Top places in Europe for Weekend Trip from London

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While there are plenty of things to do and see in London, one needs to get away from a regular routine once in a while. Coincidentally, London has some of the best routes to the rest of Europe as a result taking a weekend trip becomes easy. The best thing about living in London is that you can take a flight to anywhere in Europe with ease and within a reasonable hour. When it comes to choosing a spot for a weekend trip from London, there are far too many options in and out of the country. Here we are listing the top 7 places in Europe for a weekend getaway from London.

  1. Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a mediaeval city with urban hints that makes a perfect destination for a weekend trip from London. Dublin is incredibly beautiful and packed with attractions for all ages as well as great places to stay. With new events, matches, concerts, exhibitions, and more happening every month. You will never run out of things to do here. Take a tour of magnificent gardens on the campus of Trinity College and then stroll through the compound of Dublin Castle and Kilmainham Gaol. And if you just want to sit and enjoy, head to any of the pubs on the streets, you will not feel left out.

Flight Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Approx.

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2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a centre of culture and arts. There are many great old hotels, B&Bs, and lodges spread across the city. The main attraction here is Edinburgh Castle which houses many historic artefacts and crown jewels. The Royal Mile is another major stretch with historic old town and shops with an urban touch. You are going to enjoy your weekend trip from London with Scottish pubs and bars, narrow, twisting streets leading to historic buildings. Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill are other tourist spots that you can cover during your weekend trip

Flight Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes Approx.

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3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the party capital of the world is packed with distinctive restaurants, cafes, and pubs along with world-class museums. There was never a doubt that Amsterdam would make it into the list of places for a weekend trip from London. The city is filled with incredible history, culture, landscapes, and delicious food.

The city is famous for its museums including the renowned Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Do not forget to explore the Canals and the Red Light District during your visit. Both neighbourhoods are extremely charming with shops, cafes, and boutiques. 

Flight Duration: 55 minutes Approx.

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4. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

From world-class museums, stunning architecture, and street art galore to comic strips, street arts, vibrant nightlife, and great places to Eat. Brussels is the ultimate city with many faces. The Grand Place, located in the centre of Brussels, is the hotspot of the city with golden guild houses and a museum of beer (yes Beer Museum). Beer and Chocolates are two of the most delicious products in the city, and there are plenty of places throughout where you can stop to have one. With one of the most affordable accommodations and public transport services, Brussels would make a great destination for a weekend trip from London.

Flight Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes Approx.

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5. Paris, France

Paris, France

The capital city of France is diverse, sophisticated, and a haven for romantic couples. Although it may look like an expensive city, Paris can be enjoyed on a budget too. From iconic attractions like Eiffel Tower to scenic beauty along the Seine River, Paris always has something for your weekend getaway.

Louvre is among the top attractions with the famous Mona Lisa portrait in the exhibit. In addition to its many monuments, Paris also proudly boasts its fashion style, dining, and shopping experience. You can always find fine-dining restaurants, street-side cafes, and boutiques within the walking distance

Flight Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

6. Berlin, Germany

 Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a perfect excuse to take a weekend trip to Europe. The city has a surprisingly high number of good affordable accommodations. Berlin has a thrilling nightlife scene, delicious local food, rich history, beer, street art, and some of the renowned sites and museums.

Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island area and the remnant of the Berlin Wall are some of the major tourist hotspots in the city. Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is something you can catch on the weekend if you are a fan. Do not forget to stroll through Kastanienallee Street and sip a beer in Urban Street.

Flight Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, offers a multitude of tourist attractions to its visitors. Although the largest city in the country, it is not so huge, you can easily walk around. The city has a unique European feel, friendly streets, and delicious Nordic cuisines along with one of the most famous restaurants in the world – Michelin- starred Noma.

The National Gallery of Denmark, Amalienborg Castle, and Tivoli Garden are the major tourist attractions in Copenhagen. While Nyhavn Harbour flanked by the street of the same name is the hub of major activities in the city with shops, cafes, and beer breweries 

Flight Duration: 1hour 45 minutes approx.

Pick your destination, book flight tickets, and get ready to escape for the weekend trip to wherever you want in Europe in under two hours.

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