15 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Dubai


Still wondering which place would be the best to make your upcoming vacations adventure packed and enjoyable affair? Well, we would suggest you to stop pondering over and straightaway book cheap flights to Dubai the glitzy holiday hotspot of UAE. Yes, we are talking about none other than the “City of Gold”, DUBAI. The city will not let you rest and your heart will keep craving for more. Here you will have an ample dose of both culture and cosmopolitan. The high rises, shopping malls, amusement parks, museums and man-made marvels along with so much to explore and enjoy will make your trip to Dubai worth remembering for a lifetime. Few of the places discussed herein will help you plan your trip itinerary in a better way.



Skydiving is a predominant things to do in Dubai. This is so because though you must have done skydiving at many other places where you were required to jump off the plane from a very high altitude and hence must have encountered the problem of children being disappointed, not being a part of the adventure. Keeping this in mind the Mirdif City Centre, a shopping mall in actual offers an alternative for the children to have safe skydiving experience at lower altitudes. Here the flyers can fly at a good height in a 10-metre acrylic glass tunnels.

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AL Barsha, south region will truly amaze you with the presence of a beautiful mega garden amid the sandy desert which is one of its own kind and houses more than 45 million flowers which are manifested in the form of lovely edifices and elaborate sculptures. Saunter in the heavenly garden with umbrella of colourful flowers to cover your head. This garden will provide ample opportunities to make memories with your family.

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As the name signifies, Global Village is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dubai which remains inundated by tourists from all over the world especially in between the months of October till April. It constitutes around 40 pavilions each that represent different countries with different products to showcase. Delight your taste buds with cuisines of different countries and buy stuff like carpets from Afghanistan and honey from Yemen. There are also many activities for you to indulge into like amusement rides for adults and children as well as magic shows and comedy plays.

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Kite Beach Dubai

Dubai is mostly looked upon as a tourist destination for its astounding beaches. These keep the families occupied and engaged on the trip. When we are talking about the beaches then how could we forget the famous Kite Beach. The beach offers great excitement to all the visitors who bask upon the crystalline beaches and take a dip into the emerald water. There are other activities also available at the Kite Beach like Skate Park and outdoor trampolines.

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Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

The famous Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai will surely steal the heart of your kids. The shark lagoon, water tubes and varied rides as well as the Children’s Play Area will also offer you some retreat away from the children who will keep busy in their own little world at the Aquaventure WaterPark. The experience you will have here will quench your adventure thirst for quite long time. Relax and have a sunbath on the private beach of Atlantis, the Palm amid a calm and serene setting.

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Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

A splash of water is a real relief from the warm ambience of Dubai and it would really be fun to get that splash with the friendliest mammals on the earth, the dolphins at the Dolphin Bay. There are packages available that could be purchased as per the need and preferences like Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Adventure. The degrees of closeness and affinity you will experience with the dolphins will depend upon the package that you will purchase. If you simply wish to swim with the dolphins or go scuba diving then go for Royal Swim Package or Dolphin Scuba Dive Package.


Dolphin Bay

The friendliest mammals on the planet are Dolphins and they are really very playful and intelligent creatures. Dolphin Bay should not be missed from your travel list as you will regret it a lot later. Ideally located in Atlantis, the Palm Dolphin Bay gives you ample opportunities to swim and get close to these cute animals. Dolphin Scuba Dive package offers you a chance to do some diving with the dolphins and to get the tingling sensation as your skin rubs with them while swimming when you go for Royal swim Package.


Dubai aquarium & underwater zoo

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo features the largest tank in the world which is an attraction worth visiting while in Dubai with family. Dubai Mall houses this enthralling activity for its visitors to experience the marine life. The Underwater zoo has a massive count of more than 33,000 aquatic animals which includes the largest number of sand tiger sharks. You can take a stroll through the elongate glass tunnel while observing these unique water animals or can also try water activities like cage snorkelling and a large variety if dives.


Desert in Dubai

Whether you are doing it on a camel or having a gala time in a 4 wheeler, a desert safari  will always delight the visitors and hence is the major attraction of Dubai. A desert safari is indeed a very challenging task in itself which could be enjoyed in a unique way on the white powdery sand dunes of Dubai with the family or in groups. On the Safari trip itself, you could enjoy the delicious delicacies of Arabian cuisine and also regional dance programs which are either or not a part of desert safari trip package which you purchase.


Burj khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa is a well-acknowledged landmark in Dubai which needs no introduction. It is again a must visit attraction while on a trip to this amazing land of luxury. Till date, it is the tallest man-made building in the whole universe. One can get the breathtaking view of the splendid city, its oceans, and desert from the exquisite lounges of Burj Khalifa.


Ski Dubai

Dubai is not everything about deserts, beaches and malls and if you are having apprehensions about the warm weather of Dubai then the water park is not only the last resort at your disposal. The mall of Emirates is another rescue to beat the heat. Here you will get the chance to experience the cold winter feeling at the Ski Dubai during the summer time also. You can spend your time doing shopping at ease while your children will have some fun-filled moments playing with the snow, throwing snow at each other or just simply grabbing the ski boards and getting up and down the slopes.


Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is one of the most popular and happening attractions in Dubai. It adorns the beautiful Burj Khalifa Lake located in the middle of the city of Gold. The beautiful coloured water of the fountain dances on melodious Arabian music and shoots up to a height of 150 meters into the air. The music system of the fountain is operated from close by Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is certainly the favourite attraction of people in Dubai and also houses many entertainment activities for adults and children alike. The Olympic size ice rink is one of such attraction that complements the others. The Ice rink is not only for the professionals who are experts at skating but also for the amateurs who are still learning or wish to try this thrilling activity once. The rink is open to people of all age groups whether a six year old child or a sixty year old elderly. There is a provision of few extra activities for the children like Skating program under the proficient guidance of professionals.


Buildings on the Old Town Island in Dubai
Buildings on the Old Town Island in Dubai

Let your children explore the old town of Dubai on the Creek by taking a cruise on the traditional “Abra Road” The ancient side of Dubai flaunts rich culture and heritage, making it one of the most visited places in Dubai city. You can bask upon the narrow streets of famous souks of textile, spices and gold and also visit the Dubai Museum. Bastakiya is another little town area with exuberant wind tower and lovely surroundings. You will indeed love this side of Dubai too.



Taking a city tour of Dubai is one of the top-rated attractions in Dubai. One can anytime hop off at any of the places of choice and spend as much time as desired.  After spending a good quality time with the family one can again hop on the bus to the next upcoming spots on the way. To keep the people entertained and informed on the journey, commentaries are given in 12 languages and in the voice of famous cartoon characters like Ali, Alice, Ghantoot and the Arabian Orynx. This commentary is really very helpful to equip oneself with the necessary details related to the place they are visiting.

Besides the things discussed above Dubai is a hub of attractions that are beyond imagination. One must definitely plan a family tour to Dubai once in a lifetime as this one city of UAE will suffice your wanderlust to the supreme. There would be nothing left which your heart desires of a perfect adventure packed and fun-filled vacation.


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