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Zimbabwe is widely famous for its longest waterfall and a different vibrant culture. It is Officially known as the Republic of Zimbabwe and is landlocked between Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, being an African nation, it is Bordered by South Africa from the southern part. Botswana covers it from the southwest and Zambia and Mozambique from north to east. The largest city here is Harare and also the capital state. 

It was formerly called the “Jewel of Africa” because of the riches it enjoyed at the time. More than 13 languages are spoken here, with English being the most popular foreign language, giving this city a lot of exposure to the outside world. However, many citizens move out in search of academic opportunities and work in the outside world, particularly in the United Kingdom, where English has become very common.

Zimbabwe’s most popular city and capital is Harare. This big population also has a small ratio of people coming to and fro from the UK. Get yourself a London to Harare flight with Crystal Travel. 

flights from London to Harare

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How to fly from London to Harare? 

There are many flights operating on this route. The two major airports you will fly from are 

  • Heathrow Airport 
  • Manchester Airport

The flight to Harare will land at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport 

Previously known as Harare International Airport, Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (HRE) is an international airport in Zimbabwe.

Airport Amenities— 

  • International cardholders can withdraw money through ATMs and a few bank branches are available for assistance at the terminal. 
  • Special VIP lounges are present to make the flying experience more comfortable; only subscription holders can access them. 
  • International duty-free shops and the main arrival and departure halls of the airport offer a variety of shopping opportunities.

Most importantly, with its genuine Zimbabwean cuisine and culture-inspired design, the lounge provides passengers with an unforgettable experience.

Nearby Location: Jacaranda, Domboramwari, Epworth and it is 15 km south of the main city. 

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Heathrow Airport 

Heathrow Airport was previously known as London Airport until 1966. It is one of the world’s busiest international airports to say so. 

As of now, there are no direct flights operating from London to Zimbabwe. As a result, the approximate time would be 10 hours and more depending upon the layover. 

Total Distance between Heathrow and Robert Airport: 5131 miles.  

Airport Amenities 

  • If you require particular assistance with mobility or another condition, the airport provides wheelchairs and support through Partners Health Company. (PHC).).

Comparatively, morning departures from Heathrow are cheaper.

Nearby Location— The airport is about 15 miles from central London and is connected to the city by the M4 highway.

Manchester Airport

Flights are convenient with airlines such as Fastjet, Ethiopian airlines and Kenya Airways. Because there are no direct flights on this route, there will be more than two stops to make. The total time required to go the route might be as much as 11 hours or more. 

Total Distance between Manchester and Robert Gabriel Mugabe Airport: 5294 miles  

Airport Amenities:

  • Ideal for conferences, product launches, gala dinners, and other special events.

Nearby locations: The airport is located in Manchester, North West England, and serves as an excellent gateway to the north of the United Kingdom.

Airlines that you can consider to fly 

The most operating airlines are Fastjet, Ethiopian airlines and Kenya Airways. The flights are easily available and booking your tickets wouldn’t be a task. 

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How to book cheap flights to Harare

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How to book cheap flights?

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