All you need to know about flying from London to Lagos 

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Having a population of 15.4 million within its city limits, Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the second most populous metropolis in Africa. In December 1991, the government moved Nigeria’s capital from Lagos to Abuja in the country’s centre, replacing Lagos as the national capital. Roughly 23.5 million people are living in the Lagos metropolitan area as of 2018, making it the largest in Africa in terms of population. As the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria, Lagos is a major African financial centre. 

There is no doubt that this city is Africa’s cultural, financial, and entertainment capital, and that it has a major impact on commerce, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion. Moreover, Lagos has been ranked as one of the world’s ten fastest-growing cities based on its population growth. Besides being one of Africa’s largest and busiest seaports, the megacity has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa. A major educational and cultural centre in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Lagos metropolitan area is a major educational and cultural hub.

A lot of people come and go from Lagos to study and work abroad, so the airport is extremely busy because it is one of the most populous cities. According to a survey, approximately 23% of Nigerians prefer travelling to the UK for work and study. Well, if you are planning to take a flight to Lagos from London this festive season here’s a guide for you to travel hassle-free.

flights from london to lagos nigeria

How to fly from London to  Lagos? 

There are many flights operating from London to Lagos. The two major airports you will fly from in London are 

  • Heathrow Airport 
  • Manchester Airport

You can choose between these two airports. 

The airport you will land in for Lagos is Murtala Muhammed International Airport. 

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Lagos Airport

One of the largest and busiest airports in Africa serves Lagos, Murtala Muhammed International Airport. A major international air gateway for Nigeria is the MMIA. Colonial times, around the Second World War, were the earliest times when the airport was founded. 1978 marked the 40th anniversary of the construction and commissioning of the current international airport terminal. 

Airport Amenities— 

  • Passengers can use business and VIP lounge services while travelling to enjoy conference and business amenities.
  • There is free Wi-Fi and rest spots in the vicinity. Passengers may also get food and other shopping options there.
  • Baby care facilities are available in the restrooms. At the airport, several banks offer their services.
  • Airside has Christian and Muslim prayer areas to pray in a peaceful place. 

Nearby Location: LOS Airport is located in Ikeja, 12 kilometres (14 miles) northwest of downtown Lagos and 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Lekki, and serves both cities.

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Lagos Nigeria

London airports 

Heathrow Airport 

Heathrow Airport was London Airport prior to 1966. It is the world’s busiest airport for international travel. Travellers can fly on any day of the week on this route because there are more than 20 flights operated every week.  

The total travel time is approximately 9 hours or more, depending on the amount of time spent in layovers. London Heathrow (LHR) is the destination for all direct flights to Lagos (LOS). British Airways airline offers overnight flights. Virgin Atlantic is a good choice for travellers who prefer daylight flights. 

Total Distance between Heathrow and Lagos Airport: 6,027 miles or 9 700 kilometres

Airport Amenities 

  • If you require special assistance with mobility or another disability, Lagos Airport (LOS) offers wheelchairs and assistance through Partners Health Company (PHC).).

Morning departure from Heathrow is considered cheaper comparatively.

Nearby Location— Hillingdon is a London borough bordering Surrey. Slough and Staines are nearby towns made famous by the TV series The Office and Ali G. The airport is about 15 miles from central London and is connected to the city by the M4 highway.

Manchester Airport

There are no direct flights between Lagos and Manchester at the moment. There are, however, several excellent indirect flights on this route that need a transfer. Airlines such as Virgin Atlanta and British Airways offer convenient flights from Lagos Airport to Manchester Airport.

Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly from Lagos to Manchester. Because there are so few flights on this route, it is best to purchase tickets ahead of time. To make the 11-hour and 8-minute flight between Murtala Muhammed International Airport and Manchester Airport more bearable, pack your snacks. More than 11 hours of timing is expected depending upon the layover time. 

Total Distance between Manchester and Lagos Airport: 3251 miles 

Airport Amenities:

  • Excess Baggage provides services such as bag wrapping, travel goods, and bag weighing.
  • While at the airport, there is a quiet area for contemplation and prayer.
  • Discover Manchester Airport’s new private terminal, which is open to the public. This one-of-a-kind venue provides a stunning backdrop for any event.
  • Ideal for conferences, product launches, gala dinners, and other special events.

Nearby locations: The airport is located in Manchester, North West England, and serves as an excellent gateway to the north of the United Kingdom.

Airlines that you can consider to fly from London to Lagos

The most operating airlines are Virgin Atlantic and British Airways from London Lagos. The flights are easily available and it wouldn’t be a task to book your tickets. 

How to book cheap flights from London to Lagos?

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