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Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

An East African country with a diverse landscape encompassing the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and the immense Lake Victoria. As one of the world’s best wildlife destinations, it is home to several national parks and animal sanctuaries. Uganda’s capital and largest city is Kampala. Several communities are established here making it a country full of diverse cultures and vibrant life. The major cities of Uganda are— Entebbe, Arua, Kampala, Fort Portal, and Gulu. 

Fun facts about Uganda

1. It has the most number of the youngest population in the world. 

2. It is the grey-crowned crane that is the national animal of Uganda. 

3. Safari destinations are the most affordable here. 

4. Almost 1066 species of birds have been recorded here. 

5. Endangered mountain gorillas can be found in Uganda.

New road bypass between Entebbe and Kampala, Uganda

London to Uganda: How to get there?

  • There are several flights available for London to Uganda route on a daily basis. Amongst the 5 Major cities, there is only one international airport in Uganda. 
  • Entebbe International Airport(EBB) at 6km of the Southwest portion and on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. It is also 40 km in the distance from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It serves as the hub for Eagle Air and Uganda airlines. It witnesses a lot of traffic from London as people visit their family and friends here. 
  • If you plan to travel within Uganda from Entebbe below are the domestic airports you can look out for—
    • Arua Airport(RUA)— It is the second busiest airport in Uganda and its location makes it an important centre for commercial and cargo air space with the neighbouring cities.  
    • Gulu Airport (ULU)- This airport serves as a vital factor in promoting tourism across  Eastern Africa.
    • Moyo Airport(OYG)- Serves as a small civilian airport.
  • The total distance covered from London to Uganda is 4,020 miles. And it takes more than 11 hours to cover the spread as there are no direct flights available on this route. 

Major Airlines that serve London to Entebbe

Many renowned airlines serve this route like—

  • KLM Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airline
  • Swiss Airline
  • British Airways
  • Qatar Airways 
  • Emirates 

KLM Airlines serves the most flights to this route followed by Kenya and Turkish Airlines.  

Non-Stop Flights— There are no non-stop flights available from London to Entebbe. The distance between the two requires atleast one stop over making it a long-haul flight. 

Stop-over light—  Stop-over flights are easily available on this route. Customers can book themselves 1-stop or 2-stop flights depending upon their bandwidth.  The stopovers will be at Kigali, Brussels, Nairobi, Doha, Istanbul and Dubai. 

Junonia oenone butterfly, also known as the blue pansy or dark blue pansy butterfly, Entebbe, Uganda

Best time to visit Uganda?

Peak season:

July is considered to be the busiest month of the year here. As a result, inexpensive flights to Uganda are becoming increasingly difficult to locate as more tourists gather to enjoy the warm weather and take advantage of the activities on offer. Nonetheless, the peak season begins in June and lasts until September or early October. During the month of Ramadan, there is often a lot of traffic from individuals returning home to celebrate.


Due to the hot weather virtually all year round, Uganda doesn’t have an off-season, although January to early March is the low season for tourism. For the cheapest flights to Uganda, look for this time of year.

Cheapest Time to Book

Month— You can avail yourself of cheap London to Entebbe flights during May. Don’t wait until the last minute to book. However, it’s always a good idea to be flexible with your dates and avoid peak travel times and holiday seasons if possible. 

Day— Thursday is also considered the cheapest day to travel to Uganda. Weekends have comparatively high prices so if you are flexible with dates, avoid weekends. 

Time— Early morning flights, such as those that depart before sunrise, are cheaper than those that depart in the evening. 

How to get around the airport?

Taxi services are readily available from the Entebbe airport to get around Uganda. It will be approximately a 5km ride and one can easily travel through it. The taxi services are comparatively cheaper. You can also get a shuttle service from the airport terminal to your hotel. 

How to book cheap flights? To book a cheap flight to Entebbe the best option is to book via the airline’s website. It is safe and the process is much easier. However, if the airline website has no ongoing offer, you can also opt for checking out travel websites that offer great deals from top airlines in one place. So you can pick what fits our budget best.

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