Hooker Valley walking the track to witness the most dramatic scenes. The easy path takes you alongside the rushing Hooker River, over the picture-perfect swing bridges offering views of enormous ancient glaciers. If you’re here for a short period, head to Tasman Lake, which can be reached by an easy 20-minute walk from the car park to see the reflection of Mount Cook in the water and big icebergs floating around. You might also encounter cheeky kea (mountain parrots) on your way!

So what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday in New Zealand to have the adventure of your life. Regardless of the places you visit in the country, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. It’s such a beautiful destination with so much to see!

Europe’s 15 Most Festive Cities to Spend Christmas

No one celebrates Christmas as Europe does. The country is awash with Christmas markets, decorated churches, the aroma of gingerbread and mulled wine and a lot of fiestas. If you’ve not decided where to go for Christmas celebration in Europe, this is the time to plan a getaway with your family or friends. To make your choice easy, we have listed out 15 best destinations in Europe where you can celebrate Christmas to make your holiday a memorable affair.

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1- Copenhagen, Denmark


Nobody celebrates Christmas quite like the Scandinavians. In December, the Danish capital transforms into a huge Christmas card. Copenhagen represents the concept of hygge during Christmas – a special feeling of a cosy home, nice people around you and a relaxed and happy atmosphere. One of the finest Christmas customs in Copenhagen is the annual Saint Lucy’s Kayak Parade. Several kayaks are decorated with Christmas trees and twinkling lights as they sail across the city harbour through the canals.

Take a stroll through Tivoli. Being the oldest amusement park in the world, it is the best place for children and adults with likings for decorations, sweets and lots of rides! Another fun-filled activity in Copenhagen is ice skating.

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2- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam in Christmas
Amsterdam in Christmas

Amsterdam is the most popular place to visit in Europe in Christmas. The Dutch truly know how to celebrate Christmas and in Amsterdam, the Christmas spirit travels through each waterway, road and square. In Dam Square, a 20-meter-tall tree is decorated with 3km of lights and you’ll witness carollers, jugglers and artists to keep you occupied. In and around Amsterdam, there are Christmas markets to gratify all tastes, whether shopping or eating.

During the Amsterdam light show, where lights illuminate the waterways, your Amsterdam twilight cruise will be significantly more fantastic. Additionally, you can visit Amsterdam’s Ice Village in Museumplein, where you can go ice skating, buy Christmas novelties and eat and drink the best Dutch delicacies.

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3- Paris, France 

Paris in Christmas
Paris in Christmas

One of the best places to visit during Christmas in Europe, Paris brings alive the Christmas artistry, style and gastronomy. The well-known markets buzz with shopping, live choir and several events during this time. The marketplaces are packed with appealing chalets that complement the Christmas atmosphere.

You will be overwhelmed by various Christmas art and decoration items available at these markets. The food is heavenly and the normal French cheddar, wine and champagne are boastfully included in the food courts. Furthermore, the sparkling city view at dusk will give you some remarkable memories.

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4- Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague in Christmas
Prague in Christmas

In the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas in Europe. The destination has an interesting history filled with annual traditions that draw tourists every year. Moreover, Gothic architecture adds to the Christmas zest. Your day begins with a snow-covered city on a cold wintry morning but it gets merrier when you start looking at Prague’s impressive bistros for the best cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the city.

From noon, the biggest Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square start filling up with people. And from dusk, the celebrations begin with a grand feast while a huge Christmas tree gets decorated. The markets are full of irresistible wonders, vintage souvenirs and the best delicacies. Visitors to Prague can also enjoy live nativity scenes, ice skating, and other Czech Christmas traditions throughout December.

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5- Rome, Italy 

Rome in Christmas
Rome in Christmas

Christmas in Rome is about light shows, rituals and shopping. The Eternal City is the best place to witness Christmas flair. Since Rome is significant to the Christian faith, Christmas is an interesting time to visit the city. But Christmas in Rome is much more than traditional elements and the nativity scenes.

Apart from the endless Christmas lights at Via del Corso, there’s a whole different world to experience! Vendors in their colourful clothes line up the lively squares at Campo de’ Fiori, where you can purchase baked goodies and handcrafted items. Explore decorated cafes and restaurants. Likewise, there’s a beautiful Christmas market in Piazza Navona. It’s not loaded with sellers but you can still find treasures and treats for everyone.

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6- Krakow, Poland


Voted as the best city to celebrate Christmas two years in a row, Krakow is the next on the list. Krakow’s Christmas fairs were once Poland’s best-kept secret but now it entices tourists from all over. During this time of the season, each alcove and corner of the city is decorated lavishly with outdoor entertainment and more.

The festive spirit, markets and enthusiasm are the ones that astound tourists. Plus, world-class DJs and classical concerts throughout the day will keep everybody’s spirit high. Do not forget to stop by the tasty treats lined up on the side lanes and you can even choose your choice of themed entertainment.

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7- Barcelona, Spain


Unbelievable but true, Barcelona offers much more Christmas romance than one can imagine. Saturated with celebrations during Christmas, the regions around the churches witness an influx of visitors. The whole city looks like little heaven of hues and lights, celebratory sounds and mount-watering aroma. Foodies and party lovers will cherish this spot.

All through the celebration season, food vendors draw endless crowd towards potato fritters, printen or gingerbread, Christmas cakes and rolls – all line up the boulevards. You will even locate some exceptionally pretty artful souvenirs at the colourful stalls. There’s even a part devoted to ‘Las Sardana’, where locals perform the folk dance in the street and relish epicurean delights to their heart’s content.

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8- Vienna, Austria 

Vienna in Christmas
Vienna in Christmas

Considered as one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe, Vienna in Austria is known for exquisiteness and style that it carries while observing Christmas. It feels like paradise when you’re are in Vienna during this time. The squares are loaded up with brilliant Christmas delicacies, bistros with unique eateries and twinkling lights beautifying the city’s architecture.

You can enjoy naturally prepared dishes and bakery items at Vienna’s Christkindlmarkt, try ice-skating in Rathausplatz, visit the Snow Globe Museum or be a part of the fantastic Christmas concerts. In case you’re keen on visiting some other season, make a point to indulge in Christmas gaiety while visiting Vienna!

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9- Budapest, Hungary 

Budapest in Christmas
Budapest in Christmas

Given the chance that you are in Hungary throughout the Christmas occasion, make sure you visit the Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival that happens at Vorosmarty Square. This will be a different experience for you. The magnificent square situated at the core of Budapest turns into a joyful space adorned with wooden stalls, customary snacks and platforms for neighbourhood entertainment.

If you are a foodie, we suggest you taste the honey cakes and biscuits made out of traditional Budapest ingredients and the glimmering mulled wine. The aroma of these goodies will lure you into the market square.

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10- Brussels, Belgium 

Brussels in Christmas
Brussels in Christmas

Christmas in Brussels is bold and over-the-top. Chocolates, coffee, mountains of cakes & pastries and world-famous concerts take the centre stage. The Christmas market goes on for over a month at the Grand Place, the Place de la Monnaie, the Marche aux Poissons and the Place Sainte-Catherine. The market brims with charming little stalls that offer traditional art and craft items, European treats, endless chocolates, a festive area with rides and an ice dome for some skating.

But the showstopper is the monstrous Christmas tree decorated by the light and sound show. No wonder, Brussels would probably be one the best spots to spend your Christmas holidays.

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11- Berlin, Germany


Christmas in Berlin is memorable. The city is festive, fun-filled and historical and there are exciting things to do for first-timers. Christmas markets are the top reason that draws visitors in Berlin. Among the many, Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market is great because of its position between two gigantic churches. Find anything from hot drinks and beer to gluhwine, meats, candy, pretzels and more.

Next in the line are Alexanderplatz market that has an ice skating rink, Ferris wheel, scores of stalls with endless food and drinks and the tiny Potsdammer Platz market. The park here has memorials and historical information about the city as well as a zoo, trees, trails and beautiful landscapes.

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12- Venice, Italy

Venice in Christmas
Venice in Christmas

Christmas in Venice is cold, quiet and gorgeous. The canals, gondolas, piazzas and architecture are lit up with Christmas decorations. The streets are less crowded and locals doing their Christmas shopping – the holidays make for a fantastic time to visit. Festive songs are performed at special concerts in churches and piazzas throughout December and church bells resound all day on Christmas Day from the famous bell tower at St. Mark’s.

Spend Christmas in Venice and you’re promised a marvellous culinary experience. It is customary for Venetians to relish a multi-course fish dinner on the Christmas Eve. And not to forget, no Christmas holiday in Venice is complete without a trip to the Island of Murano. The island transforms into a riot of colourful lights and glass decorations. There is even an enormous Christmas tree made totally of Murano glass, which is not to be missed.

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13- Bern, Switzerland 

Bern on Christmas
Bern on Christmas

Nothing speaks Christmas like the glacial winter wonderland of Switzerland. The feel of Bern’s medieval old town decked out in golden lights is overwhelming in Europe. There are, obviously, incredible Christmas markets, a lot of calm bistros where you can sip up on hot cocoa and enjoy endless shopping if your Christmas list is long enough.

When you initially land in Bern, go for a guided stroll through the 800-year-old city to get familiar with Bern’s top attractions such as the 12th-century Clock Tower and the Gothic Basilica. However, for the best winter action in Bern, hit the hills of Gurten for some sledging activity you’ll ever witness.


14- Algarve, Portugal


Spending Christmas in the Algarve is a fantastic way to enjoy the festive season. It’s more sandy beaches than snow-covered windscreens. Whether you want to know more about Portuguese Christmas customs or merely hoping to escape the UK winter, it’s a wonderful alternative Christmas and there’s surely something for the entire family to enjoy. A lovely atmosphere hovers over the city.

Loule, the brand new shopping destination is the talk of the town. Many of the streets on the Algarve are decorated with Christmas trees and lighting. Witness non-stop events and attractions every December – from Christmas parades and festive concerts to handcrafted nativity scenes. There’ll be fun guaranteed for the whole family with mesmerizing ballet performances. Head to Faro and get a chance to show off skating skills on the ice rinks and spend a fantastic day at Zoo de Lagos.

15- Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik in Christmas
Reykjavik in Christmas

While it may look like a tiny city with not much going on, Reykjavik is one of the best places in Europe for celebrating Christmas with your loved ones who do not mind the cold temperature. Though December is the darkest time of the year in Iceland, the dark days are lit up with countless Christmas lights. The edge of the world truly turns into a hub of joy and friendliness during Christmas time and every bit of it is lit up with festive lights. The streets are filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods and the sound of Christmas carols echoing from the houses!

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If you want to experience Europe exceptionally, definitely consider soaking up the Christmas spirit in one of the cities of your choice this December.

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is geographically small, yet a giant unification of culture, communities, festivals, shopping and cuisine, and not to forget the patchwork of several smaller islands. The Lion City has been Southeast Asia’s most popular modern cities for over half a century. Its appealing tapestry draws millions of tourists and offers a wide array of sightseeing and culinary opportunities that is sure to spoil you for choices. Right from the core of downtown Singapore and the Colonial District, each zone has its own individual flavour, from the fragrant spice stores of Little India to the age-old backstreets of Chinatown, where one can still spot calligraphers and fortune-tellers or the Arab Quarter, whose jumbled stores sell fine cloths and silks. Head towards North of the city to explore Bukit Timah and the Central Catchment Area, along with the impressive Singapore Zoological Gardens. The east coast features excellent seafood restaurants set on the stretched sandy beach. Moreover, there are over fifty islands and islets within Singaporean waters, all of which can be reached easily. Well, there’s a lot in this little island and we’ve narrowed down to a few of the best that Singapore offers:

1. The Merlion

The Merlion
The Merlion

The Merlion is synonymous to Singapore. It is a mystic creature and features the head of a lion and body of a mermaid. The statue used to be situated at the mouth of the Singapore River. At present, it is situated at Merlion Park close to a cluster of glitzy restaurants at One Fullerton. It is easily visible from the surrounding areas of the Marina Bay waterfront. Another statue, known as Merlion cub has been added to the new Merlion Park. Both the statues are meters apart from each other. The place is one of the prime Singapore tourist attractions to visit.

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2. A Visit to Orchard Road

Orchard Road
Orchard Road

The 2.2-kilometer road in the central area of Singapore is a major shopping belt, frequented by tourists and locals alike. Commonly addressed as Orchard, it got developed as a shopping avenue in the 1970s and in the next decades witnessed the mushrooming of several shopping malls and entertainment centres. Once you are in Singapore, it is a must to shop in Orchard and spend some time relishing the cuisines offered at some of the dining centres.

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3. Enjoy a Cruise Ride on Singapore River

Cruise Ride on Singapore River
Cruise Ride on Singapore River

A ride on Singapore River offers a mesmerising view of the city’s skyline. While riding the cruise one will pass through the Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, the Merlion, Boat Quay and Marina Bay. Through the cruise ride, tourists can see a contrast between the city’s colonial buildings located close to the riverside and contemporary skyscrapers in the background.

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4. A Stroll on Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

Clark Quay
Clark Quay

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are the two most vibrant and happening places to spend the evening in Singapore. Ranging from peppy dance clubs to live music venues and rooftop bars, partying in Clark Quay and Boat Quay make evening electrifying. At every step, there is something new to discover at Clark Quay and Boat Quay.

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5. A Visit to the Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles
Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

The statue of Sir Stamford Raffles located on Boat Quay denotes the site where Sir Stamford Raffles first landed on the shores of Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore on January 29, 1819. The site today is a great place to explore and spend the evening, and also get to know more about the colonial legacy of Singapore.

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6. Go Electronic Shopping at Sim Lim Square

For the latest gadgets and electronics shopping, Sim Lim Square is the best place to shop. From cameras, laptops, iPods and computers one will get everything here. Close by is another shopping centre called Funan Centre is also known for its electronic items.

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7. A Visit to the Suntec City

Suntec City
Suntec City

Suntec City Mall is again a great place to shop and dine in Singapore. The mall along with Marina Square and few luxury hotel buildings are a part of the Marina Centre in Downtown Singapore. Within the mall, there are international convention and exhibition centre, numerous offices, entertainment centres, foreign embassy offices and food outlets.

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8. See Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

This colonial building was constructed in 1846 and located in the heart of the city on Queen Street. Over the years the cathedral has undergone several restorations and is also a popular place for Catholic worshippers. Due to its restoration work in 2016, the cathedral now has a modern façade. The Churches of Saints Peter and Paul (Queen Street) and Saint Joseph’s Church (Victoria Street) make for a wonderful visit.

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9. Explore Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden
Botanic Garden

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the most popular Singapore tourist attractions. Spread over 52 hectares of land, the garden is filled with numerous floral specimens and perfectly manicured gardens. Major attractions within the garden include National Orchid Garden, Bonsai Garden, Swan Lake, Healing Garden, Evolution Garden, Botany Garden, Heritage Museum and Ginger Garden.

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10. Vibrant Chinatown


Chinatown is a vibrant historic district in Singapore popular for its restaurants, numerous shops and Chinese temples. Chinatown was the residence of the Chinese immigrants during British colonial days. The town showcases a rich Chinese culture offering culinary delights, art and attractions. Key attractions include The Thian Hock Keng Temple features intricate Chinese design, 1827 Sri Mariamman Temple and the ornate Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. The Chinatown is a must-visit place in Singapore to explore the rich Chinese culture.

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11. Explore Little India

Little India
Little India

Little India like Chinatown is the epitome of the multicultural society of Singapore. The district has a significant population of Tamils. It is a district located along Serangoon Road in Singapore. Dotted with colourful Hindu temples, churches and mosques, Little India is a perfect example of Singapore’s diversity. Also, for a taste of Indian culinary delight, Little India is the place to go.

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12. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park

Singapore is not only famous for its futuristic structures, but also has rich wildlife and nature. Jurong Bird Park is a perfect example of Singapore’s nature conservation. Home to some 5000 birds of 400 species the park makes for a great escape. There are numerous attractions within the park such as the magnificent Waterfall Aviary and more, featuring a wide range of birds.

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13. A Visit to Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is yet another magnificent tourist attractions to visit in Singapore. It is more than an ordinary zoo, divided into different zones. The main branch showcases wild diversity and the other three branches feature night safari, wild jungle and Jurong Bird Park. It is an open zoo, where animal strolls freely in their natural habitat. Besides, the zoo also has 11 zones where visitors can observe the wild habitat and indulge in several other kids’ centric programmes.

14. Take a Tour of Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Where to go in Singapore? Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom is a unique park in Singapore and a perfect place visit. The park filled with a wide range of butterflies and insects also features lush tropical greenery. Beautiful wilderness, different species of insects, butterfly and incredible interactive experience are sure to make your tour a thrilling experience.

15. Click a Selfie with Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Singapore offers a chance to get close with your favourite celebrity in person. Opened in 2014, the wax museum brilliantly carries the legacy of 200 years of impeccable flawless wax art. The highlight of the museum includes “Spirit of Singapore” boat ride, get on stage with music legends and enjoy new Marvel 4D experience. Some of the famous wax statues are Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth II, Geok Choo, Taylor Swift and more.

16. Swim at Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool

Want to see the panoramic view of the Singapore city while simultaneously enjoying the refreshing swim? The Infinity pool located on the 57th floor at Marina Bay Sands offers an incredible chance to do that. Plus, after you are done with swimming and appreciating the view, take a sunbath at the poolside lounge or rejuvenate under the palm trees. End the day by sipping a Champagne as you relish the incredible view of the sunset from the Marina Bay Sands.

17. Panoramic View from Singapore Cable Car

Cable Car
Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car offers a drooling bird eye view of the city. Again, it is a must to do activity in Singapore to experience an incredible journey. The cable car connects Mount Faber of Singapore to Sentosa Island, offering you an incredible 360-degree view of the city. Apart, from being a tourist attraction the cable car also serves as a means of local transport.

18. Unique Ride on the Original Duck Tours Sentosa

The Singapore duck tour is an amphibious boat ride. It is one of the best things to do in Singapore. The boat ride is highly popular amongst tourists. During its 30 minutes ride on the land, the boat passes through iconic attractions such as City Hall, Supreme Court, The Padang and Singapore Flyer. On water, it cruises through tourist attractions such as The Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

19. Fly at iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore offers a surreal experience of skydiving. It allows adrenaline rush without any risk associated while performing the adventure. Just imagine jumping from a height of 13,000 feet, which is the same kind of adrenaline rush you will feel in iFly Singapore. Once you decide to experience the experience there will be a training and instruction session to make you ready. It will allow an individual to enjoy the fun of skydiving, by replicating it inside a wind tunnel of iFly Singapore.

20. Breathe Fresh at National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden
National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden a sprawling 3 hectares of land is a part of Singapore Botanic Garden. The amazing thing about the garden is that it beautifully presents the floral display through four seasons, divided into different zones namely summer, spring, winter and autumn. Every zone season displays flowers that are particularly grown during that season. Again a great place to go as it boasts around 1000 spices of flowers with more than 2000 hybrids.

21. Thrilling Rides at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore promises to offer a thrilling and joyful experience. The park also features world-class attractions along with modern-day facilities. It has a wide range of activities to offer right from hardcore adventure to participating in some light-hearted activities. The park is an ideal place to spend time with kids.

22. Thrilling Tree-Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir

The MacRitchie Reservoir is a dream come true for the nature lover. The reservoir was primarily built by the Singapore government to harvest rainwater. Besides serving the purpose, MacRitchie Reservoir has become a key tourist attraction, especially amongst nature enthusiasts. The tree-top walk a tall bridge traversing the reservoir allows for an adventurous walk. Waking on the bridge offers an exceptional experience while enjoying the pristine jungle beauty below your feet. It is one of Singapore’s top attractions amongst the tourists in Singapore.

15 Spectacular Places to Visit in Vancouver Island for a Memorable Holiday

For wanderer souls, Vancouver Island has everything to be an ideal holiday destination. The snow-capped mountains, temperate rainforest and lush valleys rejuvenate both the mind and body. Vancouver Island makes up for a perfect holiday escape, as it is the place where tourists can indulge in skiing, surfing or carry back to over 5,000 years. Witness a pod of Orcas or walk through the world’s beautiful urban park all at one place. For an outdoor adventure, Vancouver Island features snow-capped mountains, lush parks, campsites, adventurous hiking trails, numerous lakes and rivers. To explore and enjoy Vancouver Island, we have complied fifteen popular and must-visit tourist attractions. So, pack your bags and book your flight to any of these two major airports – Victoria International Airport (YYJ) and Nanaimo Airport (YCD) to fly to Vancouver Island.

1 – The Butchart Gardens


The Butchart Gardens with more than 900 varieties of flowers was established in 1904. The 55-acre garden located 15 miles north of the Inner Harbour attracts more than 1 million tourists a year. A visit to the lush garden on a summer evening promises a spectacular treat to both eyes and ears. Thanks to the illuminated lighting and instrumental music show. The garden also has on-site eateries for you to satisfy your gastronomical desires. A boat ride with the family can take your holiday to the next level.

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2 – Royal BC Museum


The Royal British Museum is an ideal place to get to know more about the comprehensive introductions of the region’s history and culture. It is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver Island. The museum exhibits tribal artefacts, natural history and various antique items from Colonial-era. For movie buffs, the museum also has an IMAX theatre and a special rotating exhibition.

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3 – Beacon Hill Park


Spread over 75 ha (2,000 acres) along the shore of Juan de Fuca Strait in Victoria, British Colombia, Beacon Hill Park is a must-visit spot in Vancouver Island. The park with two playgrounds, a waterpark, a petting zoo, numerous ponds, tennis courts and the woodland-shoreline trail is home to a vast range of flora and fauna. Take a stroll through the park to catch up with endemic flora like the arbutus, Garry oak, camas, snowberry, Oregon grape and fauna like Swans, Canada geese, turtles and duck.

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4 – Craigdarroch Castle


To get a glimpse of the Victorian high life, Craigdarroch Castle is the perfect place. The elegant home built in the late 1800s is a National Historic Site. Though named as a castle, the 39-room structure is more of a mansion with numerous stories of two centuries in stock. A visit to the castle is like a revisit to the 19th century to observe how life was then.

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5 – Victoria Butterfly Gardens


A visit to Vancouver Island is incomplete without a visit to the Victorian Butterfly Gardens. The 1,200-square feet garden built on the theme of tropical wetlands homes a wide range of butterfly species from across the world along with a variety of birds and fishes. The garden also has an insectarium with insects and invertebrates from around the globe along with flamingoes and frogs of different species to make it a must-see location for tourists.

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6 – Hatley Park National Historic Site


Hatley Park National Historic Site is a magnificent place for history lovers to explore. Located in Colwood, Greater Victoria, the park is also the site of magnificent Hatley Castle, a Classified Federal Heritage Building. The castle built in 1908 served as dormitory and mess hall for cadets and staff officers at the Royal Roads Military College, till 1943. Take a tour of the stunning castle and explore its elegantly curated gardens, royal residence and more. The site contains numerous heritage trees famed for their size, diversity and rarity. Hatley Park has numerous gardens within its premises out of which Italian, the rose and Japanese gardens are prime attractions.

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7 – Chinatown, Victoria


Like any other Chinatown found around the world, Victoria’s Chinatown also carries its own charm and uniqueness. It is one of the perfect places to visit in Vancouver Island. Established in 1911, the town is listed in National Historic Site of Canada. A visit to Chinatown offers a peek into the Chinese Culture. Try a wide range of delicious Chinese food. Also, there are a plethora of shops selling souvenirs and funky trinkets. Chinatown is also famous for having the smallest street in Canada, Fan Tan Alley, just 35 inches wide at its smallest point. A great place to visit and explore with its beautifully lit shops and alleyways. The town has a lot of history attached to it.

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8 – Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse NHS


Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site is a 19th-century coastal artillery fort located in Colwood, British Columbia. The fort was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1958. Close to the fort is Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site, a lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. The place offers an adventure escape and has secret bunkers, military posts and more. Visitors can also camp overnight for an out of the world experience. There is so much history attached to both the fort and lighthouse. Nearby sites such as the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and Fort Langley National Historic Site are ideal for thrilling outdoor adventure.

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9 – Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park


Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park is a 347-hectare park situated at the east end of the town. It is a provincial park in Parksville, British Columbia and features a two kilometre-long stretch of sandy beach. Rathtrevor takes its name from the Rath family who used to live here in the late 19th century. The sandy beach during low tide stretches nearly a kilometre out into the Strait of Georgia. The park also serves as a stopover for migratory birds notably brant geese. Rathtrevor Beach Nature House inside the park is a nature centre and features natural history display and classes on environmental education.

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10 – Long Beach


Long Beach located on the West Coast is the longest beach in Vancouver Island measuring 16 km (10 miles) with both hard and soft sand spread across. On any given day, surfers wading the waves can be easily seen from the beach. The sweeping view of the ocean, sky and endless supply of soft beach sand makes worth spending a day at Long Beach. There are several islands situated on the mid-tidal zone that can only be reached during the low tide. Long Beach is one of the best places to visit on Vancouver Island.

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11 – Miniature World


Miniature World museum attracts young and adults to this tiny little world. Located close to the Inner Harbour, the incredible museum houses a plethora of miniature displays and dioramas. The museum has miniature modal of numerous popular things like the Canadian railway and more. For literary enthusiasts, the world of Dickens is the perfect place to take a tour or time travel enthusiasts should check the “Space 2201 A.D.”

12 – Goldstream Provincial Park


The Goldstream Provincial Park situated 11 miles northwest of the Inner Harbour is the abode of a wide range of flora. The stunning beauty is spread across 1,000 acres. The best time to visit the park is during fall and early winter due to the annual salmon migration. Between October and December, various species of salmon such as chum, coho and chinook can be seen swimming against the stream. Also, visit the Goldstream Nature House for educational programmes on annual salmon migration and other activities. The park’s massive cedar trees, rumbling waterfall and abandoned gold mine make it a must-visit at any time of the year.

13 – Pacific Rim National Park Reserve


Pacific Rim National Park Reserve spread on a 511 sq km (197 sq. mi) comprises of three main regions – the Broken Group, Long Beach and the West Coast Trail. The entire region is characterised by dense rain forest and native Nuu-chah-nulth culture. It is one of the most frequented tourist attractions enticing surfers, marine life aficionados and beachcombers. The place makes a stunning escape, perfect for an adventure trip.

14 – Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria opened in 1951 features iconic works by popular artists such as Emily Carr. It also has a large collection of Asian art offering an in-depth view of the incredible work. The Asian garden located inside the premises of the gallery has the only Japanese Shinto shrine in North America. The Art Gallery is one of the best places to visit on Vancouver Island.

15 – Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea


The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is the sole aquarium and cultural centre devoted exclusively to the exploration, conservation and learning of the Salish Sea Bioregion. It is located on the beautiful Sidney waterfront on the lands of the WSANEC Nations and exhibits stunning natural beauty and ecological diversity of the Salish Sea through 28 aquariums. This aquarium has over 3,500 animals and 160 live marine species including giant octopus, pacific salmon and wolf eels. Other major attractions include a killer whale skeleton, collection of Coast Salish native art and locally manufactured and procured jewellery, art and crafts.

Vancouver Island is full of surprises. A traveller will only be able to explore the surprises once he visits the mesmerising city. So, pack your bags, fly and get ready for eternal memories.

Top 15 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Around the World

The year-end is drawing nearer and closer. So it’s time to ponder how you’ll spend New Year’s Eve and welcome 2020, especially if you’re a globetrotter. Since in addition to the fact that flight and holiday bookings sell out right on time, yet the sooner you book things like flights, hotels and tours, the less you’ll pay! So, where should you be this time when the clock strikes 12 on 31st midnight? What are the best places to observe New Year’s Eve 2020?

From exhilarating beach parties to the most sensational fireworks, here are our suggestions of 15 best places to celebrate New Year in style.


Sydney New Year Eve Fireworks Show at the Harbour Bridge
Sydney New Year Eve Fireworks Show at the Harbour Bridge

Sydney is considered one of the top cities for New Year’s Eve for its area, culture and fireworks. Of course, it is the top festive-oriented city to welcome the New Year and the world rushes to witness the splendour. Sydney’s official fireworks ceremony takes place at 9 pm and later at midnight.

The year-end festival is among the greatest that showcases light and firecrackers when the clock strikes midnight. Moreover, the roaring crowd stirs up a sense of enthusiasm to welcome the New Year. Millions throng to appreciate the waterfront celebrations that incorporate fantastic aerobatic displays and indigenous fireworks. Look out for events like harbourside fiestas to welcome 2020.

Where Should You Be: Sydney Harbour, Royal Botanic Garden, Darling Harbour, The Star.

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Young ladies looking the New Year's Eve fireworks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Young ladies looking the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is everyone’s first pick for various reasons – football, carnival, samba, bossa nova, Balneario beaches, Spanish food and more. You can appreciate the gaiety on Copacabana and Ipanema shores with around 2 million others at midnight.

The core activity takes place on Copacabana Beach. The 2.5-mile stretch will get vibrant with all sorts of activities, from live performances to an amazing firecrackers show. You’ll need to arrive promptly at night to occupy a decent spot. Head towards lifeguard stations 5 and 6 as it’ll be a lot calmer. It’s believed that wearing all white brings good luck for the year ahead. So don’t hesitate to join the party. Your gleaming new white outfit is probably going to get soaked in alcohol.

Where Should You Be: Copacabana Beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Buzios, Ipanema

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Decorations for New Year and architecture of Moscow
Decorations for New Year and architecture of Moscow

It’s freezing at the Russian capital but this world-class city displays one of the most visually enchanting settings for New Year’s Eve celebration. Unbelievable, but true, New Year festivities should be something that no one has experienced before. The appealing vibes of Moscow are worth soaking up. The lively crowd, amazing fireworks at Kremlin, colourful dancers, famous spots such as Red Square and Cathedrals are decorated with lights.

Additionally, the New Year in Moscow would be incomplete if one does not witness Sokolniki Park Sergiyev Posad or Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. The best bars to attend the New Year events in Moscow are – Bar Belka, GQ Bar and Kino.

Where Should You Be: Red Square, Gorky Park, Sokolniki Park, Tverskaya Ulitsa, The Muzeon Park of Arts, Balchug Kempinski Hotel, Vorontsovsky Park

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Firework show in Hong Kong Victoria Harbor
Firework show in Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong has a charisma that is beyond words. However, as you may expect, spots can get occupied leaving you without even the slightest idea of where to go. The major firecracker show is at Victoria Harbor, where it’s accompanied by music, laser show and lights to make a one of a kind year-end treat.

However, if you head to the harbour, you’ll never get a decent see. Rather, head to a nearby hotel or resort with a decent housetop bar. Hotel Icon or Star Ferry Pier (Tsim Sha Tsui) is ideal to encounter the best of New Year’s Eve celebrations. You could also be at the Wooloomooloo Prime steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui. Make sure to be on the 21st floor where you can admire a phenomenal show from a cafe with a tasty menu for sure!

Where Should You Be: Victoria Harbour, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Shenzhen, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kee Club at Wellington St, Duddell’s at Central, Ozone Bar in West Kowloon and The Pawn in Wan Chai

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New Year Celebration in New York
New Year Celebration in New York

New York is prominent worldwide for its New Year’s Eve celebrations, festive parties, dinners, concerts and much more. It is a world-class destination to attend one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties. From Lincoln Center to music halls in the Lower East Side, witness great concerts and shows on New Year’s Eve.

You’ll get the chance to appreciate world-class entertainers, remarkable neon lights and the acclaimed ball drop in Times Square. Whether you’re looking for a grand party, an intimate dinner or a change of scenery, check out a variety of ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebration in The Big Apple.

Where Should You Be: Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, Prospect Park, Bryant Park, Union Square, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Square, and the South Street Seaport.

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New Year eve party in cape town
New Year eve party in cape town

Next, we make a trip to South Africa and the delightful city of Cape Town. For New Year’s Eve, you can’t go anyplace other than the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. The performance and midnight firecracker show are world-famous, and there are numerous phenomenal spots to eat, move and have the best time of your life.

However, the fun doesn’t stop on New Year itself. Festivities proceed onto second January as well and a huge number of partygoers head to the coastal areas and thousands more head downtown to watch 10,000 entertainers perform at the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival. Young people dance or drink the night away at various clubs and bars. You can experience an elegant evening aboard a yacht in formal attire and gaze at the starry sky.

Where Should You Be: V&A Waterfront, Signal Hill, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, Table Bay Harbor

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Brandenburg gate at night with fireworks, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate at night with fireworks, Berlin, Germany

No European city parties like Berlin. There is an assortment of underground bars and clubs you could visit in Berlin. Frequently known as the city of hedonistic parties, you could head down the Party Mile, a 1.5m stretch of bars, tents, food and even musical concerts. This is the place you’ll discover a chock-full of activities, with 1,000,000 individuals eating, drinking and making merry until 3 am.

The streets ignite in a frenzied outburst of sound, colour and energy. There’ll be no shortage of live DJs, food & drinks and of course, firecrackers. As firework shows fill the streets, the real show will astound visitors at Brandenburg Gate. As the clock strikes midnight, one of the city’s most iconic sights, along with streets around the city, light up in a spectacular display.

Where Should You Be: Brandenburg Gate, Spreepalais Alexanderplatz, Kino International, Academie Lounge Potsdamer Platz, Kulturbrauerei, Spreespeicher Berlin.

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Fireworks at Wat arun and cruise ship in sunset time under new year celebration, Bangkok city
Fireworks at Wat Arun and cruise ship in sunset time under new year celebration, Bangkok city

You may not quickly consider Bangkok as being one of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, yet this city is the party capital of Asia. Local people and expats in Bangkok do not miss any chance to gather for a gala time.

The focal point of their festival is a grand gathering in Central World Square, where party lovers meet up to appreciate live shows and the light effects, just as the fabulous firecrackers show that enlightens the riverside at midnight. Like New York’s Times Square, Central World likewise has a glamorous ball drop when midnight strikes, electrifying the atmosphere.

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Reykjavik at new years eve
Reykjavik at New Years Eve

Having just four hours of sunshine in late December, the visitors and locals in Reykjavik realize how to gather like nobody else, making the northernmost capital additionally one of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The festival begins with a network of campfires, which in turn keeps them warm and stirs up a feeling of bidding the old year goodbye and welcoming the New Year.

Young people, with their instruments, assemble around the fire to sing and sparkle up the atmosphere, while firecrackers light up the entire city. Half an hour before midnight, when even the TV shows get over, the fireworks begin for real and the communities go crazy as the sky lights up. The official firecrackers show begins at midnight, and it’s not to be missed! Oskjuhlíð hill is the best place to watch fireworks where the lights brighten up the entire Icelandic capital.

Where Should You Be: Oskjuhlíð Hill, Hallgrímskirkja church, Kópavogur, Ægisíða street, Valhúsahæð hill

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New Year Festival in Las Vegas
New Year Festival in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular New Year’s Eve destinations in the United States. The world’s gambling and casino capital welcome more than one million visitors’ year-end, and 2020 is going to be something far more grandeur. Most of the casinos and resorts are full to celebrate the New Year.

Las Vegas Strip may just be the best New Year’s Eve party of your life. The city will also have spectacular fireworks, musical concerts and dance shows. Fireworks take place at Stratosphere Tower, Treasure Island, Venetian, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Aria, and MGM Grand. If you’re on the hunt for a good meal, head towards STK, Carlos ‘n Charlie, Rivea, Carbonne, Fowl and several others.

Where Should You Be: The Strip, Aria, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood Resort, Stratosphere, TI and The Venetian.

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Firework display at Dubai marina at night
Firework display at Dubai Marina at night

Dubai is one of the fastest developing travel destinations in the world. This desert gem was not a well-known destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But in the last five years, Dubai is fetching a large number of visitors to the city during every festival, especially during the New Year. One cannot probably think of New Year celebrations than from the very footsteps of Burj Khalifa.

Other popular places that mark the celebration include Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Waterfront, Deira Island and more. The city hosts a majestic display of lights drawing millions of spectators from the four corners of the globe. With extravagant posh & pomp, musical fountain, concerts, magic shows and endless shopping, Dubai certainly knows how to entertain people and welcome the New Year.

Where Should You Be: Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Souk Al Bahar, Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, The Pointe, Kite Beach

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Singapore New Year Celebrations

End 2019 with a party you’ll not soon forget! Get your party hats on in one of the most advanced cities in the world. With grand parties and events happening all over the world, there’s something for everyone in The Lion City. Being a popular tourist destination, Singapore has a unique way of welcoming the New Year. No wonder, it is one of the best places to visit in New Year around the World.

The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown returns, to boost up the New Year with fireworks spectacles igniting the night sky alongside a horde of sensational activities on the streets. Revellers can expect a feast of amazing food, exciting activities and live performances by some of the city’s most adored entertainers.

Where Should You Be: Siloso Beach, The Civic District, Esplanade, Wave House, Sky 22 & Urbana, The Promontory, Propeller Rooftop Bar

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Paris New Year Celebration
Paris New Year Celebration

If you’re lucky to be in Paris over New Year holidays, the City of Lights offers endless year-end options. Capture fireworks at The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Disneyland Paris. These are the most popular tourist attractions to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve and relish street food. We suggest you take your spot early at the Eiffel Tower to watch the fireworks. Other renowned spots include – boating in Seine River, Montparnasse Area, Champs-Elysées and Bellevilloise.

Where Should You Be: Light Show at Eiffle Tower, Ice Kube Bar, Arc De Triomphe, Place De La Concorde, Notre Dame Cathedral, Trocadero, Disneyland, 58 Tour Eiffel, Moulin Rouge

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Group of young attractive friends are having fun on beach
Group of young attractive friends are having fun on beach

Begin your New Year celebration in Hawaii by greeting the people with ‘Hau’oli Makahiki Hou’, which means Happy New Year. The year-end events in Hawaii are opposite to those happening in the colder regions. It’s purely tropical and takes place in the balmy climate. Experience a mix of celebrations and excitement under the moonlit ocean. Relish special dining, fabulous firework displays and midnight spectacle.

Hilton Waikoloa Village is the place to be. Enjoy an upscale dinner with live music and a midnight countdown with famous DJs. Tropical drink and champagne cocktails are available all night, including a champagne toast and balloon drop at midnight. The next place – Ala Moana Beach Park is Hawaii’s 100-acre park with over a half-mile of beach and is the popular place for New Year picnics, barbecues and celebrations.

Where Should You Be: Waikiki, Hilton Waikoloa Village, KapohoKine’s, Fairmont Orchid, Poipu Beach Park


Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

New Year is coming and no one does it better than Madrid, the capital city of Spain. This city never sleeps but parties all night long. Enjoy the New Year by being a part of Spanish and Latin American New Year tradition of eating ‘twelve grapes’ as the clock strikes 12 in the night, announcing the arrival of the New Year.

If you’re more of a city slicker, Puerta del Sol on New Year will be unforgettable. Party with complete strangers and indulge in food and drinks throughout the night. If you’re not a fan of the dance floor, head uphill towards Templo de Debod or Teatro Kapital to experience a traditional greet. Not only the capital but the Spanish suburbs lack no enthusiasm when it comes to year-end gaiety.

Where Should You Be: Puerta del Sol, Templo de Debod, Teatro Kapital, Joy Eslava, Joy

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Time flies fast, and we’re approaching the end of another year. Honouring the New Year is one of the traditions cherished worldwide with just every city celebrating differently. Maybe you are busy making resolutions or planning a family union to welcome 2020. We’ve narrowed the list to help you find where to go in New Year in the world and admire fantastic fireworks, lavish parties, food & dance, and the spectacular scenery.

Plan it well and head right into the revelry!


Top 10 Places to Visit and Things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a dream destination where millions from across the globe flock to take a break from the busy daily schedule. It doesn’t matter if you are a backpacker, budget traveller or a luxury tourist – the island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean will simply steal your hearts. Considered by globetrotters as the adventure capital of the world, everything here will make you do something incredible. From glaciers to beaches, world-class cities to calm landscape, whale-watching to wine-tasting, the country has so much to keep you engaged. It proudly nurtures its native Māori culture and exhibits a rich history with the potential to outrun the world’s pace.

There are endless reasons to add New Zealand to your travel bucket list. But while planning your trip, you may not exactly know where to start from. Here, we have come up with the top 10 places to visit and things to do in New Zealand. And like everyone, you too will fall in love with this country.

1. Waiheke Island for Pure Solitude

Waiheke Island for Pure Solitude
Waiheke Island for Pure Solitude

After a 20-hour journey, your body requires a moment of solitude and there will be no better place than Waiheke Island. It’s a true island paradise located at mere 40-minute ferry ride distance from the city of Auckland. Waiheke encompasses abundant natural wonders to explore. This island is home to a magical blend of vineyards and funky cafes offering the finest wines of New Zealand with eye-soothing sea views. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you’ll find numerous activities to pursue from mountain biking to kayaking, from fishing to surfing and sailing.

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2. Dare the Wild Inside You in Queenstown

Bungee jumping from the Kawarau Bridge
Bungee jumping from the Kawarau Bridge

Pull-up your socks, because you are in Queenstown. From blood pumping thrills and spills to scenic crags and canyons, this city has all ages and stages covered for your holiday. It’s the place where commercial bungee jumping began. There are never-ending adventure activities like Jet boat rides, skiing, rafting, hiking and biking to dare the wild inside you. You can even try some relaxing alternatives, i.e. spa treatments, alfresco dining and wine-tasting or enjoy the glimpses of artworks like sculpture, glass blowing, painting and woodwork from local and international artists.

Book Cheap Flights to Queenstown

3. Get introduced with the Culture in Rotorua

Thermal Wonderland Rotorua

A region surrounded by stunning natural wonders keeps visitors on their toe with its cultural performances and traditional hāngi (steam-cooked banquets). Located on New Zealand’s North Island, Rotorua is well-known for its geothermal activity and the dynamic Maori culture. Friendly people and their primal culture keep you coupled with locals and bring you closer to their traditions and conducts. Exciting winter forest festivals like ‘We Run the Forest’ and ‘Winter Mountain Bike Classic’ bring people out of their accommodation to cheer and enjoy the warmth of winter.

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4. Meet the Rugged with Freshness in Auckland

Sailing at Devonport - Auckland

Search the realm of modernity sited on a rugged coastline in Auckland and experience its comfy blend across the region. Whether it’s sports events, concerts or festivals, there’s always something happening in Auckland. This city is termed one of the world’s favourite tourist hubs featuring pristine beaches and island escapes. Experience it all in Auckland from outdoor adventures to designer shopping or explore some inner-city hot spots for live experiences of culture and lifestyle.

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5. Explore English Heritage at Christchurch

Christchurch Hagley Park
Christchurch Hagley Park

Located in New Zealand’s South Island, Christchurch nurtures the English heritage and displays it through historic ruins and stone-built buildings. Green and expansive banks of the Avon River along with Hagley Park and Christchurch Botanic Gardens are beautiful picnic spots. The city also introduces you with exceptional wildlife including native New Zealand animals across its Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and Orana Wildlife Park. Prehistoric cathedrals and neo-Gothic edifices exhibit cultural prosperity of Christchurch and its museums showcase a large collection of artefacts telling the story of the city and artworks from local and international artists.

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6. Hub of Dramatic Views – Milford Sound

Milford Sound
Milford Sound

It’s a region where every corner is scenic. People from across the world visit Milford Sound and admire its jaw-dropping views of mountains and waterfalls at the remote fjord. You can experience the realm of nature at Bowen Falls, the scenic waterfall pouring into the Milford Sound. Enjoy tours by boat and helicopter to Real Journeys – Milford Sound. Click pictures of dolphins and seals at picturesque Harrison Cove. Sky-high peaks of famed Mitre Mountain offers exciting hiking trails and camping spaces. Sited close to Queenstown city, it possesses a complete holiday package from cruise trip to spectacular waterfalls to snow-capped peaks among others. Simply experience the eighth wonder of the world by flightseeing, kayaking or overnight boat ride at Milford Sound.

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7. Relish the Luxury at Wellington

wellington cable car, new zealand
wellington cable car, new zealand

From pristine beaches to waterfront promenades, the capital of New Zealand, Wellington welcomes huge traffic of visitors throughout the year. It is located at the southernmost point on the Cook Strait near the North Island. Here travellers find colourful timber houses on surrounding hills. Full of amazing recreation opportunities like eco-sanctuaries, botanical gardens, serene island and harbours, this city can be a peaceful break from tedious routine. The panoramic views of the city and harbour from Mt. Victoria Lookout or Wellington Cable Car can enrich you with thrilling experience for life. The city centre itself dotted with restaurants, parkland and heritage buildings serve people with heartfelt hospitality.

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8. Play Winter Sports at Wanaka


Famous for amazing winter sports, the resort town Wanaka is the gateway to the Southern Alps’ Mount Aspiring National Park. It’s a place where the wilderness of glaciers and alpine lakes awaits with jaw-dropping thrills. Wanaka itself features snow-capped mountains and a Puzzling World located just outside the town where the outdoor maze, illusion rooms and sculpture gallery are main attractions. Try boating, swimming and fishing at Lake Wanaka and enjoy mesmeric lake view and tramping route from the Roys Peak. Famous Treble Cone Ski Area offers advanced runs with panoramic views, meanwhile, the luxury resorts of the city make your outdoor pursuits more comfortable.

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9. Explore Scottish and Maori heritage at Dunedin

Otago Peninsula - Dunedin

Have you heard of the dynamic Maori heritage? Find it here in Dunedin. The city is peppered with Victorian and Edwardian architecture along with heritages of Scottish and Maori culture. It too encompasses several leisure options for adventure lovers with hiking and cycling trails crisscrossing its dramatic landscape. While wandering through the Otago Peninsula, you can find albatross, sea lions and rare yellow-eyed penguins next to you. The city’s main thoroughfare has cafe-lined esplanade, shopping precincts and many architectural wonders keeping visitors on their toe from dawn to dusk.

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10. Meet the Marine World in Wairarapa


Do you love chocolates? Wairarapa has some yummy chocolates and quick foodie getaways nestled across the region. Wairarapa is located in the lower North Island featuring home-like space for fur seals, dolphin and small whales. It hosts the nosy formations of the Putangirua Pinnacles where the easy walk follows the stunning views of Lake Onoke and Cape Palliser. You can take a 90-minute drive from the Wairarapa town to the scenic Castle point lighthouse. Try self-drive Wairarapa Garden Tour which is held in November featuring grand country estates and delightful cottage gardens with home-made refreshments.

New Zealand is the travellers’ paradise for a reason. From days of spring to orange beauty of autumn, this country includes a wide range of recreation opportunities for everyone. If you aim for your holiday to be exceptional, these top 10 tourist attractions in New Zealand can make your holiday as lively as you dreamt for. You can find amazing deals and discounts on New Zealand flights departing from your nearest airports in the UK or can take assistance from a travel agency to plan your New Zealand escape.

Top 10 Things to do in Dubai for First-Timers

Dubai doesn’t mind overwhelming you with its glamorous vault of wonders. Get mesmerised with ‘the world’s greatest and biggest’ while in Dubai. Even frequent visitors will be amused by something new every time they arrive – ultramodern skyscrapers, twinkling dusk lights adorning the tall superstructures, fast cars, swimming with the sharks at Dubai Mall, fascinating landmarks and the spell of old and new Dubai. A record-breaking blend of traditions and modernisation can be seen in the middle of the desert. We are here to take you on a guided tour to some of Dubai’s top things to do on your upcoming Dubai holiday.

1. Climb the World’s Tallest Structure – The Burj Khalifa

Standing 828 meters high, the needle-shaped Burj Khalifa is difficult to miss. The world’s tallest structure rules the Dubai horizon and its magnificence can be best experienced either from very close or from the inside. Visitors rush to get a bird’s eye view from the perception deck At The Top Sky Lounge on the 124th floor. Also, for adventure food lovers who wish to enjoy dining among the mist, the atmosphere on level 122 is the spot to be.

2. Enjoy Thrilling Rides at Aquaventure Waterpark

Over 17 hectares of rides and slides, Dubai’s largest aquarium with over 65,000 marine life, a private beach and a special area for the little ones make Aquaventure Waterpark the #1 voted fun-filled water park in the world. Located in Atlantis, The Palm, it is the only place on earth where you can zip through a water tunnel while sharks and stingrays swim above you through the ruins of Atlantis. If you are looking for chilling twists and turns along with rushing rapids, you’ll find your dose of adventure at Aquaventure. The water park is also ideal if you’re craving for a lazy sunbathing on a pristine and private beach or wish to interact with dolphins and sea lions.

3. Be dazzled by Dancing Water Fountains 

Immerse yourself in an enchanting light, water and music experience while witnessing the world’s tallest fountain in the world – The Dubai Fountain. Situated at the base of the famous Burj Khalifa and the entryways of the famous Dubai Mall, one can marvel at world’s best-arranged water jets that sway in sync to music, producing what has turned out to be the most popular show in Dubai that can be seen from over 18 miles away. With the installation of several WET super lights and over 20 colour projectors, the sight is a visual masterpiece. If you wish to get up close and personal to the fountain, set sail on the lake during the water show to grab the best seats. The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is the latest addition to the spectacle. Visitors can get even closer to the show by strolling on the 272m floating platform, which is just 9m away from the fountains.

4. Get a Taste of Life at The Beach-JBR

For those who like to shop, feast, watch a movie facing the beach and absorb beachside lifestyle, consider an outing to The Beach at JBR. The family-friendly spot is easily reachable from anywhere in Dubai. There is plenty to do here – from a wide range of beachside dining and shopping to watersports such as parasailing and wakeboarding. Plus, there’s a 600m running track, outdoor gym and beach volleyball court if you’re keen to sweat it out. Or workout at an outdoor yoga class to kick start your day the way you like. There are also banana boat rides and even a train for kids to enjoy.

5. Do not miss Desert Safari

Within 20 minutes from Downtown Dubai, you can encounter the wonders of the Arabian Desert, the first holiday spot of Dubai. Take a Dubai-style desert safari and explore the huge expanse of the golden dunes by tumbling in the deep ditches and mounting high on the summit of the dunes. Enjoy quad biking and sandboarding followed by traditional dining under the sky, sipping traditional Arabic coffee, smoking a flavoured Shisha and camel rides. Or you can even simply drive out and experience the miracle of the desert on a 4×4 SUV.

6. Enjoy Family Outing at IMG Worlds of Adventure

Fun, fervour, speed and even 5D, you can expect this in the huge amusement park, which is the size of 28 football pitches. With the most cutting-edge and energizing rides, IMG Worlds of Adventure will breathe life into your lazy bones. There are themed rides for all ages. With Ben 10, Gumball, the Powerpuff Girls and LazyTown, you’re sure to have a gala time out there with your friends and family. Curious visitors can dive into the universe of Marvel legends: Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers. Do not forget to greet the life-size enlivened dinosaurs in the Lost Valley. Take a rest at a cafe or go shopping. The scope of enjoyment guarantees nonstop excitement for the entire family.

7. Revel at the Largest Mall – The Dubai Mall

If you’ve seen enough of Dubai attractions, which is doubtful, you can head to Dubai Mall – one of the pioneering shopping centres with the latest collections and new experiences. For lovers of high fashion, food and fiesta, over 1,200 stores and 70 signature outlets will beckon for your attention. The Dubai Mall is also the ultimate family entertainment destination. Find yourself in front of the largest aquarium in the world and absorb the most mysterious marine life with over 150 varieties of aquatic species. Witness a few more as you cross the 48-meter long walk-through tunnel. Got nerves? Be a little adventurous and opt for cage snorkelling and shark diving activities. Indeed, it’s a life-long memorable experience. Other activities that may lure travellers include the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, children’s ‘edutainment’ concept Kidzania and a colossal indoor cinema complex.

8. Test your Skills at Ski Dubai

Dubai broke all the records with the opening of the region’s largest indoor ski resort in one of the world’s biggest malls – The Mall of the Emirates. Ski Dubai has five slopes with varying difficulties and inclines for skiers, from beginners to professionals. It’s also home to the world’s first indoor black diamond run for those who dare to take their skill to the next level. With attractions such as giant zorbing ball, ice cave, Mountain Thriller ride and more, the one-of-a-kind winter wonderland gives you access to polar activities like no other. The latest introduction of Gentoo and King Penguins adds an extra element of fun to your visit to Ski Dubai. With professional guides, learn to ski and hit the main slopes in no time!

9. Enjoy Bird’s Eye View of Dubai from a Helicopter

With a skyline as spellbinding as that of Dubai, who can resist a helicopter tour where you get to see one of the best manmade marvels of the world from a different view. Nothing is more engrossing than a helicopter tour ride above and around the city. You don’t need an entire day, just a 30-minute circuit will do, where the aerial tour will take you around the city. Soar above the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al-Arab and other top sights. Hover around the Burj Khalifa; glide over The World, the man-made archipelago in the Persian Gulf shaped like a map; and snap photos as your pilot points out the main landmarks.

10. Go Shop Hopping

If you have covered all the tourist places in Dubai, it’s time to uncover the shopping centres in the biggest and largest markets, souks and malls in Dubai. The Dubai Mall, a tourist’s favourite is certainly a delight with international big brands like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel, Burberry and more. All you’d want to do is to shop as soon as you enter the gates to the shopper’s heaven. This city has a wide range of shopping destinations and while the rich people’s playground is malls such as Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, the travellers and common people can linger longer at the Dubai Outlet Mall, Meena Bazaar Dubai and Dubai Gold Souk. For an alternative shopping experience, you can visit The Dubai Flea Market or the Mercato Mall in Jumeirah as it offers sight and ambience from the European Renaissance-era of France, Italy and Spain.

Dubai is like nowhere else on the planet and is a captivating place to visit. Often claimed to be the world’s fastest-growing city, from a small Gulf trading hub to one of the world’s most dazzling, spectacular and revolutionary urban destinations, Dubai is a paradise for every visitor. Visit Dubai for a week or just a short stopover, and you’ll be blown away by the clash of cultures, extreme luxury and world-famous architecture.