10 Best Beaches that you should visit in the Philippines

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There are 7000 phenomenal islands in the Philippines and these islands sing the praise of exotic beaches that attracts tourists to this amazing country. You can get Instagram worthy pictures at these best beaches located in different areas/islands of the country, where you get crystal-clear long stretches of blues and white sands.

So, amongst the thousands of beaches that this amazing country has, we have handpicked the top 10 for your next escape to the Philippines.

Let’s discover the top 10 best beaches that are going to mesmerize all kinds of travellers instantly.

1. White Beach, Boracay

The perfect beach does exist and it is located in Boracay, White Beach perfectly fits the vibes that you all are looking for. This 4 km beach has white sand, turquoise water and an amazing crowd who keep giving you a good show with their water adventure activities. You can relax at this world-renowned beach and enjoy the calm breeze, waiting for that perfect sunset that this beach offers the onlookers.

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2. Alona Beach, Bohol

Named after the famous Filipino actor Alona Alege, the Alona beach of Panglao Island is an ideal place to be if you desire a lavish holiday while being in the Philippines. Not just relaxation, the beach offers a great bundle of activities that you can enjoy here, like banana boat rides, parasailing and island-hopping.  Do not miss buying a beer from the amazing bars nearby the beach, which you can enjoy while resting on the powdery white sands.

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3. Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island

Believe it or not, the beaches of the Philippines are an extravagant location for spending some quiet and romantic time if you are on your honeymoon. Ditch the usual places and land straight on the Paradise beach for a little quiet and alone time at empty beaches. You can enjoy the seclusion and flowing palm trees, doing absolutely nothing but relaxing at this hidden gem of the Philippines.

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4. Saud Beach, Luzon

Another secluded best beach that you can head to is Saud Beach that is famous for its clean water, coconut trees and soft sand. If you have been meaning to stay away from crowds while you are in the country then don’t think any further and take up an accommodation by the Saud Beach to skip the hustle of everyday life, while you get charmed by the solace this place offers.

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5. Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island

All the aquatic life fans, this is your calling, Malapascua Island is famous amongst explorers who are fond of spotting hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, thresher sharks and more. Wait, there is more, you can also find here turtles and devil rays, fascinating enough, right? Dive down and introduce yourself to the majestic water world present on Bounty Beach.

6. Honda Bay, Palawan

Honda Bay is a popular best beach in the Philippines for many good reasons: water sports, island-hopping and relaxing. Although many best beaches offer different water activities, Honda Bay is one of the top places where you can find opportunities to try your hand at like jet skiing, wakeboarding, snorkelling and more. After spending a day relaxing or playing in the water, make sure that you try the fresh seafood at one of the local shops or at the luxurious resort you choose to stay at.

7. Crystal Beach, Zambales

So if you are one of those who want to be near the beach and also the bustle of city life, then Crystal Beach is the right pick for you. When you pick this place to get best beach view then you sign up for all the amazing things you can do even after your beach day. You can involve with the amazing locals, try local food or go on day trips to the remote corners nearby Zambales.

8. Pink Beach, Zamboanga

You cannot come back from the Philippines without seeing this spectacularly unique Pink Beach in Great Santa Cruz Island. This one of a kind experience of seeing pink sand can only be had here because of white sand getting mixed with crushed red and orange corals. You can visit this best beach at any time of the year to see the stunning sunset after trying different water sports like snorkeling and diving.

9. Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor Island

This small beach located at the Siquijor island is the best place you can be if you are in the Philippines. It might not be the most popular beach in the Philippines but it offers some of the most amazing adventures like cliff diving and waterslide. You will not find much crowd on the beach, making it all the more worthy to visit this amazing beach that offers a relaxing time and activities to pump your adrenalin to the next level.

10. Buena Suerte Beach, Palawan

There are many reasons for placing this beach on this list and some of them are waterfalls, caves, wholesome water and a distinct ecosystem. Buena Suerte beach has almost everything that you need when you think of a beach holiday. You can also make this your base to stay at because a lot of amazing resorts are located right near this stunning beach.

With these top 10 and many other best beaches, the Philippines should definitely be your next ideal escapade. Have you been planning a holiday? Start your preparation by getting cheap and affordable flight tickets to various destinations in the Philippines. Visit our website or call our experts to get a custom-tailored itinerary for your next beach holiday.

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