Christmas Markets in the UK that you must visit in 2022

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Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year when the streets are illuminated with lights and the aroma of Christmas sweets and hot chocolate fills the air. From Christmas songs to snowy days, the winter season improves with each passing moment. Flying to the UK this festive season is just the perfect choice.
The most fantastic aspect of Christmas is the markets in many locations that provide many gorgeous presents, decor items, and eatables to ensure that you do not miss out on the festive joy.

Nothing like walking around Christmas markets in the UK and warming yourself with mulled wine and melting chocolate churros when the weather turns chilly. At Christmas markets, there’s usually something for everyone, including decor and gift booths, activities like ice skating, and lots of food and drink.

Christmas markets in the UK

We’ve listed the most fabulous Christmas markets in the UK and rated them as ‘best for’. So, if you’re seeking great cuisine or the nicest ice skating rink, you’ll immediately know where to go.

Birmingham Christmas market

1. Birmingham Christmas market 

About Birmingham– 

Birmingham is one of the most “ green ” cities in the United Kingdom, and it is recognized across the world as the “Magic City” because of its rapid expansion in the iron and steel sectors. Here, heavy metal work is to be expected. Aside from that, Birmingham has a lovely atmosphere, particularly around Christmas. 

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market– 

With over 80 alpine-style stalls extending over the city center, the Birmingham market is the largest true German market outside of Austria or Germany.
You’ll find wonderful decorations, handcrafted products, and delightful wooden toys for youngsters if you’re seeking last-minute Christmas gifts. The main reason to go, though, is for the food and drink. Stalls selling traditional German fare and sweet aromas flood Victoria Square with the most wonderful Christmas fragrance. When the weather becomes chilly, a cup of hot chocolate or a mug of strong gluhwein will keep you warm. The refreshment sellers are the market’s focal point, where most people go to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Things to do in the Market— 

  • Enjoy Mulled wine
  • Take a Carousel ride
  • Listen to Carols and Christmas Songs
  • Shop your favourite items
Birmingham Christmas market

2. Edinburgh Christmas market

About Edinburgh – 

In the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is a popular tourist attraction. It is the capital of Scotland and home to a number of tourist attractions. A trip here is undoubtedly worthwhile, given the diversity of things to do and see. The bulk of the structures in Old Town have remained mostly untouched over time. This area of town is brimming with fascinating mediaeval artefacts. The mediaeval architecture of Edinburgh contributes to the celebratory mood. Edinburgh is a perfect getaway for christmas

Edinburgh Christmas market —

Following the outbreak, the Christmas market will be illuminated this year. This year’s Christmas market will be placed in East Princes Street Gardens from November 25th to January 3rd. Expect arts and crafts, as well as food and drink stalls highlighting native Scottish items, and hope for a white Christmas from the northern city.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Enjoy a Ferris wheel ride
  • Hog onto Burger
  • Dram some whiskey
  • Get your aesthetic pictures for insta
Edinburgh Christmas market

3. London Christmas market 

About London— 

London is Europe’s most visited city. It’s no wonder that London is high on many people’s trip lists: the town was built by the Romans and has prospered for ages.
Today, London is one of the world’s most varied cities, with a rich history and some of the world’s most spectacular cultures. It’s challenging to be bored in London, which has some of the greatest art, entertainment, shopping, cuisine, and history in the world. One of the most compelling reasons to visit London over the holiday season. It is difficult to ignore the breathtaking grandeur and the festive atmosphere that exists throughout the Christmas season.

Christmas Market

Merry Christmas (the summer is done)! When photographs of couples and groups of friends enjoying Hyde Park Winter Wonderland begin to circulate on social media, you know Christmas is near. This massive Christmas market features an ice rink, an ice kingdom, a large wheel among other rides, an ice slide, an ice sculpting studio, and other food and drink vendors. Winter Wonderland, Leicester Square Christmas Market, South Bank Christmas Market, Kingston Christmas Market, Selfridges Christmas Market, and Maltby Christmas Market are some of the prominent Christmas Markets in London that I am looking forward to seeing.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Participate in crafty workshops
  • Sing Carols
  • Explore the food
  • Enjoy live performances
London Christmas market 

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4. Manchester Christmas market

Manchester is a thriving metropolitan hub with great nightlife, arts, and culture. The city is bordered by farmland and the stunning Pennine mountains, giving it an ideal base for exploring the country’s wilder regions. Manchester has a long history and is influential in many sectors, including music, science, and transportation. It has the world’s first intercity passenger train station as well as a flourishing cultural environment. However, meandering around the streets of Manchester during the Christmas season is an entirely other experience.

Manchester Christmas market— 

Manchester’s Christmas markets stretch practically the whole length of the city center, from Victoria to Deansgate, and include The Winter Gardens in Piccadilly Gardens. But if you’ve been to Manchester, you’ll know that it’s a walking city, and with a German hotdog and mulled wine in hand, you’ll have plenty of energy to see it all.
The Christmas markets are open from November 12th to December 22nd, however, The Winter Gardens are open a bit later, until January 3rd. There are several pubs, food stalls, artisan vendors, and a stage with live music and DJs.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Enjoy Street Theatre
  • Get amazed by the magician’s performance
  • Drool over international cuisines
  • Explore the different stalls
Manchester Christmas market

5. The Beautiful Christmas Market of Bath. 

Bath is not just one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom due to its stunning architecture, but it is even more appealing and atmospheric during winter vacations. Bath is called because of the warm mineral springs that run through the limestone. This limestone, quarried across the city, is an integral component of Bath’s identity and has a beautiful honey-gold tone. It is not an exaggeration to state that this wonderful city will make you fall in love with itself during the Christmas season when everything is decked up in red, white, and green with gorgeous lights all around.

Bath Christmas Market—

Bath’s Christmas Market wraps around the town centre, on the streets, and in the little squares surrounding Bath Cathedral. There are several booths where individual manufacturers may offer their wares. Everything is available here, from stunning handcrafted presents and tree decorations to the most delectable cuisine and mulled wine. The town’s streets and most notable structures are also illuminated. The Victorian merry-go-round, which welcomes children and adults to have a ride on a horse or in one of the carriages, is the market’s primary attraction.

Things to do in the Market—

  • Get your hands on handmade products
  • Explore different chalets
  • Ice Skate at Royal Crescent
  • Hog on to wood fire pizzas and pies
The Beautiful Christmas Market of Bath

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With this we come to the end of the blog, hope these 5 Christmas Markets will light up your lives and shower you and your family with festive love.  Sing the carols, enjoy the Christmas cakes and feel the festivity around you. Happy Holidays.

The Beautiful Christmas Market of Bath

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