Flying the new normal way with British Airways

British Airways has updated its routes for long and short-haul journeys across the globe, whilst adding new destinations to the list. The streamlining is in the account for new take-offs starting this October 2020 from London City, Gatwick and Heathrow Airports.

Short and Long Operational Routes

Here are some of the major announcements for the resumption and the addition of new routes:

  • Flights have been resumed to Bahrain, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Montreal and Tokyo Haneda. Also, a new route has been launched to Lahore at London Heathrow.
  • At London Gatwick, flights to Grenada will be resumed, with additional route introduced to Montego Bay.
  • Short-haul flights to be started this month to Brussels, Gothenburg, Luxembourg, Milan Linate, Stuttgart, Reykjavik and Valencia.
  • Routes such as Bilbao, Jersey, Kos, Lanzarote, Madeira, Naples, Porto, Seville and Tenerife will continue to be operational.
  • Service in place to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast City, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Zurich, Nice, Florence, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza from London City.
  • New routes up in the list are to Newquay, San Sebastian, Rhodes, Perugia, Podgorica, Pristina, Milan Bergamo and more.

The routes majorly are operations from London Heathrow and only a few, in particular, are from Gatwick.

Here is the list of long-haul flights to various destinations, along with the frequency of flights mentioned in accordance.

Toronto – 7x weekly
Montreal – 3x weekly

New York JFK – 14x weekly
Chicago O’Hare – 12x weekly
Boston – 7x weekly
San Francisco – 7x weekly
Los Angeles – 7x weekly
Miami – 7x weekly
Orlando – 7x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 12 October)
Washington Dulles – 7x weekly
Dallas / Fort Worth – 7x weekly
Seattle – 3x weekly
Houston – 3x weekly
Atlanta – 7x weekly
Philadelphia – 2x weekly

Sao Paulo – 7x weekly
Buenos Aires – 3x weekly
Cancun – 3x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 17 October)
Mexico City – 4x weekly

Barbados – 7x weekly (Gatwick from 2 October & Heathrow from 17 October)
Bermuda – 4x weekly (Gatwick)
Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – 2x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 25 October)
Mauritius – 3x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 15 October)
St Lucia – 5x weekly (Gatwick)
Antigua – 5x weekly (Gatwick)
Kingston – 3x weekly (Gatwick)
Montego Bay – 2x weekly (new route at Gatwick provisionally from 13 October)
Grenada – 2x weekly (Gatwick from 15 October)
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago (POS) – 5x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 25 October)
Trinidad & Tobago (TAB) – 1x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 26 October)
Saint Kitts – 1x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 28 October)
Punta Cana – 3x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 27 October)
Cayman Islands – 0.5x weekly (Heathrow)

Accra – 7x weekly
Abuja – 7x weekly
Lagos – 7x weekly
Nairobi – 5x weekly
Cairo – 7x weekly
Johannesburg – 7x weekly
Cape Town – 7x weekly

Tel Aviv – 7x weekly
Dubai – 7x weekly
Kuwait – 3x weekly
Riyadh – 3x weekly (delayed to 15 October)
Bahrain – 3x weekly

Mumbai – 5x weekly
Delhi – 7x weekly
Bangalore – 4x weekly
Hyderabad – 4x weekly
Chennai – 3x weekly
Islamabad – 7x weekly
Lahore – 4x weekly (new route from 12 October)

Seychelles – 2x weekly (from 10 October)
Mauritius – 3x weekly (Gatwick provisionally from 15 October)
Male – 3x weekly (transfers to Heathrow from 16 October)

Hong Kong – 7x weekly
Singapore – 4x weekly
Tokyo Haneda – 3x weekly
Shanghai – 2x weekly
Kuala Lumpur – 4x weekly

Safety and Precautions

British Airways have been stringent in following strict health protocols to make sure your safety is not compromised.

  • Every seat, screen, seat belt and tray tables are cleaned and disinfected after every flight, along with the cleaning of aircraft all over thoroughly.
  • The air in the cabins gets replaced every 2 to 3 minutes through HEPA filters.
  • At the airport, face masks are mandatory at all times, self-service check-in, minimal contact, hand sanitizers throughout the airport and self-scanning of boarding passes.
  • Amendments in foodservice, thus making sure that you have reduced physical contact with the crew.

British Airways has come up with new solutions and measures in place, with upcoming and looming new uncertainties.

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