10 Things You Probably Never Knew About New York

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New York has many faces – it’s an artistic, irresistible, dizzying, trendsetter and much more. It is a ‘larger-than-life’ experience amidst the tallest and the grandest. You can either lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of Chinatown or undergo jaw-dropping moments among the trendy boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The best way to experience the city is to stroll on its streets leisurely. This city is constantly flooded with tourists. Hence, ensure you get your flight booking much in advance.

What you see is just the surface. It is baffling where to begin your search. While visiting the Big Apple, keep no expectations; let the city surprise you at every corner. So, if you are ready to book air tickets to New York for the first time, these unique and handy travel tips might help you to know the city in a much better way.

The Best Part of NYC lies beyond Manhattan

For many people, New York revolves around Manhattan. The surprise is – Manhattan is not all New York. The other boroughs – Brooklyn and Queens, offers much more. Ask people about Manhattan, they know it all. Ask people about Brooklyn and Queens, the expression is blank. It’s time to shift your focus beyond Manhattan to enjoy and experience NYC in a new way.

How do you call a taxi?

Aha! Now, this is interesting. Though taxis in New York are expensive, they tend to move at a very slow pace. So, even if you’re in a hurry, shun your worry and enjoy the skyscraper-dotted lanes.

While calling a taxi, if you jump, yell or run after them, you won’t catch one. This is how you call a taxi – Stand on the ledge, raise your arm and stare desperately. Soon, the bright sedan arrives and you are relieved.

Use Public Transit without fear

New York has an amazing public transit system but you should know where you are going and the stop where you need to get down. New York has two kinds of transit trains – regular and express. The regular train makes stoppages at key stations, whereas the express will skip some. The local train takes twice the time.

Any New Yorker will tell you that the subway system is fantastic, and it is.  The subway pass is valuable and handy. Try not to state at people pointlessly until and unless someone looks weird.

Forget driving your car in New York

It’s not only the traffic that will wear you down, the parking in New York is extremely expensive. If you bring your car, park it at the airport and use the public transit system to move around. Traffic is bad and people tend to drive around at a snail’s pace.

Look where you walk into

Consider this as important advice especially for newcomers to New York. Though walking in New York is highly recommended, there’s still a lot to see. By the end of the day, your feet will tend to give up. Do not fret, you will get plenty of walking opportunities to burn those pancakes and ice-creams you’ve had.

Think before visiting Times Square

Times Square is one of the happening places in New York. It acts like a magnet drawing the masses like bees to the comb. Avoid visiting Times Square during daytime or rush hour. If newcomers wish to explore Times Square, the night offers a vivid display of lights and endless opportunities for exploration. Enjoy Broadway production and an array of food vendors creating their specialties.

Eat your heart out in NYC

New York has endless eating options. They are the best and mind-blowing. After you leave New York, you will miss the food. The food list is competitive, leaving food-lovers spoilt for choices. Whether you try bagels, NY pizza, dim sum, chicken, steak, cookies, chocolates, ice creams, consider this as a competition. Remember to carry cash before dining out. Some food courts and inexpensive restaurants take cash only.

New York’s festive season is terrific but pricey

Do you remember watching Home Alone – Lost in New York? The Christmas season is flamboyant in New York and witnessing New Year’s Eve is worth it. There’s a lot of waiting and the crowd is uncontrollable. There is something magical about the festive shopping stores and the flow of cakes and desserts. Check out the fireworks and the grand parade that goes on till midnight.

Don’t worry soaking up everything in NY, you can’t

When you visit New York, be cool, calm, and unhurried. Do not try to see everything and even feel that you need to explore everything in one go. You just cannot see everything! The city is ever-changing and if you visit NYC next year again, everything will be new and transformed. Although you can rush and see everything in a twinkling of the eye, you will still crave for more.

New Yorkers are amazing people

Many people think that New Yorkers are a crazy bunch of people. They might be sceptical or paranoid, but possess good soul who will not stop praising the city. You can especially experience the heart and soul of a New Yorker while asking for directions. You might get either a lecture or an impatient guide – both are hilarious and unforgettable.

These odd facts will deepen your understanding regarding New York and clear the reason what makes visitors book cheap flights to New York. It’s simply irresistible.

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