Top 15 Things to Do In Melbourne (Australia) in 2020

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Melbourne is a sparkling metropolis featuring lush green parks, inner-city neighbourhoods and vibrant ambience. The city showcases cultural diversity, which is also seen in the wide range of dining options. Known for its amazing street art, Melbourne has also voted as the world’s most livable city. A cosmopolitan city there are lots of fun things to do in Melbourne.

1. Enjoy a Ride in the City Circle Tram


A scintillating ride in the famous City Circle Tram is a great way to explore the beautiful Melbourne city centre. Though the commentary in the Tram may be a bit loud on your ears, it is quite informative. The City Circle Tram moves along a set lop around the city and moving towards the waterfront precinct of Docklands. Heritage ‘W’ class’ trams also run on the circuit featuring classic wooden chairs, leather and brass straps. It is one of the top things to do in Melbourne as it allows tourists to get to know more about the city and its past heritage.

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2. Enjoy Picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens


The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne located in proximity to the heart of Melbourne offers a perfect escape into the pristine lush landscape. It is a beautiful garden to engage with local life. Dating from 1857, the park spread over a 38-hectares swath of green hilly space situated at the edge of the CBD.  The garden divided into three different themes with a sparkling lake at the centre. It is an ideal place to stroll the beautifully curated networks of the path to relish the beauty. The establishment also features a Children’s Garden for families with a beautiful water fountain and a man-made creek to enjoy in summers. If you happen to visit the park early in the morning, fitness fanatics jogging on 3.84km circuit in the garden popularly known as the “The Tan”.

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3. Take a Tour of the Famous Melbourne’s Town Hall


Melbourne Town Hall located on the thoroughfare of Swanston Street is an old building popular for its history and architectural details. The structure made up of a mixture of bluestone and Tasmanian freestone stands commandingly in the city. The building still hosts various concerts, public talks and comedy held in the main auditorium as week as in the small chambers throughout the year. Another major Melbourne attraction is the Grand Organ dating from 1929. Visitors can also stand on the portico where once The Beatles and Abba once waved to their friends. People can also book a free Town Hall tour available on weekdays only.

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4. Explore galleries dotting the city


The National Gallery of Victoria exhibits a beautiful collection of work featuring big names like Rodin, Drysdale, Constable and more. Enjoy various international collections of art as entry to the gallery is free. The Ian Potter Centre located in Federation Square features an array of Australian collection, with it is ground floor gallery exhibiting Aboriginal works. If you have time visit the famous ACMI (the Australian Centre for Moving Image) for an interactive history of TV and film located close to the gallery. The next in the line is Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Southbank, still, if you are not satisfied there are a lot of private galleries located on the Flinders Lane.

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5. Enjoy Amazing Rooftop Views While Enjoying the Fine Dine


If you are thinking about what to do in Melbourne then there are plenty of bars and restaurants. Melbourne is full of peppy rooftop bars and pubs. These are great places to spend both day and evening. During day time these restaurants and bars are filled with people relishing delicious dishes from the world over. Besides, relishing dishes people can also enjoy the stunning views of the city. From Swanston Street to Madame Brussels in Melbourne features a plethora of rooftop bars famous for its vibrant ambience. These rooftops make for a perfect view to enjoy stunning Melbourne’s skyline.

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6. Visit to the Shrine of Remembrance


The Shrine of Remembrance located in proximity to the St Kilda Rd was built in the year 1934. The statuesque dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives in WWI. Numerous historical exhibitions throw light on the supreme sacrifices, and the place is also the site of some of Melbourne’s imperative military remembrance ceremonies such as ANZAC Day. Due to the restrictions on the construction of new buildings, the shrine is clearly visible from other ends of the town. There are steps to climb to the top of the shrine offering incredible sweeping views of the city.

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7. Cycle and Explore the City lanes


If you are in Melbourne the best way to explore its alleyways is through cycling. It is one of the best things to do in Melbourne. In 2010 the city government has launched its public bicycle scheme. The scheme has resulted in mushrooming of blue bike kiosks around the city. It is a great and eco-friendly way of exploring the city. One has to deposit a certain amount of fee to be able to enjoy the ride. The first thirty minutes of hire is free. Just hop on the cycle and enjoy ride alongside the Yarra River and other iconic places such as Flinders Street Station and more.

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8. Explore Melbourne’s markets


Melbourne is also famous for its vibrant market and festive ambience. Almost in every neighbourhood, one can find markets selling local produce like handmade crafts, secondhand products and delicious street food. Some of the famous markets are Queen Victoria Market, Camberwell Market, Rose Street Artists Market, Farmers Market or the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Every market there is popular for its shops selling a wide range of products and souvenir.

9. Soak bayside life at St. Kilda Foreshore


St Kilda Foreshore is a popular seaside spot to enjoy the cool breezy sea air. The area also has a seafront promenade to stroll. St Kilda pier offers amazing views of the sea or one can also watch fishermen working on their daily catch. Gusty kite surfers taming the waves is one of the main attractions to enjoy. Acland Street yet another popular spot dotted with a plethora of pavement cafés. The street visited by both locals and tourists; with both of them visiting the place to window-shop and drool over the cake at the famous European cake shop. Click a photo on the site of the famous Luna Park’s iconic grin and sneak inside it to enjoy the yesteryear rides such as carousel and railway rollercoaster. The backstreet of St Kilda and neighbouring Elwood dotted with architectural treasures such as Victorian mansions, Edwardian houses and contemporary art deco departments.

10. Catch Live Session of the Victorian Parliament


If you love to see a debate on the latest government policies and politicians shouting at each other, attend the live session of the Victoria Parliament. It is one of the best things to do in Melbourne, Australia. Interested visitors can check the government’s parliament website to find the information on the live session of Legislative Assembly for free. If you are not interested in watching politicians trying to score cheap political points, then explore other things that are available in your parliament tour.

11. Unwrap Aboriginal History at the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre

Unwrap Aboriginal History at the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre

Before the arrival of European one might be wondering what the place looked like before it was colonised. For that, one should visit the famous Koorie Heritage Trust’s Cultural Centre in Federation Square. The centre will introduce you to the region’s tradition and culture from the Wurundjeri people. Apart, from the old exhibits, famous and contemporary Aboriginal artists also contribute to the exhibits of the museum. The Melbourne Museum also has incredible information on indigenous aboriginal social and cultural heritage, but the entry is free only for students and members.

12. Appreciate the Architecture Brilliance of Melbourne’s Church

Appreciate the Architecture Brilliance of Melbourne’s Church

Melbourne has its share of brilliant colonial architecture in the form of beautiful churches dotting the city. The gothic St Paul’s Cathedral located opposite to Federation Square is built on the site where the first Christian service in Victoria took place in 1835. Just a few walks away are the St. Michael’s Uniting Church and the Scots Church, both of them are famed for their architecture and pristine surroundings. These churches show the magnificence of the colonial-era architecture. These churches today make for top tourist attractions in Melbourne.

13. Divulge Melbourne’s Early Urban History

Divulge Melbourne’s Early Urban History

To get the real taste of Melbourne’s old history it is advised to ditch the CBD and unwind the old urban history. The increasing modernisation of the city’s neighbourhoods has posed no threat to the charm and aura of these golden-era edifices. Online walking tours of Collingwood, Clifton Hill and Abbotsford are available from the council’s website. The tour will also take you to the popular icons of the past like Skipping Girl Vinegar sign and also of Abbotsford Convent and Dights Falls.

14. Visit Point Cook to Explore the Royal Australian Air Force Museum

Visit Point Cook to Explore the Royal Australian Air Force Museum

A trip to the Royal Australian Air Force Museum in Point Cook is worth a visit. The museum features stunning aircraft and aviation display. Guided tour of the museum is only available for a group of six or more for that you have to call ahead, one can also join another group. For extra activity, join plane-spotters watching aeroplanes taking off from Melbourne airport. A visit to the RAAF Museum in itself is a great experience and to know more about aviation and different types of aeroplanes.

15. Explore Art laneways of Melbourne

Explore Art laneways of Melbourne

Melbourne’s alleyways in the recent past have emerged as a favourite destination for street art enthusiasts. Today the city has some of the world’s best street art scene. Though you may not find the world-famous Banksy’s work donning the streets, still the walls are ornate by amazing mash-up of murals painted by local or visiting artists. Start your street art journey from Hosier Lane and the network of streets heading to the north. The best thing about the art exploration is that you may bump on a street-side café or restaurant.

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