6 escapes that can curb your travelling anxiety instantly

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After being at home for so long, travelling again can be a little overwhelming, not to forget the anxiety the process can bring up. Believe it or not, if you have a slight hint of agoraphobia, travelling to congested places is the last thing your mental well-being needs from you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t step out and have a splendid time either alone or with your loved ones.

We have collected 6 spectacular places that can offer you the right solace amidst all the anxiety and panic that might be piling on. Let’s take a look…

1. Scotland

We all know about what beauty Scotland offers the onlookers but this charming destination has a little bit more to offer you. Be ready to find some of the most elysian hideaways in Scotland, ideal for people who need to get away but don’t want to be in midst of all the hustle. Luckily these hideaways don’t alienate you from the nearby place and crowds, thus when you have recharged your social batteries, you can step into the world again and stroll around wonderful Scotland. Here are some places in Scotland where you can easily spot some great hideaways: Skye, Duns, Avoch, Kinloss, etc.

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2. The Maldives

If you want to snuggle up in a water bungalow away from the crowds on an island, where all you get to see is long stretches of blue then the Maldives can be the right pick for you. Known for its scenic villas, resorts and islands, you are never going to feel burdened by the crowds when you are here. You can stick to your island or resort and if you have the desire, try going for island hopping. Some of the most secluded and comfortable resorts that you can try when you are headed to the island nation for ultimate solace are W Maldives, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives and more.

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3. Kenya

We don’t know that you know or not but there is no other place in the world than Giraffe Manor situated in Kenya. This manor cum villa is the ideal place for a comfortable holiday surrounded by giraffes who keep peeping through your windows now and then. You are going to be entranced by the sheer intricate delicacy with which this place is built. Fun fact: this place is one of the most instgrammable places in the world so you know what you need to take with you, a good camera and perfect robes to flaunt in your pictures.

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4. Spain

You need something special to head to after such a long break and when travel anxiety is creeping in, the place needs to be picked carefully. We suggest that you should pack your bags for Spain that can give you the right medieval feels right in the town of Elciego. Let medieval not deceive you into believing that you are getting something less fancy, you should head straight to Hotel Marques De Riscal for a luxurious retreat surrounded by wine and lush greenery. Be ready to feel like royalty in the secluded high ceilings and stunning architecture around you.

5. Iceland

Sleeping under the Northern Lights in some remote corner is the right thing to do if travel anxiety is bothering you. You have to make your way straight to Finnish Lapland, book an igloo hotel or an aurora bubble and wait for the right time when the fancy northern light appears right in front of you or above you (if you are nestled in your bed). Seeing Northern Lights is one of the top things to do in the lifetime, so what are you waiting for? Head straight and enjoy this great view with your loved one, all cosied up under the sky.

6. Sicily

Have you been looking for countryside villas full of elegance and sheen? Well, you would then surely like Grazioso Chalet located nearby Catania. You get a private pool and awe-inspiring views with the Sicilian backdrop. This location is visited by celebrities to have a natural retreat, thus you know that the place is perfect for that relaxing and perfect holiday you have been dreaming of, post lockdown.

You can get your tickets to these amazing destinations around the world at affordable rates. Call our travel experts and get a customized itinerary suiting your preferences today; your ultimate holiday sojourn is on us.

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